Free Sewing Patterns for 18 inch Dolls

Do you need a last minute gift for a doll lover on your list? Look no further. The Four Season Skirt is a FREE pattern that is quick to sew and fun to give!!

18 inch Doll Skirt- Free Pattern from Oh Sew Kat!

Free sewing pattern for dolls by OH Sew Kat!

Free Skirt Sewing Pattern for Dolls

The Four Season Skirt pattern uses measurements instead of pattern pieces, which means you can get to your sewing faster!! Many like a paper pattern piece, so use this quick method to make your own paper pattern piece. Click the photo below or THIS LINK to get to the tutorial.

Make a paper pattern for a gathered doll skirt if the PDF Sewing pattern doesn't include one with this easy tutorial by Oh Sew Kat! Find easy to sew doll clothes sewing patterns on Etsy.

You can also make bloomers for her dolly to wear under the skirt or for your baby doll outfits. Click THIS LINK or the photo below to download that pattern for free.

Free Baby Bloomers Sewing Pattern

Download and sew a basic pair of baby doll bloomers with this easy PDF sewing pattern from Oh Sew Kat! It's free and fits 15" dolls like Bitty Baby.

(Please Note: The Bloomers will fit both Bitty Baby and 18 inch Dolls.)

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Last Minute Holiday Gifts – Easy to Make Doll Clothes

What gifts will you make? See more ideas HERE as well as on my facebook page HERE.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make a Colonial Dress- An Oh Sew Kat! Pattern Hack

Make a Colonial Dress for 18 inch Dolls

This fun pattern hack is for the Felicity and Elizabeth fans. Felicity and Elizabeth have been in the vault for many years, but Felicity was re-released for the 35th anniversary of American Girl® along with the other original characters. The colonial duo had a very large collection to include a four poster bed for each, a two seat carriage, and many outfits (especially for Felicity). If your Felicity Merriman doll is a little light on dresses, use this pattern hack to make simple colonial gowns for her or her friend, Elizabeth Cole.

One of the long held questions amongst American Girl® loyalists is why did they make the Elizabeth doll blonde (she’s clearly a brunette in the original books), and where is her iconic yellow dress? (See the illustration in THIS PIN.). Ever since I found Elizabeth in a thrift store, I’ve always wanted to make her yellow dress, despite her long, blonde locks. You can still purchase the Elizabeth books at the AG store and on AD: Amazon.

Easy Pattern Hack: Make a Colonial Doll Gown

Looking at the illustration, the dress will be simple to duplicate using the Oh Sew Kat! Sugar n Spice PDF sewing pattern. Purchase the pattern HERE or click the photo below. The white lace/ruffle on the sleeves is much wider than at the neckline, but you can easily use the same trim for both.

Easy sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls- dress, pinafore, cape, corset, tutu, apron, and overskirt. Mix and match to make Halloween costumes and 18 inch doll dresses.

DIY American Girl Colonial Doll Dress Tutorial

  1. Cut the bodice pieces as directed. For the sleeves, round off the top of your pattern piece by about 1/4th inch to give a little less poof to the top of the sleeve. Use a pen and ruler to extend the sides of the sleeve by one inch. Connect the lines to create a new, straight hemline. I just printed a new copy of my sleeve piece, made the changes, labelled it, and put it in with my pattern pieces for next time.
  2. The finished skirt length will be 9 inches. Cut your skirt piece 9 1/2 inches by the Width of Fabric (WOF is usually 42-44 inches). This will make the skirt a little fuller than the Sugar n Spice Dress.
  3. Follow the pattern instructions to assemble your dress adding the lace or trim to the neckline and sleeves as below.
  4. Neckline: Remember that there is a 1/4th inch seam allowance. If your trim is very small, you may lose much of it in the seam allowance so take that into consideration when you pin your trim. After attaching the shoulder seams, carefully pin your lace trim to your neckline (wrong side of trim to right side of bodice.) Baste in place right at the fabric edge and remove pins. With right sides together, pin the lining to your bodice (lace will now be in the middle of the two layers) and stitch. Press to the right side and topstitch. (Optional, if your lace is small and easy to manage, finish the neckline according to the pattern directions, then pin the lace inside the neckline and topstitch in place.)
  5. Sleeves: Add a 1/2 to 1 inch ruffle to the hem of the sleeves before you attach them to the bodice. Depending what type of lace or trim you use, it can be attached underneath, or on top of the hem seam. If you are using a fabric ruffle instead of pre-made trim (like eyelet lace), you want to attach it to the inside of the sleeve.

Colonial Gown for Dolls: Oh Sew Kat! Tutorial

Make a Colonial Doll Dress for American Girl Felicity

Does your colonial doll need a bonnet to match her pretty new dress? Use this easy tutorial to make one from felt. You can also add an apron with this tutorial.

Be sure to visit the Felicity Inspiration page HERE. And find Oh Sew Kat! pattern hacks for other historical time periods HERE or click the character photos below.

DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Nanea Mitchell 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Molly McIntire 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Melody Ellison 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Maryellen Larkin 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Julie Albright 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Using the Cricut Maker or Explore Machines to Make Doll Graphic Tees

Use your cricut maker or cricut explore machine to make doll clothes sewing faster, easier and more precise.

This post includes affiliate links. Please read my POLICY here. I’ve been a cricut user since the very first “baby bug” machine came out. Cricut sure has come a long way since then! Don’t know what I’m referring to? Check out this LINK to see what a cricut machine is.

Make graphic tee shirts for your dolls with a cricut or cameo machine.

Use your cricut machine to cut out cute designs and make your own graphic tee shirts and outfits for your dolls! Boy and girl dolls alike love tees with clever sayings and personalization. I find that heat transfer vinyl is much quicker and easier than using my embroidery machine! With a subscription to Cricut Access, I have thousands of designs at my fingertips that can be resized to doll scale with a push of a button. You can create your own logos from graphics, with shapes, or select something ready for you from the extensive graphics library. See more detailed instructions in this POST and this one. I made the pink snowflake shirts with my little Cricut Joy machine. You can do this type of project on any size machine, but you may want to consider the lower priced Joy to see if this is a craft you enjoy.

Easy sewing patterns to make doll clothes by OhSewKat. Digital downloads to print and sew. Make an easy jumper for American Girl Dolls. #ohsewkat #dollclothes #sewingpattern #diy #dolljumper #lucianavega

Luciana’s Easy Up! Jumper has a great surface for a fun message or other design. Below, I tried a pink holographic iron on (HTV) to match the pink shirt. It’s so shimmery in person. There are so many colors and types of HTV on the market right now, it’s easy and fun to customize your own doll tee shirts!

Create your own modern fashion doll clothes for your 18 inch dolls like American Girl with easy to sew PDF print at home sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat! Make your own version of the pink snowflake shirt and silver sparkle skirt with your cricut and sewing machine.

Find an entire collection of easy to sew, print at home PDF sewing patterns for classic doll clothes from Oh Sew Kat!

Too busy to sew right now? Pin these images for later! What other ways can you use your Cricut machine to enhance your doll world? Click each photo below to view the tutorials.

Make a quick and easy cheer bow for your 18 inch doll like Joss Kendrick with this cricut tutorial from OhSewKat! Make it with felt, leather or vinyl and pair it with DIY doll clothes made from Oh Sew Kat! etsy shop PDF digital sewing patterns for dolls.
how to cut pdf patterns on the cricut maker tutorial
Make graphic tees for dolls with HTV and a cricut machine. Easy tutorial by OH Sew Kat. Find sewing patterns for popular sized doll clothes.
Find doll scale fabrics to make cute doll clothes from Cricut. Small stripes by Riley Blake, perfect for the Four Season Skirt- free pattern at #maker #cricut #dollclothes #sewingpatterns #stripes #18inchdolls
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Step it Up Series: Boutique Style Skirts from the Free Pattern- Four Season Skirt

Make a Four Season Skirt look like high end boutique with just a few changes to this easy “no fuss just cut” pattern. Mix and match fabrics with a contrast hem for a patchwork skirt with lots of twirly goodness.

Four Season Skirt Pattern Hack- Make a Boutique Style Patchwork Twirl Skirt for Dolls

This tutorial is free here on my blog. If you prefer a PDF file to print or save in your files, I offer it for sale in my Etsy Shop HERE for just a few dollars, but the PDF includes 2 more skirt variations and pattern pieces for 5 popular doll sizes. Find the Twinkle Twirl pattern HERE. (Note: the Twinkle Twirl pattern is listed in my etsy shop under the different doll sizes, but the pattern is the same for all of them. You only need to purchase one copy.)

Free Doll Skirt Sewing Pattern- Pattern Hack by Oh Sew Kat!

Make a ruffled twirl skirt for 18 inch dolls like American Girl with this easy tutorial by Oh Sew Kat! More PDF Sewing patterns for dolls available!

Kelly (photo above) is wearing her skirt with the Popsicle Top, while Courtney (photo below) is wearing a modified Playtime Peasant Top. Find the tutorial for the ruffled neckline HERE.

Four Season Skirt Pattern Hack: Patchwork Twirl Skirt

This Valentine's Day, show your 18 inch doll some love with beautiful DIY doll clothes you make yourself with easy PDF Sewing patterns from OH Sew Kat! Print at home patterns with full photo tutorials make it easy to sew your own doll clothes, even for a beginner.

This tutorial assumes you understand the basic skirt construction detailed in the Four Season Skirt pattern. Find the free Four Season Skirt pattern here in 3 sizes:

OhSewKat pdf sewing pattern for dolls free skirt

Make a Patchwork Twirl Skirt for your Doll

  1. Choose 2 or 4 fabrics to make your skirt.  Cut four pieces total, 5 x 8 inches each.   With right sides together (RST), stitch the short edges together, to make one long piece 5 x 30 inches.  (This is for the 18 inch doll size.  To adapt this for other sizes, divide the total skirt piece measurement by four, then add 1/2 inch to each piece for the seam allowances). Attach the skirt to the waistband as stated in the pattern directions.
  2. Add a fun contrasting hem using 1/2 inch double fold bias tape! You can find so many neat bias trims online now, or you can use AD: THIS TOOL to make your own. Sew up the back seam, and then add the bias tape to the hem. Ta da!! (If you prefer flat construction, you can add your bias trim to the skirt before seaming up the back, but sometimes bias trim makes a little bulkier join.)

Choose any fabrics you like to change up the look! This is a great project for your small scraps too!

Use the Oh Sew Kat! Pdf pattern Twinkle Twirl Skirt to make a fun, patchwork 18 inch doll skirt for Halloween. Click the pin to find more PDF patterns for 18 inch American Girl dolls and other sizes too. Free skirt pattern at

Do you prefer a PDF you can print or save instead of a blog post? Find the PDF (with 5 sizes and 3 variations) for sale HERE.

See more ideas for the Four Season Skirt here and here, as well as clicking the photos below.

Sew doll clothes for Blaire Wilson, GOTY 2019 from American Girl. Easy to sew 18 inch doll clothes PDF digital patterns by Oh Sew Kat! #blairewilson #americangirldoll #ohsewkat
Add lace to a ruffled doll skirt with this free skirt pattern and tutorial for 18 inch and 14 inch dolls like American Girl. Get a Free skirt pattern at Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt PDF print at home digital pattern for 18 inch dolls like American Girl. #ohsewkat #sewingpattern #dollclothes #laceskirt #ruffle
American girl doll blonde with bandana dress and cowboy hat
Make a sparkly snowflake tee shirt for your 18 inch doll with this quick and easy HTV tutorial by Oh Sew Kat! Find more sewing patterns for American Girl dolls (free skirt pattern) at #ohsewkat #cricuttutorial #dollteeshirt #htvtutorial #dollcraft
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Simple Dress Pattern: Sunshine Dress Pattern Hacks

The Sunshine Dress PDF sewing pattern for dolls (available from Oh Sew Kat! in three popular doll sizes!) is a great basic pattern to have on hand to make simple short sleeve dresses for your dolls like American Girl, Welliewishers, and Animators’. The pattern includes three variations for the front, and below you will find links to even more ideas for this basic pattern. Find the patterns in my Etsy Shop!

Sleeveless dress from Sunshine Dress Sewing Pattern by Oh Sew Kat! Sew a doll dress 3 with variations for more fashion options! #easytosew #sewingpattern #18inchdolls #ohsewkat #easysewing #dollclothes
Wellie Wishers Doll sewing pattern Oh Sew Kat Sunshine Dress

In addition to the cute many included options for dresses, you can use this pattern to create all kinds of additional outfits. Click each photo to go right to the Tutorial. All of these outfits were created with the Sunshine Pattern. See more in the Inspiration Gallery here. Which will you try first?

Create different looks with a simple to sew dress pattern for dolls

These pattern hacks will also work for other sized dolls with minor adjustments. The pattern is available for 18 inch dolls like American Girl®, 14.5 inch dolls like Glitter Girls® and Welliewishers™, and 16 inch dolls like Animators’® dolls.

Make a reversible sundress for your 18 inch American Girl doll with the easy Sunshine Dress sewing pattern and Oh Sew Kat! pattern hacks. Find more doll clothes PDF sewing patterns in the OhSewKat etsy shop.
DIY 70s doll clothes for American Girl doll Julie Albright with easy to sew PDF patterns and tutorials from Oh Sew Kat!
Make a muu muu for your 18 inch American Girl doll with this easy pattern hack of the Sunshine PDF sewing pattern from OhSewKat.
Use the Sugar n Spice and Sunshine Dress patterns from Oh Sew Kat! to make a 50s or 60s overskirt dress for your American Girl Dolls.
Use this easy pattern hack to make your Melody American Girl doll a color block 60s dress. The easy to sew Sunshine Dress PDF Sewing pattern from OH Sew Kat!

Try fun sewing hacks for Oh Sew Kat! PDF Sewing Patterns

Find more patterns and tutorials on THIS PAGE.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Quick to Sew: Simple Tee Shirt Sewing Pattern Hacks

Every doll needs lots and lots of basic tee shirts!! Whether to show her school spirit, or her favorite sport or band, you can whip up some easy tees with the Oh Sew Kat! Simple Sweet Tee pattern. I like to use fold over elastic on my tees for a quick to sew and fun to see trim. Find the pattern in four sizes here!

Sewing Pattern 18 inch doll Tee Shirt by OHSEWKAT

Try out these easy pattern hacks. Find more Oh Sew Kat! pattern hacks and tutorials HERE.

Simple Sweet Tee Pattern Hack: Tee Shirt Dress

Everyone’s favorite dresses are comfy like tee shirts!! Use this pattern hack to make your doll a comfy tee shirt dress with the Simple Sweet Tee pattern. For these cute dresses, I used girls’ leggings I bought at Walmart (buy the biggest size they have to get the most fabric!). Find the full tutorial HERE.

Make a tee shirt dress from a tee shirt pattern hack by Oh Sew Kat! Make American Girl Doll Clothes with easy sewing PDF patterns from Oh Sew Kat! Blog with craft tutorials and free skirt pattern.

Simple Sweet Tee Pattern Hack: Tank Top

Use your Sweet Tee shirt pattern to make a cute tank top (like the one in Joss’s collection- her PJ top). A little fold over elastic is all you need. Find the full tutorial HERE.

Use the Simple, Sweet Tee PDF pattern by Oh Sew Kat! to make a cute knit tank top for your 18 inch doll like Joss Kendrick. It looks just like Joss Pajamas! Find more patterns in the ohsewkat etsy shop.

Simple Sweet Tee: Infusible Ink Graphic Tee Shirts for Dolls

Ad: Infusible ink is a product that sinks into the fabric and makes a permanent image. It won’t peel up or wash out. I use infusible ink with my Cricut machine to make super cute doll tees!!! Find the full tutorial HERE.

Create your own custom doll tee shirts with Cricut and Infusible Ink transfer sheets. Find a quick and easy tutorial to turn an adult shirt into many doll tees that you can design and sew yourself at OhSewKat!
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: Character Inspired Doll Dresses

Use your imagination and Oh Sew Kat! patterns to make doll dresses inspired by your favorite characters!!

Make a Snow White Inspired Doll Dress

Make a Snow White inspired doll dress using the Backyard Bibs sewing pattern. Easy beginner level pdf digital patterns for 18 inch dolls.

Make a Snow White inspired Backyard Bibs. Add a blue peasant top underneath to complete the look.

Make a Captain America Inspired Doll Dress

Make adorable Captain America dress overalls style bibs with the easy Backyard Bibs sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat! Be your daughter's superhero! Easy to sew printable PDF sewing patterns are available for dolls in 5 sizes.

The Backyard Bibs pattern is quick to sew and lends itself to easy colorblocking! Add a simple to make Captain America® logo with your cricut machine and easy press. Find the tutorial HERE.

Make a Gabby Gabby (Toy Story) Style Dress

Make your own Gabby Gabby inspired yellow polka dot doll dress with easy sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

Gabby Gabby’s yellow polka dot dress can easily be made with either the Sugar n Spice dress, or the Spring Shine dress by adding a collar, placket, and waistband. See more information in this POST.

What character inspired doll dresses have you made?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

18″ Doll Holiday Fashions: Backyard Bibs & Gnomes

DIY Holiday Doll Fashions with Easy Sewing Patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

I love to sew with holiday fabrics. There is just something about their bright colors and cute images that makes me smile. Every year I sew up a few new holiday doll outfits. This year, I chose a cute buffalo check plaid and some darling gnomes. Enjoy these photos of the Backyard Bibs skirtall and Jumping Jack turtlenecks I made.

There are new 18 inch dolls on the block!! Find the adorable Disney ILY4ever 18 inch dolls at your local Target stores and online. They are softer dolls, but easily fit American Girl® dolls clothes, Oh Sew Kat! patterns, and have some super cute accessory sets!

18 inch Joss doll in white shirt and gnome skirtall jumper on white background.

Find more ideas for your holiday sewing in the Christmas Inspiration Gallery.

Make 18 inch doll clothes with the Backyard Bibs PDF Sewing Pattern

Redhead 18 inch doll with red shirt and black and red gnome themed jumper with white background

The Backyard Bibs pattern is available in 5 popular doll sizes. It has four variations to sew, but I have to say the gathered skirt is always my favorite. See more Backyard Bibs ideas HERE and HERE.

Sewing Patterns for 18 inch Dolls: Backyard Bibs in fun Gnome Fabric

Try these other fun ways to sew the Backyard Bibs PDF Sewing Pattern for Dolls. Click the photos to go to the tutorials.

Make your 18 inch doll a new wardrobe with easy PDF sewing patterns from the OhSewKat etsy shop. Download and print your patterns and sew today!
Easy Backyard Bibs overalls sewing pattern for dolls by oH Sew Kat. Make it with a ruffled skirt with this easy pattern hack. FInd more patterns for dolls clothes at
Use the Backyard Bibs PDF sewing pattern to make a summer top for 18 inch dolls like American Girl. Find this pattern and many more at Oh Sew Kat!
Use fold over elastic when you are sewing doll clothes for quick and pretty accents, belts, headbands, straps, hems and more! Find easy to sew beginner level doll clothes sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing with Batiks Part 1 – DIY Doll Clothes

For a long, long time, I always passed by the batik sections of my favorite fabric stores. My mother, on the other hand, used more batiks than any other fabrics in all of her quilts. When she passed away, I picked through her collection and came home with some very pretty pieces of fabric. I also purchase batiks online at the Fat Quarter Shop (Like these from the Batik Club AD: Batik Clubs).

This rosy batik looked so different each time I used it. I think I’ve made four different items. These two were both made from the School Bell Blouse pattern. Grace is wearing the top, and Kendall is wearing the Dress Hack. Both have added crystals instead of buttons for some extra shine.

Sew a doll dress for your American Girl Wellie Wishers doll with easy print at home PDF sewing patterns by OhSewKat. #welliewishers #diydollclothes #sewingpattern #swingdress

There are so many pretty batiks in bright fall colors and with leaf pattern designs.

Make this lovely layered look for fall with PDF sewing patterns for American Girl 18 inch and other sized dolls. Create your own DIY doll clothes with tutorials and patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

These fall batiks had lots of swirling colors- each item made from it can take on a completely different look. Both dresses (photo above and below) were made with the Sugar N Spice Dress for 18 inch dolls. See more info in THIS POST.

Simple sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls like American Girl by Oh Sew Kat! Sugar n Spice Dress and pinafore pattern to DIY doll clothes for your 18 inch doll or her friends. #sewingpattern #dolldress #americangirl #ohsewkat

Try a few fabrics from the batik section of your fabric store or at the Fat Quarter Shop at this AD: LINK and make the magic happen in your doll clothes sewing too!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!