Step it Up Series: Doll Dresses Made from Large Prints

Using Large Prints for Doll Clothes

Tell me if you have heard this one before? When sewing for dolls, never use a print fabric that has a motif bigger than the doll’s hand. As a general rule, I totally agree with that, but at the same time, it’s okay to break the rules. This post is showcasing how I took some fabric that should be “too big” for doll clothes, and turned them into fun doll fashions.

Kira’s sunflower dress (above) and Kelly’s pink roses dress (below) are two examples of large, bold prints sewn up for 18 inch dolls. Both dresses use the princess seam version of the School Dance Dress.

Easy PDF digital sewing patterns from OhSewKat make your valentine sewing projects quick and easy! Make your 18 inch doll the School Dance Dress (pattern in my etsy shop) in just an afternoon. Quick to sew, print at home, easy sewing pattern perfect for beginners. #firstsewingproject #valentinesday

To be fair, I certainly don’t sew with large prints for dolls on a general basis. I like my tiny “scaled” prints that look realistic on the small dolls. But every now and then, I will come across a super fun fabric that I just love, and just decide to go for it anyway, no matter the rules!!

Doll Scale Fabric Tips

When you want to showcase a large print, the first suggestion I have is to pick a pattern that has large pieces to really show it off. Try to avoid patterns that will break up the pattern at the waist. Leah’s wearing a hack of the Jumping Jack 3 in 1 turtleneck shirt made from a large, festive knit. Find the pattern hack HERE. Corinne (below) has a jumper made from a Vera Bradley apron using the Easy Up Jumper. See this post for the full mix and match set I made in this pretty green and purple theme.

Riley (below) is also wearing Vera Bradley. Her Sunshine Dress (solid front option) started life as a napkin. I used the existing napkin hem and left off the sleeves. Read more about it HERE.

Easy to Sew Doll Clothes- Large Print Dresses

Make a doll dress for your American Girl Doll with easy to sew PDF patterns and tutorials from the OhSewKat etsy shop.

Below- Grace and Kelly are modeling more School Dance Dresses. These dresses are the ones that actually helped me get outside the lines. They were a custom order, and the customer provided the actual Vera Bradley fabric. It was cut into very small pieces, and when she chose the School Dance Dress, I really had no choice but to use the princess seam version that does cut up the center of the dress a bit, but I was so happy with the fit and the pattern that I used the same version (princess seams) on the Sunflowers and Roses at the top of this post as well.

Vera Bradley School Dance Dresses. Easy sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls by OH Sew Kat. Digital PDF patterns in popular doll sizes.

Go ahead and break the rules a bit!! Step up your doll sewing with big, bold prints and see how they turn out! The dolls won’t complain a bit. 🙂

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!