New Sewing Pattern for A Girl for All Time

A girl for all time doll in pink skirt and peasant top

Newly released!! The Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt sewing pattern is now available for your A Girl for All Time doll.  Find it in my ETSY SHOP to download and print on your home printer.

OSK Playtime Peasant AGAT Image Files9With three different sleeve lengths and a “dress” cutting line, you will love creating this  basic outfit for your doll.   See how to add the lace between the layers HERE.A Girl for All Time doll sewing pattern peasant topOSK Playtime Peasant AGAT Image Files11

Look for more patterns for these lovely 16 inch slim dolls later this spring and summer!  This easy to sew pattern is also available in other doll sizes (18 inch American Girl, 14.5 inch Wellie Wisher, 16 inch Disney Animator) in my Etsy store.

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A Girl for All Time Doll Sewing Pattern


Make a Country Western Outfit for Your Doll- with a Free Skirt Pattern

It’s easy to make these adorable, country and western inspired outfits for your dolls like Tenney Grant or any of her friends!

Two dolls wearing clothes made of pink bandana fabric with denim and lace accents

I bought this cute bandana fabric at Walmart.  They offer it in fat quarters in quite a few colors. I wanted to make some country and western inspired fashions!

I started with the simple peasant top in the Playtime Peasant Top pattern.  I made one top with short sleeves, and two others with long sleeves. Both are included in the pattern.

18 inch doll in western bandana outfit with cowboy hat

Grace Thomas doll in bandana peasant top with blonde 18 inch doll in skirt and blouse

American girl doll blonde with bandana dress and cowboy hat

Get the FREE Skirt Pattern

I made both skirts here using this TUTORIAL and the FOUR SEASON SKIRT.  Mix and match your denim and lace layers to create your own style of skirt!  You can also use the skirt pattern in the Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt.  They are very similar.   I added an easy elastic belt to complete the look.  The hat and boots are from American Girl® and belong to the Nicki Fleming GOTY collection.


I simply cut a triangle of fabric from my leftover scraps for the pink bandana, and dressed my dolls with hats and boots.  I think they look ready for some square dancing, don’t you?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Lace Skirt Country Western Doll Clothes by Oh Sew Kat patterns

Valentine’s Day Doll Outfits- a little Inspiration

Today I’m sharing a little inspiration for some happy heart sewing.  It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  These outfits were stitched by the Oh Sew Kat! testers.  Share the love with your little friends and stitch one up today!  Each outfit can be made using fat quarters of fabric and a single afternoon.  Click the photos or the links below to get to the pattern page.

Oh Sew Kat Party Time Peasant Dress Sewing pattern 5

Party Time Peasant Dress by SewDolledUp81

Bloomer Buddies by Oh Sew Kat 9

Bloomer Buddies by The Pearl Pony

Free skirt pattern for your doll

Sugar n Spice on Kendall and Four Season Skirt and Popsicle Top on Ashlynn by Oh Sew Kat!


Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt PJ Top with Boardwalk Boutique pants by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns for dolls by ohsewkat

HalterAlls by The Pearl Pony

What are you sewing this Valentine’s Day?  Visit my Inspiration Gallery page to find lots of ideas for all the Oh Sew Kat! patterns.  See more Valentine inspired outfits here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns for WellieWishers dolls at Oh Sew Kat

Tester Tuesday! New pattern: Party Time Peasant Dress for WellieWishers™ by Amy Violet’s

Party Dress sewing pattern for Wellie Wishers dolls

Pam Ray, of Amy Violet’s fame, is here today with her beautiful Wellie Wishers dresses she made while testing the Party Time Peasant Pattern- the newest release from Oh Sew Kat!

Find AmyViolet’s darling clothes for sale here!

Find the Sewing Pattern for the Party Time Peasant Dress for Wellie Wishers and 18 inch dolls in my ETSY SHOP.

So sweet for summer!!!

Sewing patterns for wellie wishes dolls by American Girl

Kendall is ready for the Fourth of July!  She looks beautiful!  This dress pattern is a quick and easy sew with an elastic neckline and sleeves!Party Time Peasant Dress by ohsewkat (2)a

Pin these images so you can easily find them later! AmyViolet’s doll photography is amazing!! Maybe #americangirlbrand should hire her?  Party Time Peasant Dress by ohsewkat (3)a

JUST WOW! Quick, someone grab this adorable dress!!  Already gone? Make your own!Party Time Peasant Dress by ohsewkat (4)

If these dresses are sold, you can make your own! The patterns offer photo step by step so even the beginnerist (is that a word?) beginner can make a cute doll dress!  This pattern is also available for 18 inch dolls with more sizes coming soon!

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls


New Sewing Pattern for 18 inch and Wellie Wishers dolls: Party Time Peasant Dress by Oh Sew Kat!

Party Time Peasant Dress sewing pattern for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

It’s time to Party!!  Your dolls will be ready for good times in their new Party Time Peasant Dresses.  Warning!! It’s going to be hard to sew just one!

Click here to visit my Etsy Shop to get the Party Time Peasant Dress at a special INTRO price until Sunday, Jun 25th at 10pm EST. After that, the price goes UP!

Party Dress for dolls sewing patternParty Time Oh Sew Kat sewing pattern for dolls

A twirl skirt, elastic neck, and pretty puff sleeves make this timeless dress perfect for every holiday and occasion on your doll’s calendar.  Available now for 18 inch dolls like American Girl® and 14.5 inch dolls like Wellie Wishers ™ (coming soon in other sizes!), choose your fabrics to create eye catching combos. There’s also instructions for a fun, three tiered skirt version!


Sewing pattern for a doll party dress by Oh Sew Kat!

Visit my inspiration gallery or my facebook page to see more photos!

Click here to take advantage of the special intro price!

Sewing patterns for dolls


Style It Up! March Color Combo to Try Yellow and Green

It’s March already! Spring is coming a bit early around here…flowers are blooming in the gardens and the trees are starting to bud.  Nothing says spring more than the popular color combination of  bright yellow and bright green!  You can see the freshness!

Make your own doll clothes patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

Here at Oh Sew Kat!, each month of 2017  will feature a new, trendy,  fashion color combo for you to try with your own dolls. Look through what doll clothes  you have, and see what new stylish outfits you can create in combinations you haven’t thought of!  Sewing something new? Be inspired by these bright, sunny colors!

sewing patterns for dolls like american girl and wellie wishers


Here are a few I came up with.  Yellow is my absolute favorite color, and lime green is no stranger in this house!

Make your own doll clothes patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

Kelly is wearing a pair of skinny, green jeans (LJ pattern) and a knit top I purchased on Etsy.  Lanie has her Popsicle Top paired with Sandbox Shorts (I put the pockets on the inside, like THIS) and Grace’s Sugar n Spice dress takes on a whole new look with a green corset from the Everything Nice part of the pattern.


Even the Wellie Wishers look ready for spring!  Ashlynn has her Sugar n Spice dress with Everything Nice corset, and Kendall’s Popsicle Top is paired with a Sixth Grade Skirt.  Willa is wearing the super popular halter top from Boardwalk Boutique and some new “coming soon” bloomers!

Oh Sew Kat! patterns offer lots of mix and match options for your doll’s wardrobe.  I’ve only posted a few here.  Don’t forget to add cute accessories like a purse, hat, or shoes.  Even if you don’t combine the colors in the same outfit, your photos will look bright for spring with this amazing pop of happy color!


Oh Sew Kat wellie wishers american girl pattern-22

Sewing patterns for American Girl dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Try yellow and green as part of other fun combinations!  Share your photos on instagram with #ohsewkatcolorcombo, #ohsewkat,  or to my facebook page:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


So go ahead, and STYLE IT UP!!  Visit my Etsy Shop to see more patterns available for dolls of all sizes:

Happy Spring!!

Sewing patterns for dolls


Valentine’s Day Outfits for Your Dolls

Here at Oh Sew Kat!, I offer patterns that are simple to sew and don’t take a lot of fabric. The sewing is shown in clear, step by step photographs to help even the newest and youngest seamstresses be successful.  Those with more experience will also enjoy these patterns as a chance to use fun trims, fabrics and more to “style it up”.

Here are a few more looks for Heart Day!

Sewing patterns for WellieWishers dolls at Oh Sew Kat

My patterns are offered in mutiple sizes to fit different dolls. Here are some WellieWishers dolls all ready for Valentine’s Day!

Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt

and Sugar N Spice Dress and Pinafore


Find these patterns at more at the following links.  I sell my patterns where YOU like to shop so you can stay true to your favorites and collect applicable rewards points.

Oh Sew Kat! on Etsy

Oh Sew Kat on Pixie Faire

Oh Sew Kat! on YouCanMakeThis

Oh Sew Kat! on Craftsy

Make it a Great Day!


Step it Up Series: Add Lace to a Ruffled Skirt Tutorial for a Country Western Outfit for your Dolls

Here is a fun way to add a little more style to a simple “ruffled” skirt.  Take your simple skirt, and give it a country western look! Try it out in denim and lace!  Here I used the FOUR SEASON SKIRT pattern, which is free in three sizes when you join the Oh Sew Kat! Chat email list.  You can also use this technique on the Playtime Peasant Twirl Skirt.

Country Western Doll Clothes for dolls like Tenney Grant

Step 1. Gather your supplies and prep your lace.  You will need a piece of lace that is the same length as your skirt measurement.


If your lace is already gathered, you can add it to your skirt after you gather the skirt piece and before you attach it to the waistband.  That will work, but I find it extra bulky to work with.  Instead, I cut the edge off of my gathered lace (and throw it away) and then press the lace flat.

oh-sew-kat-sewing-patterns-for-dolls-3Lace Tutorial by Oh Sew Kat for dolls

Step 2.  Follow the instructions of your pattern, and stitch the waist edge and hem edge as directed.

Oh Sew Kat Sew Country Fashions for Dolls

Step 3.  Lay out your skirt piece, and lay the lace along the top, raw edge with the RIGHT SIDE up.  Pin, then baste the lace to your skirt. They should be the same length.


Step 4.  Gather your skirt piece as directed in the pattern, and continue with the rest of the directions.


Ta Da! You’ve taken a simple, ruffled skirt, and given it a new look!


Lace Skirt Country Western Doll Clothes by Oh Sew Kat patterns

Add your skirt to a peasant style top, like the Playtime Peasant Top and add a sparkly belt and a hat to complete your country and western doll outfit! She is ready to be a country pop singer!  (My hat was made by American Girl® for the Girl of the Year, Nicki Fleming in 2007.)

country western doll clothes patterns by Oh Sew Kat

Here are a few more examples. Pam Ray (Amy Violet’s) denim and lace Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt and a holiday skirt with green laced added by me (Oh Sew Kat!):



See more country and western doll fashions for Tenney and other dolls here.

Sewing patterns for dolls

Another Tester Tuesday! Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt

Sewing patterns for wellie wishers dolls by ohsewkat

Donna Mancuso, of DMM Funky Frocks, takes a simple pattern and makes it specatcular.  Just look at what she did with the Playtime Peasant Top!  She sells her beautiful outfits on Facebook.  Be sure to stop by and check out her shop.

Playtime Peasant Top sewing pattern for dolls by Oh Sew katplaytime-peasant-top-and-skirt-pattern-by-oh-sew-kat-donna-m-6playtime-peasant-top-and-skirt-pattern-by-oh-sew-kat-donna-m-3

The Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt is available on ETSY.  Find it for your American Girl Dolls, your Wellie Wishers dolls, and also Disney Animators.


See more ways to use this versatile pattern in my INSPIRATION GALLERY.



Find the Playtime Peasant top in  my Etsy shop and download and sew today!!  Also available for 18 inch and Animator sized dolls.  Visit my Inspiration Gallery to see more Playtime Peasant Tops and Twirl Skirts.Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday! Playtime Peasant for Animators

Animators doll patterns by oh sew kat

Enjoy a few photos of the outfits my test group made with this quick and easy Playtime Peasant pattern. It’s now available in my Etsy Shop and

Click here to buy the Playtime Peasant Top

and Twirl Skirt for Animators

Mulan and Snow White love their outfits stitched by Jenny Swann.

Animators sewing patterns for doll clothes by oh sew katplaytime-peasant-top-twirl-skirt-by-koala-t

Isn’t Snow White pretty in pink?  This outfit was stitched up by Carly Reese of Koala-T.

Disney Animators doll clothes princess dolls by OH Sew Kat

Sewing patterns for dolls