Gingham Peasant Dress Outfit for Julie Albright

I’m really enjoying sewing for Julie Albright, the BeForever character from 1974.  I think I’m attracted to her collection because I was seven years old in 1974 and I had very similar things- like her purple coat (mine was blue) and the sneaker skates (mine were bright yellow with orange stripes).

When I saw THIS PIN, I just knew that this peasant style outfit would be easy to recreate with Oh Sew Kat! patterns.

Make a 70s peasant top and skirt outfit for Julie doll

Click here to see other outfits I’ve sewn for Julie.

1970s doll dress skirt and top for Julie BeForever Doll

The top is simply the Playtime Peasant Top, sewn in white with long sleeves.  For the skirt, I used the overskirt that comes in the Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice bundle.  I cut the gingham fabric skirt longer by 4 1/2 inches, but didn’t make any other changes.  Add a little lace at the bottom, and ta da! A perfect, pretty bell skirt! Add a red or gingham ribbon to complete the look.  This outfit will be perfect for the Christmas holidays!

Beforever doll clothes for Christmas Julie

Find the patterns HERE.  Find more fashions for Julie (all made with Oh Sew Kat! patterns!) here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!





New 18 inch doll Sewing Pattern: Easy Up! Jumper by Oh Sew Kat!

Just in time for fall and back to school sewing, the Easy Up! Jumper for 18 inch dolls is now available.  This is a simple jumper with elastic straps and a contrast pleat at the sides for fun.  Make it fully reversible for two dresses in one!  Special intro price ends Friday night! Download and sew up a quick jumper for your doll today.

This pattern has lots of fun options~~

  • Simple jumper with elastic straps that pulls up over doll’s feet
  • Cute side pleats, can be reversible, no closures to sew
  • Easy to sew, detailed instructions and photographs of every step
  • Instructions for simple and stepped up versions, BONUS front placket pattern piece
  • Computer Drawn Pattern Pieces; PDF Digital download- print and sew today!
  • Uses less than 1/4 yard of cotton fabric- mix and match your prints


Available exclusively on Etsy, special intro price of $3.99 through Friday night.

Simple sewing pattern 18 inch doll jumper by oh sew katEasy Up Jumper Sewing Pattern for Dolls4Easy Up Jumper Sewing Pattern for Dolls6Easy Up Jumper Sewing Pattern for Dolls12

The Easy Up! Jumper is the perfect jumper for every season!!  Find the pattern HERE in my Etsy Shop. Pair it up with the Jumping Jack turtleneck shirt! Coming soon in other sizes!!Easy Up Jumper Sewing Pattern for Dolls2

Click here to see the Easy Up! Inspiration Gallery.  Get your dolls ready for fall with this fun, new, easy to sew pattern!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!



Easy doll clothes pattern for 18 inch dolls

Step it Up Series: Sixth Grade Skirt with Ruffle or Lace Hem!

Add a ruffle or lace hem to your Sixth Grade Skirt!


American girl dolls DIY skirt tutorial

The Sixth Grade Skirt is the perfect skirt to make for your doll all year long.  It takes such a tiny bit of fabric and goes together in a jiffy!  Here’s a way to give your Sixth Grade Skirt a new look! Add a cute hem to your skirt with this easy tutorial.

American girl dolls sewing patterns

First, you will need the pattern.  I offer the Sixth Grade Skirt in five sizes:  18 inch, 16 inch Disney Animators, 15 inch Bitty Baby, 14.5 inch Wellie Wishers, and 14 inch HeartsForHearts Girls.  (Because this skirt is fitted and does not use elastic, I encourage you to check the fit on your own doll before you sew on the hook and loop tape, especially if your doll does not have a cloth body.  If you purchased this pattern before June 2018, be sure to get the updated version! (Check your etsy purchase history, contact me, or Pixie Faire.)

Sixth Grade A line skirt sewing pattern for dolls

Step 1. To keep the skirt’s cute silhouette, you need to remove a little bit from the hem of the pattern pieces.  You can do this after you sew the pieces together, but it’s easier to just cut the seam allowance off the bottom of each pattern piece.  Cut out your skirt and put it together according to the directions.  Before you add the waistband, complete Step 2 below.

Step 2.  To add a fabric ruffle for an 18 inch doll skirt, cut a strip of fabric 2 inches by 27-36 inches.  (27 inches will give a less full ruffle than 36 inches will.)  You will need a thinner, and shorter piece for smaller dolls. Measure the hem of your skirt, and cut the ruffle to 1.5 or 2 times that length.  Pre-gathered eyelet lace also makes a pretty hem!

Skirt with lace hem skirt with ruffle hem Step 3.  With wrong sides together, press your ruffle the long way.  The fold will be the hem.  Gather the top, raw edges or use (my new favorite!) a ruffle foot.  With right sides together, pin the ruffle (or your lace or trim) to the hem of your skirt, and stitch with a 1/4th inch seam allowance.  Use an overlock stitch, zigzag stitch, or serger to give the seam allowance a clean finish.  Press it towards the skirt, and top stitch close to the edge.

Step 4.

That was easy!  Complete the skirt according to the directions.  Your Sixth Grade Skirt is complete!

Skirt with lace hem skirt with ruffle hem

This post is the second post in a series of six posts:

Six Ways to Sew the Sixth Grade Skirt!

  1.  Add pockets to your Sixth Grade Skirt
  2. Add a ruffle or lace hem to your Sixth Grade Skirt
  3.  Check back to see another way to Step it Up!
  4. Check back to see another way to Step it Up!
  5. Check back to see another way to Step it Up!
  6. Check back to see another way to Step it Up!

Each post in this series will feature a new way to “Step it Up” and make your Sixth Grade Skirt just a little more unique.  Find the quick and easy pattern in my Etsy Shop:

Sixth Grade Skirt for 18 inch dolls like American Girl®

Sixth Grade Skirt for 15 inch dolls like Bitty Baby®

Sixth Grade Skirt for 14.5 inch dolls like Wellie Wishers™

You can also make Sixth Grade Skirt for Disney Animator Dolls and Hearts for Hearts.

American Girl Doll Sixth Grade Skirt Popsicle Top

Grace Thomas doll in Sixth Grade Skirt

Six ways to sew the Sixth Grade Skirt

Share your skirt with ruffles or lace online with hashtag OhSewKat.  Click HERE to see another way to step up your Sixth Grade Skirt.

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tips for Beginners- Learning to Sew

sewing doll clothes beginner tips

I posted the following question on my facebook page:

Oh Sew Kat! patterns are designed with the beginning sewist in mind. What is one tip you would give to a young or new sewist who is just starting out in making doll clothes?

Readers from all over posted their tips if you are new to sewing- whether it’s doll clothes or other sewing projects, these few things will help get you off to a great start!

  • Jenny:  Go slow and read the pattern directions. Read them twice before even beginning your project. Nothing has to be perfect. If you don’t like your creation, put it away for a day or two and then come back and look at it. You might be surprised that you now like it!!
  • Anneke:  I never expect a planned pattern to come out as it should. My advise would be go with the flow. Let the fabric tell you what it wants. Sounds hazy and dreamy (which I am NOT) but that’s the way it works for me. I have no technical advice all. But before I start I do sit down read the instructions. Toss them aside and have FUN
  • Cindy:   Press, press, press
  • Deirdre:  Don’t be afraid to rip out a seam and sew it again, the truth is even experienced sewers have to do this at times.
  • Bee:  Read through all of the pattern first before you get started.
  • Julie:  Iron as you sew.
  • Barb:  Take your time. Read the instructions completely before you start and follow each one in order.
  • Jeanna:  Always double check your seam allowances as you go. Nothing worse than making an adorable outfit only to have it be too small 😫
  • Karen:  My advice is (and I really should take my own😂) that perfection, although nice…it isn’t necessary. Enjoy the process of making something cute. It took me ripping apart a genuine cabbage patch outfit to make a pattern to realize this! It was terribly sewn from the factory.
  • Nina:  Learn your sewing machine inside and out. Practice the threading pattern so it’s easy enough to do in your sleep!
  • Gail:  Turn on the iron before you turn on the machine. Sew a seam press the seam. Sew a seam press the seam. Every time!
  • Julie:  Have fun with it!! Really, doll clothes take such a little bit of fabric, if you make a mistake, you haven’t wasted a lot of fabric. Just toss it and try again! That takes the pressure off to be “perfect” and makes it so enjoyable 🙂
  • Paula:  Use good quality fabric. It may be tempting to use lower quality fabric to try it out, but it is much harder to sew on.

You probably see a few themes emerging here … read all the directions before you start and to press every seam.  But the themes of “you don’t have to be perfect” and “have fun” are obvious too! If you are just starting out learning to sew, doll clothes give you such a low cost way to jump in the pool and start to swim.  Enjoy the process and know your skills will build with every stitch!

Join the conversation on Facebook!

Sewing patterns for dolls list of Beginner Tips

What tips would you add to this list?

Sewing for dolls? Find an assortment of over 50 digital patterns to print on your home computer in my Etsy Shop and start sewing today!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!




Boardwalk Boutique Sewing Pattern for Dolls

Spring has arrived, which means that summer is just around the corner! Your dolls will be cute and cool in their Boardwalk Boutique Halter Top and Capris!  Or maybe try something new and stitch it up as a simple sundress!  Enjoy these simple variations of this popular pattern.

3 american girl dolls in halter tops

This pattern is so quick to sew, you can easily make up one or two in a naptime!  The easy elastic back and elastic pull on pants help little hands dress their own dolls. With fabric or ribbon ties, you can make up a set with a fat quarter of fabric.  Here are a few ways to stitch up your Boardwalk Boutique.  (Don’t forget, this pattern is available in 4 sizes!!!)

Nanea is ready for the beach.  I cut this yellow top off the center fold, to have extra fabric to make a little, center pleat. The extra fullness in the top is cute!

Nanea American Girl doll in halter top and blue tennis shoes

Have fun with ruffles!! Cut the longer top version and add a very tiny or very wide ruffle.

two american girl dolls in halter sundresses

Cut the longer top version and leave off the ruffle.  Add some pretty trim for a sporty sundress!

redhead american girl doll in halter top sundress

Use pretty eyelet lace to make the back look special!  Find the full TUTORIAL HERE.

American Girl Doll in Halter Top with lace back

Double your ruffles and make it a maxi dress!! Find the full TUTORIAL HERE.

Julie doll in long, floral maxi halter dress

Or simply try the halter top with something different on the bottom. Here, Maryellen is wearing the standard halter top with the shortie length bloomers from the Bloomer Buddies pattern.

Maryellen American Girl doll in flamingo halter top

How will you make your Boardwalk Boutique for your doll this summer?  See more Boardwalk Boutiques here and here.  Find the pattern for bitty baby, animators’, and wellie wishers in my etsy shop.

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Boardwalk Boutique Sewing Pattern for dolls

3 american girl dolls in halter tops


Simple Sunshine Dresses for Melody Ellison

The Sunshine Dress pattern is simple and stylish- there are so many different ways to sew it up for your dolls.  Currently available in 3 doll sizes, it’s a must have for your dolly wardrobe.  This pattern has had a recent update.  Check your file and make sure that it says Copyright 2018 at the bottom of the front cover.  If it doesn’t, you can find the updated version where you purchased the pattern, or send me an email with where and when you purchased it and I will send you the update.

Read on to see some simple sundresses made from the Sunshine Dress pattern for Melody.

Doll clothes sewing patterns for american girl and welliewishers by oh sew kat

Here, I used view A (solid front) and THIS TUTORIAL to make a sleeveless version that is perfect for Melody Ellison, the BeForever character from 1964.  This dress started as a pair of shorts of my daughter’s! The bold print was perfect for the simple front of the Sunshine Dress. A little accent bow completes the look.

Melody American Girl Doll in Green Sunshine Dress

Here are a few Sunshine Dresses with some fun fabrics! This simple dress will be perfect for all of your dolls.

Melody BeForever Doll in Sunshine DressSewing Patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat-113

Elastic headbands for dolls also make great belts!!!

Melody American Girl doll in flowered Sunshine Dress

Find more ideas for the Sunshine Dress pattern here and here.

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Happy Mail. Mini Doll Backpack for Dolls

I got some happy mail today!!!  Look how cute!!  Such thoughtful packaging!

mailing envelope with letter and tissue wrap

When I saw these mini doll backpacks by Julia at Kiss my Compassion , I simply could not resist!!  I mean, seriously!!!  Look how cute!!!  I even got to choose my own print!

Grace Thomas doll in green dress with mini Grace Thomas doll

American Girl mini Doll Grace in pink checked backpack

Grace was more than happy to try it out with her own doll, also Grace Thomas.   Grace is wearing a dress made with my Sugar n Spice dress pattern.

Grace Thomas doll in green dress with doll backpack on

Here’s the link if you want to get one (or two!) for your own dolls’ dolls!  Julia also offers these adorable packs to fit your child, so she can carry her 18 inch or other doll.

Kiss my Compassion on Etsy.

Grace Thomas doll in green dress with mini Grace Thomas doll

Some things are just too cute to pass up.  🙂 . Have a great day today!!

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Wellie Wishers Wee Wardrobe

Wellie Wishes dolls Willa Ashlynn CamilleThese adorable outfits were made as a special order for a good friend to give as a gift.  She gave me a price range, and let me decide what I would make.  I love to sew that way!  I don’t know the child, so I thought a few pieces that mixed and matched together in different ways might be a good place to start.

My favorite pattern for all dolls, but especially the Wellie Wishers, is the Party Time Peasant Dress.  This dress lets me use three different, cute fabrics at once and is now available in 5 doll sizes!

Doll dresses for wellie wishers sewing patterns

I wanted to make two tops and two bottoms.  The tops I chose are the Playtime Peasant Top (purple), the reversible Popsicle Top (pink stripes and puppies).

The two bottoms I decided on are the Four Season Skirt, and Sandbox Shorts with contrasting pockets.  Between these four pieces, the lucky, little girl can make 6 different outfits!  Because I used fat quarters, I still have enough of each color that I could make another set.  Inexpensive fat quarter bundles from Walmart and other craft stores like Hobby Lobby are great for these kinds of projects!

sewing patterns for wellie wishers doll clothes


I hope the little girl enjoys her new doll clothes! I had fun making them for her!  Find the link for the free Four Season Skirt pattern by clicking HERE.

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Sewing Pattern Bundles from Oh Sew Kat!

DIy doll clothes bundle discount by oh sew katDid you know that I offer selected Oh Sew Kat! patterns in a bundle discount?  If you are new to Oh Sew Kat! patterns (welcome!), my pattern bundles are a great way to start your collection.  These bundles are available exclusively in my Etsy Shop and are currently available for 18 inch dolls such as American Girl® dolls, Animators’ Dolls by Disney, and 14.5 inch dolls such as Wellie Wishers and Glitter Girls.

Click here to see all of the bundles available.  I currently offer bundles around four basic themes:  Basics, Summer, Holiday, and Back to School in a few doll sizes.  Leave a comment below and tell me what other types of bundles you would like to see!  It’s probably time for me to put together some more options!


Sew Basic:  This 3 pattern bundle for the WellieWishers dolls offers the first three patterns I created for this size.  It includes two tops and two bottoms.  The reversible Popsicle Top, the easy to make Sixth Grade Skirt, and the most popular Boardwalk Boutique Halter and Capri (can also be made into a sundress!) patterns will give you lots of pieces to mix and match if you are just starting out sewing for this sized doll.

Oh Sew Kat sewing patterns for wellie wishers




Sounds of Summer Bundle:  This bundle offers the short and sassy fashions to keep your doll cool and stylish all summer long with four patterns to mix and match.  Pair the reversible Popsicle Top with the Sandbox Shorts or the ruffled capri pants from the Boardwalk Boutique pattern.  The Sunshine Dress has three variations and also looks cute without sleeves as seen in this tutorial.   The Halter Top in the Boardwalk Boutique makes a cute sundress too!

summer clothes sewing pattern bundle for doll clothes



Back to School Bundle: This bundle offers the long pants and the long sleeves basics your doll will need to head to school in the crisp, fall air with 4 popular patterns.  The Playground Pants, and Sixth Grade Skirt provide the basics to pair with pretty School Bell Blouses (two styles).  The School Dance dress has three variations for even more options to sew!

Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern bundle by OH Sew Kat



Holiday Bundle:  This bundle offers 4 patterns.  I put these four patterns together to make an “essential” wardrobe for someone who wants to give a doll a basic wardrobe.  It includes pajamas, a dress, a skirt, a blouse, a halter top, and capri pants, all of which can be mixed and matched in to make so many different outfits.  See THIS POST for a trio of outfits I made that inspired this bundle.

Sewing patterns for American Girl dolls bundle


I’d love to hear what bundles you’d like to see in my Etsy Shop.  Maybe multiple sizes of the same pattern? Maybe bundles of tops and bottoms, or a set of three dress patterns?  Pattern bundles are offered in select sizes as described, and there are no substitutions of the selections.

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Sugar n Spice & Everything Nice for St Patrick’s Day

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by oh sew kat

This spring I stitched up a donation for a local church’s St Brigid’s Day celebration.  I chose the Party Time Peasant Dress and made one with short and one with long sleeves. This is my go- to dress for quick, easy and cute!

I wanted to make a single outfit, with a St Patrick’s Day theme, that could also be used for other seasons for extra doll play.   I loved how these came out!

Dolls in St patrick's day party dresses

Once the under dress was done, I wanted to make a shamrock themed “overdress” to go with it.  I turned to the Sugar n Spice Dress, and decided to modify the pinafore to get the look of a vest.

18 inch doll in St Patrick's Day dress

I printed a new Sugar n Spice bodice, and on the back, I cut a low, scooped neckline.  I put it together following the pattern, and attached the skirt moving the skirt edges in about an inch on each side of the bodice, so the polka dot party dress could be seen underneath.  I added a few AD: kam snaps and it was done!  I think the overdress could also be worn reversed as well.  I don’t know which sleeves I liked better.  🙂

Saige doll in St Patrick's Day dress made with Oh Sew Kat! patterns

See more dresses in the INSPIRATION Gallery and purchase your copy of the pattern here.  Are your dolls ready for St Patrick’s Day jigging?


Sewing patterns for dolls

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by oh sew kat