Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress Patterns Made Up as Tops

Just as every doll top sewing pattern you have can usually be made into a dress, the reverse is true as well. Every dress pattern can be made into a top or shirt. Here are a few examples to use the patterns you have (or choose a new one) in a new way.

Use your Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress sewing patterns to make cute doll tops too!

Sew your own doll clothes with easy PDF sewing patterns by OhSewKat! #ohsewkat #sugarnspice #18inchdolls #americangirl

Kelly is wearing a cute spring outfit. Her top is made from the Sugar n Spice pattern. Instead of a full skirt, I just made it ruffle sized. Read more details in THIS POST. The skirt is a simple skirt like THIS TUTORIAL.

Easiest Pattern Hack Ever: Make a Dress Pattern as Top for Dolls

Western Style ruffled Twinkle Skirt with eyelet Spring Shine Dres/Top

In the above example, sewn by my amazing tester, Michele, Leah is wearing a top made from the Oh Sew Kat! Spring Shine Dress pattern. It’s simply the bodice with a little trim at the hem. Cute cute!! Find the pattern HERE. The skirt is made from the Twinkle Twirl Skirt pattern.

Michele also sewed the cute outfit Snow White is wearing below. Her top is made from the Sunshine Dress pattern. It doesn’t matter the doll size, this hack works for every size. Find the pattern HERE.

Disney Animators dolls sewing patterns

Use your Oh Sew Kat! Doll Dress Patterns to Make Cute Summer Tops too!

Use the Backyard Bibs PDF sewing pattern to make as summer doll top for your 18 inch American Girl doll. Easy sewing patterns for all seasons by Oh Sew kat!

Maryellen is ready to hit the beach!! The Backyard Bibs is my favorite pattern for every season. Shorten the skirt to ruffle length, and look how cute the top is! (The green shorts were purchased at American Girl®.) See more details in THIS POST. I simply made the ruffle even smaller in the patriotic outfit below. Paired with a pair of Bloomer Buddies bloomers and it looks like a bathing suit!!

Make a summer top or swim suit with the Backyard Bibs Overalls sewing pattern for dolls like American Girl. Easy to sew digital PDF doll clothes patterns by Oh Sew Kat!

Make Easy Doll Tops with your Oh Sew Kat! Dress Sewing Patterns

Doll top tutorial by OhSewKat

Pam, another amazing tester and photographer, always made the cutest outfits. Here she used the Sugar n Spice Dress pattern and made it into cute tops for Welliewishers 14.5 inch dolls. She paired them with Sixth Grade Skirts and added the pockets as in THIS TUTORIAL. Such cute outfits!!

What other dress patterns will you use to make your doll tops?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: Character Inspired Doll Dresses

Use your imagination and Oh Sew Kat! patterns to make doll dresses inspired by your favorite characters!!

Make a Snow White Inspired Doll Dress

Make a Snow White inspired doll dress using the Backyard Bibs sewing pattern. Easy beginner level pdf digital patterns for 18 inch dolls.

Make a Snow White inspired Backyard Bibs. Add a blue peasant top underneath to complete the look.

Make a Captain America Inspired Doll Dress

Make adorable Captain America dress overalls style bibs with the easy Backyard Bibs sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat! Be your daughter's superhero! Easy to sew printable PDF sewing patterns are available for dolls in 5 sizes.

The Backyard Bibs pattern is quick to sew and lends itself to easy colorblocking! Add a simple to make Captain America® logo with your cricut machine and easy press. Find the tutorial HERE.

Make a Gabby Gabby (Toy Story) Style Dress

Make your own Gabby Gabby inspired yellow polka dot doll dress with easy sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

Gabby Gabby’s yellow polka dot dress can easily be made with either the Sugar n Spice dress, or the Spring Shine dress by adding a collar, placket, and waistband. See more information in this POST.

What character inspired doll dresses have you made?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

How to use a Ruffler Foot to Gather a Skirt for a Doll Dress

When it comes to doll dresses, I say, can there ever be enough ruffle? Whether it’s a full, twirly doll skirt, or a cute ruffle at the hem of pants or a skirt, you can make your ruffles in mere seconds with this fancy accessory for your sewing machine!! Use this quick method when you sew the Boardwalk Boutique, Party Time Peasant Dress, Playtime Peasant Skirt, and the Sugar n Spice dress patterns from Oh Sew Kat! See the full pattern collection HERE.

Make bitty baby doll clothes with easy pdf sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat! Great for beginners, also fits Bitty Twins.
Bitty Baby doll in pink flowered dress

Learn to Use Your Ruffler Attachment for Your Sewing Machine

The first thing is to ensure you have the exact correct ruffler for your specific machine.  My machine is a Bernina 560 and the ruffler foot is #86.  I have a ruffler foot for my babylock machine as well, and even though it looks almost identical, it’s not compatible with my Bernina.  A ruffler for your machine is not a cheap accessory, but if you use it often, it can be a huge time saver!!! Be sure to watch a few quick videos on you tube to get familiar with how to use it. Generally, a ruffler will look like the photo below. It’s quite the contraption! But once I tried it, I fell in love!

Sewing Doll Skirts: Ruffler Tips

  1. There can be a lot of math involved when using a ruffler.  It has a few options and if you change the number and the stitch length, you get even more!  That all gives me a headache, to be honest. I’m an English teacher not a math teacher, remember? If you want a great tutorial on how to figure all of this out, I highly recommend searching you tube.  Me, I just want to put a piece of fabric in and gather my doll skirts in about 15 seconds!  So this is what I did and maybe it can benefit you too.
  2. The ruffler foot seems intimidating at first, but it really attaches just like any of your other sewing feet. You need to make sure the top “hook” (looks like a backwards “c”- see Fig 1) is over the needle bar (see Fig 3), which will move the entire mechanism. This is similar to some buttonhole feet. Once the foot is secure, and the “c” hook is over the bar, lower the foot and check that your needle moves in and out freely and doesn’t hit any of the metal.
  3. In Fig 2, you can see the front notch which shows the number of stitches between “tucks” or gathers. For tight gathers, set this to 1, so it will “tuck” every stitch. You can also set it to every 6th stitch or every 12th stitch. The smaller the number, the tighter the gathers. You will need less fabric the higher the number.
  4. The fabric will move front to back, just like your regular sewing. The center, middle of the foot has a darker, flat piece of metal. The back end of this piece has a zig zag type edge, which will grab the fabric. As the fabric is tucked, the needle stitches it in place. Your fabric is fed in between the two bars at the front, then under this little metal piece and out the back.
  5. In Fig 1, you can see that the foot has a two layer bottom. The fabric will feed in between these two layer bars at the front, then under the metal piece and needle etc. (Fig 4). Start slowly, and ensure the fabric and the little claw are moving correctly. You will hold/feed the fabric, watching the front guide. If you start to sew, and your fabric doesn’t start to move in under the needle, pull it out and try again.
  6. I sat down with a pile of cotton strips (I used the ugly parts of a quilter’s jelly roll, but you can use anything that is similar to the fabric you will gather the most. You can even ruffle a strip, measure it, pull the stitches out, and ruffle it again using the same strip more than once.)  The jelly roll strips were all 42 inches long (and 2.5 inches wide), which is more or less the width of fabric when you buy it off the bolt.  I sat down and set my ruffler to ruffle every stitch, (the little holes front and center) and my stitch length to 2.5.  I ruffled the strip.  The next one I ruffled with the stitch length set at 3.0 and kept moving up to 5.0 which is as long as my machine will let me set.  (No idea what a jelly roll is? Click AD: to see at the Fat Quarter Shop HERE. Jelly rolls (also called Bali Pops, Rolie Polies etc) are a type of precut cotton fabric, designed for quilters, but also great for doll clothes!)
  7. Once I ruffled each strip, I measured it and started making a chart. I entered the original length of fabric, the stitch length (2.5-5.0), the ruffler stitch count setting (every stitch, every sixth stitch, etc), and the finished, ruffled length. My goal was to see what stitch length would give me the closest measurements to the skirts in my doll clothes patterns. I add them to a white board or wall chart for quick reference. Look up the skirt measurements of your favorite doll clothes patterns with ruffles or gathered skirts. Cut strips to match, and start with the lowest stitch length setting, to see where you end up. It’s not hard to get right to certain measurements, and as I said, I’m an English teacher, and I didn’t want to do the math.  I needed the strips to be 1 or 2 inches LONGER than what I would use on the doll garment. I can trim off the end.  😉  If a measurement is too short, leaving an inch unruffled at either end can work as well.  This also makes it a little easier to add the hook and loop tape to a back closing garment.
  8. I found that a strip that measured 42 inches, ruffled at 5.0 stitch length gave me 14-15 inches.  This is what I use most of the time for 18 inch dolls.  I leave one inch at the beginning, and ruffle all the way to the end.  Once it’s pinned to the skirt, I can remove the part I don’t need (perfect for an apron like in Sugar n Spice pattern), remove a few stitches to flatten out the back edge, and attach it to my waistband. Time saver!!!

It’s possible to ruffle and attach your skirt to your waistband at the same time. As long as you know you can trim off the excess at the end, you can do it in one step.  Having your handy chart of which stitch length will give you what approximate measurement will really help!  I encourage you to ruffle a few strips of fabric and make your own chart.  At first I used a notebook, but I’ve since put it into my google drive so it is now sorted by fabric length.  I add to it every time I ruffle a skirt or piece of fabric, and I reference it when I sit down to sew a pattern to speed up my doll clothes constructions.

How to Use a Ruffler to Gather Doll Skirts when Sewing

A ruffler foot can also be used to make your own gathered trim (think eyelet lace) and ruffles for any and every project. Have fun with this new tool!!

Use the ruffler foot to make the quick to sew Party Time Peasant Dress even quicker!! Find the pattern here.

Make a Party Time Peasant Dress for your 18 inch American Girl doll for St Patrick's Day. Find the easy PDF print at home sewing pattern at ohsewkat.com. #irish #dolldress #18inch #sewingpattern #irishcraft
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Kirsten’s Spring Dress: Sugar n Spice PDF Pattern Hack by Oh Sew Kat!

American Girl® just celebrated its 35th anniversary, and released their original canon historical characters on a limited basis. (Addy, Kirsten, Felicity, Samantha, Molly, and Josefina.) These characters have been around for years, and each had a pretty extensive wardrobe and accessory collection, but those are all retired now and can be very expensive on the second hand market. The good news is that with a little time, effort and Oh Sew Kat! pdf sewing patterns, you can make your own!

Sewing for American Girl Doll, Kirsten Larson™

Sew for Your 18 inch Kirsten American Girl® Doll

Kirsten Larson™ comes to us from 1854. She’s the “Little house on the prairie” and the “holly hobbie” doll- if you know, you know. Her clothes are simple calicos with growth pleats and high necklines with pinafores and aprons to keep dresses clean during chores. Much of her collection has a red, white and blue color palette- so by sticking with those colors, I can add some mix and match options with her meet outfit pieces. Look for calicos, homespun stripes, and small ginghams. The AD: PRAIRIE DAYS collection by Moda in the Fat Quarter Shop is perfect fabric collection for Kirsten!!

Looking over Kirsten’s wardrobe on google, you notice that most of her dresses are very similar. A basic dress, with short or long puffed sleeves, high neckline, growth pleats and a thin waistband. This blue dress is inspired by Kirsten’s pink spring dress from American Girl®.

Oh Sew Kat! Pattern Hack: Sugar n Spice Dress for Kirsten

Use the Sugar n Spice PDF Sewing Pattern to make Kirsten a new dress for spring!! This basic dress pattern also includes a simple apron tutorial, check THIS POST to see how to make it fit just like Kirsten’s meet apron. Find the Sugar n Spice pattern in four doll sizes HERE. Use the pattern pieces for the basic underdress with a few modifications to make it more historical for Kirsten, although this pattern hack is cute for modern dolls too!

Easy sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls- dress, pinafore, cape, corset, tutu, apron, and overskirt. Mix and match to make Halloween costumes and 18 inch doll dresses.
  • Cut out your pattern pieces. Add 3/4 inch to the length of the short sleeves. (I added 1/4th inch to my blue sleeves, which have a cute, modern look, but for a more historical dress, the sleeves should be longer.) Cut a waistband 1 inch by 14 inches- just trim the end off if there is any extra. Skirt length is 7.5 inches, or 8 inches if you want to add the growth strip. See the tutorial for the growth strip HERE.
  • Finish the raw edges of the sleeve. I used a rolled hem on my serger, but you can press it up and hem it as well.
  • Stitch 4 inches of 1/8th inch elastic to the inside of the sleeve hem, approximately 1/4 to 3/8th inches from your hemmed edge. You can use a pencil or marking tool to draw a line to follow if you want. This makes that pretty ruffled sleeve! On the inside of the sleeve, put your elastic on the line to sew, and lower your needle into it. This will hold the elastic tail while you pull the other end “generally” to the end of the fabric (where you want the elastic to end.). Stitch very slowly, pulling the elastic as you go, and keeping it on your marked line.
  • Follow the pattern instructions to complete the bodice. With right sides together, add your waistband to the bodice. Top stitch if desired. (Of the three AG branded Kirsten dresses I own, none have topstitched waistbands, but it does create a nice, neat finish.)
  • Gather the skirt, attach it to the waistband, and complete the dress according to the pattern.

This dress looks super cute on your modern dolls as well!

Sewing Doll Clothes for your 18 inch Kirsten Larson Doll

Find more ideas to sew for Kirsten in the Kirsten Historical Inspiration Gallery and find a tutorial to make her bloomers in this post and her apron in this one.

Make historical doll meet outfits for Kirsten and Addy- sew pantalettes or drawers with this easy to sew PDF pattern hack.
Prairie Days fat quarter fabric bundle on wood background with scissorys, buttons, and thread.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing with Batiks Part 2- DIY Doll Clothes

If you visit your local quilting shops- you will find full walls lined with bright rainbows of batik fabric. These fabrics can be a little pricer than the regular quilting cottons, because many of them are specifically dyed. Browse through this section and choose a few to try on your doll clothes. Some are multicolored and some are not, which makes them the perfect solids to use in outfits to make them pop!!

Using Batik Fabric to Sew Doll Clothes to Add Fun and Interest

Make an easy romper with tied straps for your 18 inch American Girl doll. The Backyard Bibs PDF Sewing Pattern from Oh Sew Kat is quick to sew and has four options- two pants and two skirts. Find out more in the OhSewKat etsy shop.

Joss is wearing the Backyard Bibs made in a colorful batik. I used ribbons instead of straps as outlined in THIS POST. This simple pattern is perfect to highlight the batik fabric’s watercolors. Find the Backyard Bibs pattern in five doll sizes HERE.

DIY Doll Clothes for American Girl Dolls with fun, Batik Fabrics

DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Nanea Mitchell 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.

Some batik fabrics have a defined print, such as this blue and green poinsettia floral of Nanea’s muumuu style dress. I used the Sugar n Spice pattern and THIS TUTORIAL. Find the Sugar n Spice PDF pattern in four popular doll sizes HERE.

Mix and Match Solid fabric with Batiks for Unique Doll Clothes

Ivy’s festive outfit was made with the Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt pattern. I paired a solid gold top with three different batik fabrics in the skirt. This pattern lends itself beautifully to a quilting precut called a JELLY ROLL. I purchase mine at the AD: Fat Quarter Shop. You can get a full range of colors and prints already cut in long strips to make into ruffled skirts and hems, which can be a big time saver too! Find the Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt pattern in five doll sizes HERE.

Add Interest to Simple Doll Clothes Styles with fun Batik Fabrics

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

American Girl Doll – Kirsten Larson – Meet Apron Tutorial

Does your Kirsten doll need a new apron? Or do you want to mix up her wardrobe a little bit since American Girl® doesn’t offer any clothes for her anymore? Kirsten’s apron (part of her meet outfit) is a simple, quick project you can complete in under an hour. Your modern dolls might like a cute apron too! Have fun with this simple tutorial and use it to expand your Kirsten doll’s fashion wardrobe.

Simple Apron Tutorial for 18 inch Dolls like American Girl®

Make A Simple Apron for your 18 inch American Girl® doll like Kirsten Larson from 1854

Choose lightweight fabrics, like homespun cottons in gingham, stripes, and soft florals. You can make the apron with or without a pocket. You can even check your local thrift shops for men’s shirting to use as fabric.

Ad: The Fat Quarter Shop, at the time of this writing, has the perfect set of prints!! Check out the Prairie Days fabric collection by Bunny Hill Designs for Moda. It’s the perfect mix of red, white, and blue calico cotton fabrics, perfect for Kirsten’s prairie days wardrobe! I mean, just look at these prints!!! Check out this fabric that looks very similar to Kirsten’s red school dress fabric: Ad: Prairie Days Red Calico Fabric.

Prairie Days fat quarter fabric bundle on wood background with scissorys, buttons, and thread.

Make a Simple Apron for Kirsten Larson™, 18″ inch Doll from American Girl®

Cut out three pieces of fabric. For all pieces, you can use a pinking shears for the raw edges, or a zig zag stitch or serger.

  1. Skirt: Cut one rectangle 6 x 10 inches. On one long side and two short sides, press up a slight 1/4th inch, then fold and press up another 1/4th inch. Or use your serger to finish each edge, then press up 1/4th inch and stitch. Stitch these three sides so you have a nice, hemmed skirt. Mark the center of the top (raw edge) of the skirt with a pin. Gather the skirt until it measures four inches. (Kirsten’s actual meet skirt is pleated every 1/2 inch, rather than gathered, but you can do either of course.)
  2. Pocket: Cut a pocket 2.5 inches square. Finish the raw edges, then press in three sides and the top. Sew the top hem in place. Place the pocket’s top right corner about 1.25 inch down and 1 inch to the left of the right side edge on the front of the apron. If you are using a stripe or check fabric, you can match up the lines. Using an edge stitch or top stitch foot, stitch the three sides of the pocket (not the top) in place, leaving the top open. Use a glue stick or scotch tape to hold your pocket in place while you sew or try some thin seam tape for best results.
  3. Strap: Cut your strap fabric 1 inch by 22-24 inches. (You can also use a .25 – .5 inch wide ribbon instead). Fold in each short edge 1/4th inch and press well. Press in half the long way with wrong sides together. Open back out, and press each long, raw edge to meet in the center. Repress along the original center line fold. (Basically like creating bias binding) Mark the center of the strap with a pin.
  4. Assembly: Open the strap and place the raw edge of the skirt inside, with the raw edge up at the center fold line, matching (and removing) the center pins. Continue to place the raw edge of the skirt up against the center fold of the strap, pinning it in place. Make this as even as possible, as you will want to catch both the edges of the strap as you sew it all together. Once the skirt is pinned, you can also pin the rest of the strap edges together if you want to. Stitch the strap close to the edge (like topstitching), from end to end (folding both short ends in), and securing the skirt inside your seam.

Simple Apron Sewing Tutorial for 18 inch dolls like Kirsten

Your Kirsten Larson doll is now ready to do her chores!! Click the photo below to see more Kirsten themed ideas and projects. Find this blue spring dress tutorial HERE.

Make historical meet outfits for American Girl dolls like Kirsten Addy with this sewing pattern hack.
DIY beautiful historical doll clothes from 1854 for your Kirsten Larson 18 inch American Girl doll with easy to sew PDF sewing patterns from Oh Sew Kat!
Make a Kirsten Larson Tee Shirt: Let your doll show that she's an American Girl doll fan with these easy to make doll graphic tees. Use a cricut, cameo or Brother scan n cut to add HTV to any doll shirt. Find the tutorial from OhSewKat!

Visit the Historical Inspiration Gallery to see how to make doll clothes for other historical BeForever ™ characters.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: Easy Up! Jumper for Easter

Easy Up! Easter jumper. Make a quick outfit for your American Girl doll with easy PDF sewing patterns from Ohsewkat

Make your American Girl® doll a sweet jumper for Easter with the beginner level sewing pattern, the Easy Up! Jumper. With optional contrasting side pleats, this jumper can be worn frontwards or backwards and is pulled on over the doll’s feet. Make it reversible!! This sweet bunny jumper (fabric was from Walmart) was made with fold over elastic for the straps as a short cut. Add the quick to sew Playtime Peasant Top underneath for a super spring outfit for dolls! Available for 14 and 18 inch dolls, plus 15 inch Bitty Baby!

Simple to Sew: Easter Bunny Jumper for Dolls

Easy Up! Easter jumper. Make a quick outfit for your American Girl doll with easy PDF sewing patterns from Ohsewkat

DIY Easter Dresses for 18 inch Dolls like American Girl®

Instructions for the faux placket are included in the pattern, however for this version, I used contrasting fabric so it’s sewn on the front before the jumper is constructed instead. Sew many options!! What will you make? Find more Easter inspiration in the Easter Inspiration Gallery or by clicking the photos below:

Make an Easter outfit for your wellie wishers dolls with the Backyard Bibs PDF sewing pattern from Oh Sew Kat!
Make an Easter dress for your 18" doll with easy sewing patterns by OhSewKat! Download, print and sew the best PDF doll patterns today. Try a free skirt pattern at www.ohsewkat.com, and find tutorials and pattern hacks. #ohsewkat #sewing #easterdress #dollclothes #18inchdoll
Make an Easter dress for 18 inch dolls with the easy to sew Sugar n Spice PDF sewing pattern. Great beginner sewing printable tutorial; find a large selection of budget friendly sewing patterns in the OhSewKat Etsy Shop.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Zip it Up! Add a zipper to the Oh Sew Kat! Sunshine Dress

This quick tutorial will help you add a zipper to the back of the Sunshine Dress, and will also work for the School Dance Dress pattern as well. You will need this pattern:

Sleeveless dress from Sunshine Dress Sewing Pattern by Oh Sew Kat! Sew a doll dress 3 with variations for more fashion options! #easytosew #sewingpattern #18inchdolls #ohsewkat #easysewing #dollclothes

Add a zipper to the Oh Sew Kat! Sunshine Dress Pattern

  1. Choose your option for the front of the dress (three variations are included) and cut out all of your pattern pieces as directed. I used a six inch zipper. You can use a longer one, but be careful of going too short and not being able to get the dress on the doll.
  2. Follow the pattern to put the front together, attach the shoulders, and add the lining. If you are adding sleeves, add them as well. My photos are for a sleeveless version of the dress, like in THIS TUTORIAL. Do not stitch the side seams.
  3. Clean finish the back edges with a serger or zigzag stitch, catching the lining pieces.
  4. With right sides together, baste the back edges together with a long stitch length and a half inch seam allowance. Two inches or so before the hem, where the zipper will end, switch to your regular stitch length. Press the seam open.
  5. With the zipper pull pulled away from the top edge, lay your zipper face down along the pressed open seam. Use pieces of scotch tape to hold it in place. (It’s hard to see the clear tape in the photo, but I used three pieces across the zipper. (Photo 3-white arrow)
  6. Using your zipper foot, stitch down one side, across the bottom and up the other side, keeping as close to the zipper teeth as you can. Move the zipper pull up and down out of the way as you sew if you can. Remove the tape. (Photo 3)
  7. Remove your basting stitches by pulling the seam slightly open. Stop when you get to the end of the zipper. Using your regular stitch length, restitch from the bottom of the zipper to the hemline on your basted seamline if you need to. (Photo 4)
  8. With the right sides together, stitch up the side seams, from hem, through the armhole seam to the hemline of the lining piece or sleeve.
  9. Clean finish the hem, press it up and stitch in place.
  10. Ta da!! Zip it up!! See how easy it is to get the Sunshine Dress on and off your 18 inch doll.

Front and Back views are shown below.

Making 18 inch Doll Clothes- Adding a Zipper

Easy Tutorial to Add a Zipper to a Doll Dress

Find the Sunshine Dress and other 18 inch PDF sewing patterns HERE.

Find more tutorials and pattern hacks HERE and click the photos below to see more ideas for the Sunshine Dress pattern.

DIY 70s doll clothes for American Girl doll Julie Albright with easy to sew PDF patterns and tutorials from Oh Sew Kat!
Use this easy pattern hack to make your Melody American Girl doll a color block 60s dress. The easy to sew Sunshine Dress PDF Sewing pattern from OH Sew Kat!
Make a reversible sundress for your 18 inch American Girl doll with the easy Sunshine Dress sewing pattern and Oh Sew Kat! pattern hacks. Find more doll clothes PDF sewing patterns in the OhSewKat etsy shop.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing for St. Patrick’s Day- Inspiration

Sewing up the Green for St Patrick’s Day!

Sewing o the green this month? Be inspired by these doll outfits for St Patrick’s Day and see more in the Oh Sew Kat! St Patrick’s Day Inspiration Gallery.

Above: Poppy’s rainbow top is made with the Bloomer Buddies pattern and THIS easy HACK. Find the pattern in 3 doll sizes HERE.

Make a Party Time Peasant Dress for your 18 inch American Girl doll for St Patrick's Day. Find the easy PDF print at home sewing pattern at ohsewkat.com. #irish #dolldress #18inch #sewingpattern #irishcraft

Riley and Maryellen are wearing simple to sew Party Time Peasant Dresses. See THIS POST for instructions to make it with long sleeves and find the pattern sized for 6 dolls HERE.

St Patrick’s Day Dresses for 18 inch Dolls

Make your own doll clothes for your 18 inch American Girl doll with easy to use easy print at home PDF patterns to sew doll clothes for your 18 inch, 14 inch and Bitty Baby dolls with patterns by Oh Sew Kat! #sewingpatterns #dollclothes #18inchdoll #ohsewkat

Emily’s simple green dress takes on a new look for St Patrick’s Day with a simple rainbow ribbon and shamrock button. Find the pattern for the Sugar n Spice Dress in four doll sizes HERE.


Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Courtney Moore 80s Doll Mix and Match Pink Belt Tutorial

DIY your own doll clothes for 18 inch dolls like Courtney Moore from American Girl®. Easy to sew PDF patterns from Oh Sew Kat! will help you be successful with full color photos plus written instructions for every step of the way. Be your own doll clothes designer!!

Make Fun 80’s Fashions for Your American Girl Doll- Free Tutorials

Create mix and match outfits with hot pink and houndstooth with easy sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Have you seen Courtney’s new mix and match wardrobe pieces from American Girl®? You can create the same look for less money with Oh Sew Kat! patterns and tutorials.

Here’s is the outfit I made for Courtney. I used the POPSICLE TOP pattern for the top, and THIS TUTORIAL for the skirt. Read below for how I made the hot pink belt to complete the look!!

Make a mix and match 80s outfit from houndstooth fabric for your Courtney American Girl Doll. More patterns available from Oh Sew Kat!

Make Courtney’s 1980s Hot Pink Belt

  1. Supplies: Belt Buckle, cotton or knit fabric
  2. Cut fabric 2.5 x 15.5 inches ( I cut mine at 2 inches wide, and decided it should be thicker but did not sew a new version so yours may look slightly different than my photos, but probably more like the one on the AG site.)
  3. With RST stitch up one side, with the last inch forming a slight diagonal to the edge to create a point.
  4. Turn and press well; the seam can be centered or on one edge, depending how you want your belt to look.
  5. Zig zag stitch or serge the open end closed.
  6. Place this finished end through the buckle, fold over and seam in place, just far enough so your foot does not hit the buckle.

Put your belt over the waistband and bottom edge of the skirt and top for a “dress look” and revel in the $48 plus shipping you may have just saved. You are welcome, Momma!! I put the skirt, top and belt items in my cart. Yes, you get two tops and two skirts and some accessories besides the belt, but if this is a passing phase for your kid (like it was with mine)- this is a great answer for a wonderful, time appropriate outfit for your 18 inch 80s Courtney doll from American Girl. And you can sew as many as you want! Click HERE for the skirt tutorial and HERE for the top tutorial to complete the outfit.

Easy to make houndstooth skirt and top outfit for American Girl Doll Courtney by Oh Sew Kat!

Find more ideas and tutorials to sew for Courtney by clicking the photos below. Be sure to visit the Courtney Moore Inspiration Gallery HERE.

Make your 18 inch Courtney Moore American Girl doll a Care bears nightgown with the easy to sew Bloomer Buddies PDF sewing pattern from the Oh Sew Kat! Etsy Shop. Available in other doll sizes too!
Make doll clothes for 1980's 18 inch dolls like Courtney Moore from American Girl. Easy to sew doll clothes with easy PDF digital patterns, printables, and tutorials from OhSewKat. Also available on Etsy. Make a boxy crop top, hair scrunchies, and bubble skirts.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!