Inspiration Gallery

What will you sew today?

Before I release a pattern, I send it out to my fabulous Oh Sew Kat Test Group in order to make sure the directions are clear, as well as check the fit and pattern construction.  Here you can see some of the beautiful doll clothes that have been made by myself, these testers, as well as my friends along the way. If you have a photo to share, email it to me at or use hashtag #ohsewkat on instagram. Click on the pattern title to see your latest inspiration!

Patterns are available for 18 inch dolls, 14.5 inch dolls, 15 inch baby dolls, and 16 inch animators’ and a girl for all time dolls. Some patterns may also fit Mae Meadow or Baby Face by Galoob.


Doll Clothes Sewing Patterns wellie wishers american girl animators

PS. If you are interested in joining my test group, please message me on Facebook.  Click each link to see the idea photo gallery for each pattern.

Dress Patterns:

Overalls / Rompers / Outfits:




Historical Fashions

Be inspired to take your patterns and make something uniquely your own. Thank you to wonderful, Oh Sew Kat! tester group for allowing me to share their photos.

Click here to go to my blog home page and see the latest news at Oh Sew Kat!

Click HERE to see ways to Step UP! Oh Sew Kat! patterns with Tutorials and Pattern hacks, and HERE to see the historical fashions idea pages.

151 thoughts on “Inspiration Gallery

  1. Carol Anne says:

    The “Bloomer Buddies” link leads to a page about Boardwalk Boutique for Wellie Wishers. I’d like to see the Bloomer Buddies idea gallery if you could fix that please. Thanks. 🙂


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