More Sewing for Animators’ Dolls – Moana Fashion Show

Meet the newest Animators’ doll- Moana. I’ve had a lot of questions about the fit of Oh Sew Kat! clothing on Animators dolls, but also about Moana, because she has a little larger body than the usual Animators’. Her feet are definitely bigger!! But those eyes- she is just plain adorable. I’m also a big fan of her movie and her story, so maybe that helps. 🙂

Make your own Doll Clothes for the new 16 Inch Moana Animators’ Doll

Oh Sew Kat! offers 26 patterns and bundles for the 16 inch Animators’ dolls made by Disney®. The Animators’ series is not consistent across the years and dolls, some are a bit bigger or smaller than others. (For example, Anna is a full inch shorter than Elsa!) But I found that OSK patterns have enough ease and give to still fit every Animator doll I have tried, as well as Moana. Click HERE to go to the Animators’ Section of the Oh Sew Kat! Etsy Shop to see the full line of patterns available. These patterns often also fit Baby Galoob dolls as well.

I pulled out some of my Oh Sew Kat! pattern samples that I have made over the years, and tried many of them on my new Moana Animator Doll. These are all of the same outfits that are shown in the photos in my patterns here on the blog, and in my shop, and you will see them on the other dolls like Anna, Elsa, Ariel, Belle, and Rapunzel. I am happy to report that I did not have any trouble with any of the patterns I tried. Shoes, however, were a little different story. If Moana is wearing shoes, they are regular 18 inch doll size shoes. She did not come with shoes and her feet are very wide. Here are the patterns I tried and every single one fit just fine.

PDF Sewing Patterns for Animators’ Dolls and Moana

Above -Moana fits perfectly in the Spring Shine Dress! It’s a simple dress with pretty flutter sleeves (or leave them off) and a fake button front (no buttonholes required- it closes with hook and loop tape in the back!). It also makes a super cute top (instructions also included.). You can find it HERE.

Make Your Own Doll Clothes for your 16 inch Moana Animators’ Doll

The Bloomer Buddies will quickly become a favorite pattern due its mix and match options and versatility. Make it with or without sleeves in three lengths (top, tunic, dress) and add bloomers in one of three lengths (shortie, shorts, capri) for lots of different play clothes options! Moana looks adorable in polka dots!! Find this pattern HERE.

Moana Animator Doll – Sewing Your Own Doll Clothes

Above – The School Dance pattern has options to make the front of the dress in three ways- straight center (shown ladybugs above), princess seam center, and without a center at all. Basic long sleeves plus a-line skirt equals a classic dress!

Doll Clothes for Animators (Moana) with easy to sew, Oh Sew Kat! Patterns

Above – The Party Time Peasant Dress is super quick to sew. I love to make it with holiday fabrics and it easily moves from season to season. See the Inspiration Gallery HERE and purchase the pattern HERE.

Below- Moana is wearing a short sleeved peasant top, which is really a wardrobe staple. Her 3 tiered prairie style skirt lets her wander the beach or dance the night away. Find the Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt pattern HERE.

Be sure to visit THIS POST to see Moana in more (different) Oh Sew Kat! fashions, and find the full catalog of Animators’ sized patterns HERE.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!