Zip it Up! Add a zipper to the Oh Sew Kat! Sunshine Dress

This quick tutorial will help you add a zipper to the back of the Sunshine Dress, and will also work for the School Dance Dress pattern as well. You will need this pattern:

Sleeveless dress from Sunshine Dress Sewing Pattern by Oh Sew Kat! Sew a doll dress 3 with variations for more fashion options! #easytosew #sewingpattern #18inchdolls #ohsewkat #easysewing #dollclothes

Add a zipper to the Oh Sew Kat! Sunshine Dress Pattern

  1. Choose your option for the front of the dress (three variations are included) and cut out all of your pattern pieces as directed. I used a six inch zipper. You can use a longer one, but be careful of going too short and not being able to get the dress on the doll.
  2. Follow the pattern to put the front together, attach the shoulders, and add the lining. If you are adding sleeves, add them as well. My photos are for a sleeveless version of the dress, like in THIS TUTORIAL. Do not stitch the side seams.
  3. Clean finish the back edges with a serger or zigzag stitch, catching the lining pieces.
  4. With right sides together, baste the back edges together with a long stitch length and a half inch seam allowance. Two inches or so before the hem, where the zipper will end, switch to your regular stitch length. Press the seam open.
  5. With the zipper pull pulled away from the top edge, lay your zipper face down along the pressed open seam. Use pieces of scotch tape to hold it in place. (It’s hard to see the clear tape in the photo, but I used three pieces across the zipper. (Photo 3-white arrow)
  6. Using your zipper foot, stitch down one side, across the bottom and up the other side, keeping as close to the zipper teeth as you can. Move the zipper pull up and down out of the way as you sew if you can. Remove the tape. (Photo 3)
  7. Remove your basting stitches by pulling the seam slightly open. Stop when you get to the end of the zipper. Using your regular stitch length, restitch from the bottom of the zipper to the hemline on your basted seamline if you need to. (Photo 4)
  8. With the right sides together, stitch up the side seams, from hem, through the armhole seam to the hemline of the lining piece or sleeve.
  9. Clean finish the hem, press it up and stitch in place.
  10. Ta da!! Zip it up!! See how easy it is to get the Sunshine Dress on and off your 18 inch doll.

Front and Back views are shown below.

Making 18 inch Doll Clothes- Adding a Zipper

Easy Tutorial to Add a Zipper to a Doll Dress

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18″ American Girl Doll Review – Girl of the Year 2022 – Corinne Tan

Meet Corinne Tan, the 2022 Girl of the Year, from American Girl®. She’s 18 inches tall, and has black hair with minty green highlights, bright brown eyes, and comes dressed in shiny leggings, a white sweater and some adorable mint green boots! She comes with a book as well titled Corinne. Every year we anticipate what theme AG will come out with and I think this year it’s over to top!!! I was thrilled to add Corinne and her younger sister, Gywnn, to the Oh Sew Kat! modeling crew!

American Girl Doll Corinne Tan 18 inch Doll Review

In the past, American Girl® has offered their yearly doll with limited collections, and one time they included two friend dolls (Sonali and Gwen with Chrissa), but they’ve never offered a little sister doll!! Gwynn is a sweetie- she’s the exact same size (and mold) as the Welliewishers™, and is very similar to the current Emerson doll, but her hair is different and she has a little different skin tone. She comes dressed in a pink furry skirt, purple sweater and tights, with some fun, purple boots. My guess is she will only be available this year, or for a limited time like other girls of the year, because she came in a regular, two piece Girl of the Year doll box, instead of the plastic Welliewishers™ packaging. That little doll box is cute too!

Girls of the Year Review from American Girl® Dolls

One of the first things you notice about Corinne, is her eyes. They are bigger than the other dolls, and AG used a new face mold for her. She has feathery eyebrows and painted eyelashes, giving her a wide eyed look. Not everyone will enjoy this change, but I think she looks cute and modern.

GOTY (Girl of the Year) dolls come and go, over the years. There are some that I just love (Joss, Blaire) and some I’m a little less excited about (Kira) 🙂 But when I saw Corinne in person, I knew she would be very popular for a lot of reasons!! First of all, she’s the first GOTY of Asian heritage, so that is fun and unique. She’s winter themed, just in time for the Winter Olympics excitement around the world, and her collection and color palette are stunning. I think her meet outfit is so perfect I have yet to change her clothes, ha ha! The sweater is a little thin, (you can see the leggings through it) but the leggings are very sparkly and the boots are adorable with the little pom pons. I love the combination of the purple, white and the green in her hair. Colored hair on the dolls is probably a like it or hate it thing. I prefer traditional hair colors, but Corinne’s mint tints are mostly underneath her hair so it slips in and out of view for a fun surprise.

Overall, I have to say I love everything about her. She’s a delight to look at and I can’t wait to make her part of the Oh Sew Kat! team.

Meet Gwynn, Corinne’s Little Sister from American Girl®

New 18 inch Dolls from American Girl® – Corinne and Gwynn

I went ahead and purchased Gwynn, even though I already have Emerson in my crew. Emerson’s hair is curly, and crazy, and very difficult to photograph (something I do a lot of, right?) and so I was immediately attracted to Gwynn simply for her hair style. She’s also got fun, wintery colors and a lot of adorable accessories for play. I’m not as impressed with the style of her meet outfit. I believe it to be what a real child would wear, but the chunky fur skirt with a thin, tucked in sweater just seems bulky and odd for her small frame. I’m sure I can find something else for her to wear around here! I also find her name difficult to spell (and I’m an adult!) and seems similar to the name Gwen, that American Girl® seems to recycle over and over (Chrissa’s friend, Hopscotch Hill etc)

So what kind of outfits will I make for Corinne? She might like the cozy turtleneck and shorts outfit from the Jumping Jack pattern. Or some cozy Playground Pants. Once winter is over, she will certainly need some shorts and other playclothes like the Boardwalk Boutique and the Picnic Play outfits.

Corinne and Gwynn are sisters, and live in Aspen, Colorado. Corinne loves to ski and her sister loves to skate. Corinne also has a puppy she is training to search and rescue. Overall, the theme of this year’s GOTY is timely, fresh, and fun!! The outfits and accessories offer so much play value for little girls. From cozy fireplace s’mores to a ski lift and ski slope, be sure to check out the full Corinne collection.

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Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!