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Hey there!!! Are you a mom with young girls that are wrapped up in “Doll World”?  Or are you a young girl that is all about Doll Fashion and super trendy photo shoots to put on Instagram and You Tube?  Maybe you are Aunt Spoils Alot…or Gramma (or Granny or Mimi) who just wants to see that little girl’s eyes light up when she opens up that special gift you made just for her and her doll… or maybe you are just dying to learn to sew on some quick and easy projects and make some pretty, handmade gifts for the doll lovers in your life while you are at it?

If you have ever shelled out $44 for a doll outfit, all the while thinking, “Surely, I could make that. And for a lot less! And probably cuter too!”  Well, you are me. Or I am you.  Or that is who I was too.  Or still am?  Anyway.  I spent hours of time and thousands of dollars sharing my daughter’s love of All Things American Girl.

And then this thing happened.  She grew up.  Yep.  I couldn’t stop her. And neither can you. That is why you should stop wasting time.  Come on in…the water is warm!

www.ohsewkat.com PDF sewing patterns for American Girl sized dollswww.ohsewkat.com PDF sewing patterns for American Girl sized dolls

So today, at almost 14 years old, she won’t put her dolls away, or box up any of their furniture or clothes, but I wouldn’t quite call her “into it” anymore.  The really, really sad part was that when that happened, so did something else.  All of the twirly skirts and matching doll outfits were no longer covering my sewing table.  When Molly was four and five, I started making her some simple dresses and twirly skirts for preschool.

www.ohsewkat.com  PDF sewing patterns for American Girl sized dolls

OhSewKat pdf sewing patterns for dolls-8759

As she got older, I added layers to the skirts, made the elastic a bit longer, and she wore them some more.  As my skills grew, so did her wardrobe. Okay, maybe to the point of excess at one point, but everyone was having fun, right?  Molly would accompany me to the fabric store where we would pour over designs and fabrics for her next “first day of school” outfit.  Or her “St Patrick’s Day skirt”.  And every time, whether there was a matching doll pattern or not (mostly not), I’d create a mini version as well. Sometimes these were amazing, and sometimes they worked well enough for a five year old so who was I to say?


OhSewKat pdf sewing patterns for dolls-6656

Molly took up Irish dancing. She still dances, actually, which really, really cuts into my sewing and designing time, by the way, and my pocketbook. Email me if you are considering this cult hobby for your child!  Seriously, reach out.  Okay, kidding.  Sort of. Anyway, my skills were stretched even further to include satin fabrics, as I recreated matching school costumes and solo dresses each year.  Okay, most years. I’m two behind.  But I still look at that zip lock bag of the extra fabric the dressmaker sent me and say, “I will.” And Molly does ask about it every so often…maybe as her wedding gift?  Please don’t judge these…first of all, I know nothing about Irish dance construction, so I just had to wing it until something looked “right enough”.  And I can’t even tell you the hours I spent on these. Once, at a feis, a mom walked by Molly with her doll, and said, “Oh, I need you to make those for my girls.”  Sorry, Sister, you can’t afford me, LOL!

After awhile, Molly started to ask to sew some of her own doll clothes. I won’t lie and say she made a zillion doll dresses with inset sleeves, but she and I spent a lot of time, side by side at the machine.

www.ohsewkat.com PDF sewing patterns for American Girl sized dolls

My method was easy.We picked a pattern I felt was easy enough for her sewing level (like my Sixth Grade Skirt, which is a perfect 1st time pattern!) and I picked out my fabric, and she picked out her own.  I sewed mine. Then she sewed hers. So we still went step by step, but she saw me do it first, and then was able to do it herself. Here she is with her dolls wearing her own creations- a skirt, a top, a dress, and a pair of shorts.  I think this took a week.  Not bad! And she was so proud! I knew at that moment, I would love to “someday” create that same feeling for other moms and their girls.  I hope you find that at Oh Sew Kat!

www.ohsewkat.com PDF sewing patterns for American Girl sized dolls

Anyway, fast forward a bit.  I went back to work full time in 2010, (I teach US Marines to write essays, which I love, but I can’t say I get much girl conversation at work!) and as Molly’s tastes matured, the homemade look didn’t quite cut it as often.  No worries! I realized it actually takes way less time to just make a doll dress than it does to make that perfect outfit for Molly and the dolly (let alone 2 or 3 or 9).

So I let go of the girls’ side of it, and pushed back headlong into Doll World. I have published a full wardrobe of basic patterns, that follow similar instructions, but can be modified and mixed and matched.  My inspiration wall is full of new ideas, (if only this full time job did not get in the way so much!).  My hope is to bring you, both moms and girls, some basic patterns that will not only create a beautiful and useful doll wardrobe at a fraction of the cost, but will hopefully begin a life long journey of fabric, and ruffles, and bows, and who knows what from there!

So come on in!! Even if you have never sewed a stitch, my clear patterns and simple constructions give you step by step photos to guarantee success! And if you run into a bump in the road, then email me at ohsewkat@gmail.com and we will get you back on track!

Oh Sew Kat! is the place to find trendy fashions and sewing patterns for your American Girl® and similar sized 18″ dolls. I learned to sew as a child, and like many girls, I learned to sew from my mother and she taught me with doll clothes. The discovery of American Girl® when my own daughter was born, brought a whole new meaning to doll sewing, designing, and collecting. My daughter and I have shared many wonderful memories playing with and creating things for her dolls. I always enjoyed the days we spent together sewing doll clothes, and I hope some of you get a chance to do that too.

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18 inch American Girl Doll Clothes patterns by Oh Sew KatWellieWishers Doll Patterns by Oh Sew KatAnimators Doll Clothes patterns by Oh Sew KatHearts for Hearts Doll Clothes patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

I am always working on new digital patterns. They are coming out one by one, and are designed to be shared with your favorite girl and her doll as well. These patterns are designed with the beginner in mind. They use simple techniques and few pieces, but together they create a versatile and complete doll wardrobe. Each project is a perfect starting place to learn to sew, or to teach your daughter to sew for her dolls.  You will find easy styles that can be easily dressed up or down with just a few tweaks. I hope you find something to share with your doll…and her girl.
Well, if you actually made it this far, then I say “thank you”!  Here’s our latest family photo…I’m so proud of my entire family. Especially my Sweetie. No matter what I decide to do, he is right there with me!!  Even if it is dolls.
ohsewkat.com pdf sewing patterns for dolls

Share your own projects with #ohsewkat and
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Proud to be a United States Veteran!


Fashion Trends for Dolls and their Friends


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