American Girl® Outfit Review: Hogwarts™ Uniform with Skirt

Oh Sew Kat! Review: American Girl’s Hogwarts™ Uniform

If you haven’t seen one of the latest releases from American Girl®, then you are in for a quite a treat when you see the Harry Potter collection for 18 inch dolls. The entire collection is so much fun- I really enjoyed the in store displays. I was shopping during a sale, and these items were not included in that sale, and also were final purchase. I’m not sure why there are not returns, but maybe it has something to with the licensing/trademark issues. Anyhoo. Did you know that you can find AG items on Amazon? AG has now opened up a small shop there. You can find a limited selection of dolls, outfits, and accessories in the AD: Amazon American Girl shop– often with free shipping!!

Hogwarts™ Uniform for Dolls: Oh Sew Kat’s Review

I purchases the School Uniform Outfit for $55.00. I also purchased the Grffyndor™ Sweater Set and you can read my review HERE.

The box is pretty full!!! :). You can choose a boy or girl school uniform, so I chose the girl. The cost was $55.00 for 5 pieces. They are pictured above. The photo below, also includes the red/gold Grffyndor™ accessories which are $26.00 each.

Review: American Girl® Harry Potter School Uniform

What is in the box? A long black robe with colorful embroidered logo (no sticker patch!) A classic white blouse with real working buttons. A short, pleated gray skirt. Gray knee socks, and black mary jane style shoes. The cost is $55 for either the boy (pants) or the girl (skirt) set.

I have to admit so much about this outfit makes me happy. First of all, I think it’s long overdue for American Girl® to offer these outfits and accessories. They are absolutely complete and adorable, especially when you add in the fun accessories. This outfit is super well made and really includes the full outfit (minus the school specific tie, sweater, and scarf, see my review of that HERE.) There are two sets to choose from, a boy set and a girl set. Both include the white shirt, the black school robe, the skirt or pants, shoes, and socks. This outfit is perfect for a lot of school uniforms I think, with the classic colors, socks, and shoes. These items will be perfect as stand alone staples and also for mix and match outfits all year long.

As well made as this set is, it will certainly be a struggle for your young children to get on, especially the blouse. The buttons are so tiny, and there are a lot of them. I’m not sure young children could dress their doll themselves, but the look certainly is authentic. This is the exact reason that all Oh Sew Kat! patterns have fake buttons in the front with an open back. It’s just easier for everyone. The skirt seems a little short, although it is cute, my guess is that is what girls like so it was a good design choice.

The $55 price tag is hefty, but not for what you get. I think they could have put pants and skirts in one set, and where is the wand for goodness sake? Your doll also has a lot of clothes on when it’s all put together. The authentic look is worth it in my opinion, and I highly recommend this set for collectors of all ages and Harry Potter fans as well.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make a Colonial Dress- An Oh Sew Kat! Pattern Hack

Make a Colonial Dress for 18 inch Dolls

This fun pattern hack is for the Felicity and Elizabeth fans. Felicity and Elizabeth have been in the vault for many years, but Felicity was re-released for the 35th anniversary of American Girl® along with the other original characters. The colonial duo had a very large collection to include a four poster bed for each, a two seat carriage, and many outfits (especially for Felicity). If your Felicity Merriman doll is a little light on dresses, use this pattern hack to make simple colonial gowns for her or her friend, Elizabeth Cole.

One of the long held questions amongst American Girl® loyalists is why did they make the Elizabeth doll blonde (she’s clearly a brunette in the original books), and where is her iconic yellow dress? (See the illustration in THIS PIN.). Ever since I found Elizabeth in a thrift store, I’ve always wanted to make her yellow dress, despite her long, blonde locks. You can still purchase the Elizabeth books at the AG store and on AD: Amazon.

Easy Pattern Hack: Make a Colonial Doll Gown

Looking at the illustration, the dress will be simple to duplicate using the Oh Sew Kat! Sugar n Spice PDF sewing pattern. Purchase the pattern HERE or click the photo below. The white lace/ruffle on the sleeves is much wider than at the neckline, but you can easily use the same trim for both.

Easy sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls- dress, pinafore, cape, corset, tutu, apron, and overskirt. Mix and match to make Halloween costumes and 18 inch doll dresses.

DIY American Girl Colonial Doll Dress Tutorial

  1. Cut the bodice pieces as directed. For the sleeves, round off the top of your pattern piece by about 1/4th inch to give a little less poof to the top of the sleeve. Use a pen and ruler to extend the sides of the sleeve by one inch. Connect the lines to create a new, straight hemline. I just printed a new copy of my sleeve piece, made the changes, labelled it, and put it in with my pattern pieces for next time.
  2. The finished skirt length will be 9 inches. Cut your skirt piece 9 1/2 inches by the Width of Fabric (WOF is usually 42-44 inches). This will make the skirt a little fuller than the Sugar n Spice Dress.
  3. Follow the pattern instructions to assemble your dress adding the lace or trim to the neckline and sleeves as below.
  4. Neckline: Remember that there is a 1/4th inch seam allowance. If your trim is very small, you may lose much of it in the seam allowance so take that into consideration when you pin your trim. After attaching the shoulder seams, carefully pin your lace trim to your neckline (wrong side of trim to right side of bodice.) Baste in place right at the fabric edge and remove pins. With right sides together, pin the lining to your bodice (lace will now be in the middle of the two layers) and stitch. Press to the right side and topstitch. (Optional, if your lace is small and easy to manage, finish the neckline according to the pattern directions, then pin the lace inside the neckline and topstitch in place.)
  5. Sleeves: Add a 1/2 to 1 inch ruffle to the hem of the sleeves before you attach them to the bodice. Depending what type of lace or trim you use, it can be attached underneath, or on top of the hem seam. If you are using a fabric ruffle instead of pre-made trim (like eyelet lace), you want to attach it to the inside of the sleeve.

Colonial Gown for Dolls: Oh Sew Kat! Tutorial

Make a Colonial Doll Dress for American Girl Felicity

Does your colonial doll need a bonnet to match her pretty new dress? Use this easy tutorial to make one from felt. You can also add an apron with this tutorial.

Be sure to visit the Felicity Inspiration page HERE. And find Oh Sew Kat! pattern hacks for other historical time periods HERE or click the character photos below.

DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Nanea Mitchell 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Molly McIntire 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Melody Ellison 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Maryellen Larkin 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
DIY doll clothes sewing patterns for Julie Albright 18 inch American Girl Doll. Easy to sew PDF Patterns from OhSewKat.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

American Girl® Outfit Review: Gryffindor™ Set

American Girl Review: Gryffindor™ Set for Dolls

Who else is excited to finally see American Girl® release Harry Potter and Hogwarts™ themed doll clothes and accessories. These drool worthy items are now available both in the actual store as well as online and if you are a rewards member, you can do some holiday shopping on days with extra rewards points. You can also find a limited selection of dolls, outfits, and accessories in the AD: Amazon American Girl shop– often with free shipping!!

New from American Girl: Harry Potter™ Outfits for 18 inch Dolls

So much to love about this sweater outfit. It doesn’t have a lot of pieces, as it comes with the sweater, the scarf, and the tie for $26.00. Hogwarts™ has 4 houses, so I believe AG is smart to offer these pieces as a separate. You can get just the number of each school sweater as you need for your own doll collection. In a household of military vets, we tend to gravitate to the loyal Gryffindors, so that is the set I chose.

I also love the very high quality of these items, and the fact that altogether with the school uniform (See my review of that HERE.) it really completes the outfit. I love how closely it matches the movies and Emily makes a perfect Ginny Weasley, doesn’t she? The scarf is very thick and the colors are bright. The sweater is also well made and of decent weight; with a closure in back so it’s easy to put on the doll.

Gryffindor™ Set for 18 inch Dolls: Oh Sew Kat’s Review

At $26.00 a set (no sales, probably due to the trademark rules) and no returns, it’s not a light commitment. It will cost $100 to outfit four dolls for four houses, and you have not even purchased the school uniform to wear with it. I think they should have included some sort of accessory here for this price. A broom? An owl? How about a wand? They could also bundle things together (but two or three and save?) but maybe that is yet to come.

I also have to acknowledge the tie issue. The tie is attached to a ribbon that closes with velcro. A simple piece of elastic would do the job so much better. It was VERY hard to get the tie on at all, much less get the collar to stay down over it. If you look at my photos, you will see I never did get it quite right. If you are purchasing this for a child, be prepared to help.

18 inch Doll Harry Potter™ Outfits- Oh Sew Kat Review

For true Harry Potter fans, this set is perfection. It is high quality and has a lot of play value when you include it with the fun accessories (the trunk!) and more dolls. I’m very happy this is available and that I have one set for my collection. It will be fun to use as a Halloween costume next year as well! See more product reviews on THIS PAGE. Click the black button link below to visit the Oh Sew Kat! pattern shop.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: Holiday Nightgown for Dolls

It’s not too early to start thinking about your holiday gift list and what you want to make for dollies this fall! How about a cozy nightgown?

Make a beautiful plaid flannel nightgown for your 18 inch American Girl or other sized doll with the pattern hack from Oh Sew Kat! and the Playtime Peasant Top PDF sewing Pattern.

Make it Monday- Holiday Nightgowns for 18 inch Dolls

It’s easy to use the Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt pattern to make a simple, classic nightgown for your doll. This holiday plaid is also perfect for our 70s girl, Julie! Find the full tutorial HERE.

Make a 70s plaid nightgown for Julie Albright American Girl doll Beforever Character with the pattern hack from Oh Sew Kat! and the PDF Sewing pattern: Playtime Peasant Top.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Oh Sew Kat! Party Time Peasant Dress: Holiday Elf Dress Hack

PDF Party Time Peasant Dress Hack- Make a Cute Elf Dress for the Holidays

If you’ve read my blog for very long, you know by now, that sometimes a pattern hack is hardly more than changing colors when you sew. That is nearly true of this adorable elf dress. The Party Time Peasant Dress is a quick sew. I used THIS TUTORIAL to add a small ruffle on the neckline (the tutorial shows the top, but it works the same way for this dress. Simply add your ruffle, then add the elastic and finish the back according to the directions. I followed the skirt cutting measurements from the pattern as if to add lace, but added the striped band instead. How cute did this turn out????

It’s been awhile since I’ve stitched up a cute holiday outfit. I’m so happy with how this green elf dress came together. The Party Time Peasant Dress is so quick and easy to sew; it looks amazing in all kinds of holiday fabrics. See more ideas for this versatile dress pattern in the INSPIRATION GALLERY HERE.

Easy to Sew Holiday Doll Clothes- Cute Elf Dress

Be sure to spend some time in the Oh Sew Kat! Christmas Inspiration Gallery to see what myself and others have sewn for the holidays. I hope you find something to inspire you this holiday season.

DIY Holiday Doll Clothes for your American Girl Doll

When you purchase this doll above (Evette Peeters) from the American Girl® store, she comes in an orange dress with a black leather belt. It’s the perfect accessory for your Santa and Elf outfits!! If you don’t have a belt, you can stitch a metal buckle to the waistband, or use gold or glitter HTV and your CRICUT or Scan n Cut machine to add a buckle like I did in THIS POST. The dress looks cute with or without it if you ask me!

Make an Elf Dress with the Party Time Peasant Dress PDF Pattern

Click the photos below to find more holiday sewing pattern hacks with Oh Sew Kat! patterns.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Make it Monday: School Dance Dresses for the Holidays

Make a holiday dress for your 18 inch doll with this easy School Dance Dress Sewing Pattern from OhSewKat! #dollclothes #sewingpattern #holidaydress #18inches

Easy 18″ Doll Dresses for the Holidays

It’s certainly not too early to start planning your holiday sewing! Whether you like to dress your own dolls, or make festive outfits as gifts, the School Dance Dress is a fun pattern to use with your holiday colors and prints.

Sew Holiday Dresses for 18 inch Dolls

These four dresses are all made from the same, straight lined front variation. With the red and green, I just swapped half of each dress after cutting. Add festive ribbons and tie them in the front or the back! See more ideas in the School Dance Dress Inspiration Gallery.

Click the photos below to see more holiday doll clothes ideas.

Easy sewing pattern for your 18 inch dolls- Boardwalk boutique Halter Top and Ruffled Capri pants by Oh Sew Kat! PDF patterns are print at home and easy to sew!
Doll clothes sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls ohsewkat
Try this nightgown pattern hack of Sugar n Spice Dress sewing pattern by Oh Sew Kat! Easy sewing tutorial at to make a Clara inspired Nightgown for dolls. #ohsewkat #clara #nutcracker #dollclothes #sewingpattern
Make a sparkly snowflake tee shirt for your 18 inch doll with this quick and easy HTV tutorial by Oh Sew Kat! Find more sewing patterns for American Girl dolls (free skirt pattern) at #ohsewkat #cricuttutorial #dollteeshirt #htvtutorial #dollcraft
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

American Girl® Outfit Review: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit

Can I just say that this outfit is amazing and pretty much one of the cutest things I’ve ever seen. I admit, I’m a boy mom (two sons before my one daughter) so I’m a sucker for cute boy clothes. My second son always wore bow ties. Always. So when I saw this outfit at the American Girl Store in DC, it wasn’t even on display yet, but I snapped it up!!

PS. Did you know? You can find a limited selection of dolls, outfits, and accessories in the AD: Amazon American Girl shop– often with free shipping!!

American Girl® Outfit Review: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit for Boys

American Girl® Product Review: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit for Boys

First of all, when I went to the store, I can admit I had no idea about the Janie and Jack line of AG clothes. On the ground floor, in the area that is usually all the Girl of the Year, they had the product shelves full, along with the little display in the glass, but no dolls or no outfits to show what they were. Turns out, I was there before the actual release. I glanced through the boxes and really didn’t know what I was looking at or looking for, but saw this cute plaid vest outfit with a bow tie for boys and it went into my bag. (I also bought the navy blue buckle boots for girls- which I love!) but passed on all of the other outfits.

When I sat down to dress Logan up, I was amazed and thrilled to find so many pieces in the box!! To be totally transparent, I never checked the price before I bought it. I knew there was a sale going on (buy more save more, so I knew it would be at least 15% off because I was also buying Claude™ the same day, and I had a $40 rewards coupon so I was shopping just for fun!) The outfit sells for $42!! Yes, there are a ton of pieces and it is adorable, and yes, it’s got another brand on top of the American Girl® brand, but wow, $42 for one outfit? I don’t even pay that much for an outfit for myself!!! Do I think it’s worth the price? I’m a little conflicted on that point.

18 inch Doll Outfits for Boys: Tartan Plaid Outfit Review

So what is included in the box? Well, some cute, bright plaid pants with matching bow tie (really the tie was the selling point for me!), a button front blue oxford shirt (with real, working buttons down the front), a navy blue velveteen vest (also with a real, working button front), navy blue socks, and blue loafer shoes.

As you can see, Logan is quite the dapper lad in his Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Outfit. I have to say I love it!! The quality is super high, everything feels like the real deal, and there are so many pieces, to include socks and shoes. I did not pay $42 for it; I think I paid closer to $35 but I still think that is way too high for a doll outfit. I missed out on the last vest/bow tie outfit from American Girl® and I was not going to let that happen again this time, but I still think the price tag is pretty hefty these days. Quality wise, it does live up to the tag.

American Girl® Outfits for Boys: Janie and Jack Tartan Plaid Review

The pro side of this outfit, aside from the realism of the complete look, is the mix and match options. And with limited options for boy clothing, this is a pretty big pro. The solid chambray style shirt and a navy vest plus navy shoes will work with many formal and casual outfits going forward. And the shoes are so classic and amazing- they will get used over and over! The plaid pants and tie will also add to a fun St Patrick’s day wardrobe for sure! The bow tie is adorable. The pants have real working pockets too!!

The con side of this outfit starts with the price. I get the branding tag drives up the price, but you are talking almost halfway to a doll just for one outfit. I can see how they ended up there, and at least it has a complete outfit (with socks) to show for it. I also think that as the target market for American Girl® dolls moves from 8-10 down to 6 or 7 to 9, this outfit was not the easy on and off I would want for my young daughter. Both the shirt and vest have full working buttons, and they are not large. The only hook and loop tape are on the pants fly and the bow tie attachment. It takes a minute to get the buttons lined up and secured properly. The collar and bow tie are not going to be easy for little hands. Older children will not have a problem, but this isn’t a quick change outfit for sure.

Holiday Doll Clothes for Boys: Janie and Jack 18 inch Tartan Plaid Outfit

Are you shopping at American Girl®? Read my other reviews of AG products here or click on the photos below.

American Girl Outfit Review- Team USA Medal Ceremony Set. OhSewKat review of the jacket, flag, olympic medals outfit produced and sold for American Girl. Diy your own doll clothes with easy sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat!
American Girl Outfit Review- World Traveler in Ireland. OhSewKat review of the skirt, Irish sweater, tee shirt and tam outfit produced and sold for American Girl. Diy your own doll clothes with easy sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat!
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Pretty Pilgrim Outfits for Dolls

As Thanksgiving approaches here in the USA, our thoughts turn to our turkey dinner. Yum! Here are a few quick ideas to make a pilgrim outfit for your 18 inch doll like American Girl®.

Simple Pilgrim Outfits For Dolls

The easiest way to make a pilgrim outfit for your doll is to pull together some simple separates. You might already have them on hand! All you really need are a black or white peasant top, black skirt, black corset, and white apron. See below for some easy to make accessories to complete the look.

Pilgrim Dress and Hat / Bonnet for 18 inch Dolls

Black Dress: (These options also give you a head start on next year’s witch costume for Halloween. You can also use brown or gray instead of black fabric.)

Optional Corset:

  • The Everything Nice pattern includes a simple, reversible corset. Make it with or without ribbons, or use yarn for a more rustic look.

White Apron:

  • The Sugan n Spice Pattern includes a tutorial for an easy apron.
  • Use the Everything Nice overskirt pattern in white for a wrap around style apron.
  • Use white fabric to make Kirsten’s Meet Apron (Tutorial is HERE.)

White Cuffs:

  • You can easily make detached cuffs with white paper, felt, or even ribbon. Cut to five inches long and attach around her wrists. I used ribbon and a stapler.
  • If you are making a dress or top, simply add white cuffs in your sleeve design.

White Collar:

  • Use the Everything Nice cape pattern, without the hood and make it shorter from white fleece or felt.
  • Try this ridiculously easy Oh Sew Kat! collar tutorial HERE.

White Cap:

  • Use your kindergarten skills to make a doll’s pilgrim cap from white paper or felt. You can sew it or use a glue gun. (Find the doll sized tutorial HERE.)
  • If you have a Felicity or Elizabeth American Girl Doll– use her meet bonnet.

As we gather around the table this Thanksgiving, I am so grateful for my wonderful customers. Thank you for supporting my business.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Happy Birthday, United States Marines!

usmc flag

Happy 247th Birthday to the United States Marine Corps!!  Every year, on November 10th, Marines around the globe stop to remember the birth of the Corps, often by sharing a piece of cake. The USMC has always been a part of my life.  My father and husband are both now retired Marines, and my sister is married to a current Marine. It’s been 26 years since I last put on the uniform, but November 10th is always a day of cheerful greetings and email reunions with old friends that my husband and I served with (thank you, Facebook!)  Every morning, I am grateful to get up and go to work and proudly continue to serve today’s Warfighters (but I do it now as an English Teacher, instead of a Communications Officer).  Semper Fi, Marines!

kat and pat
Here’s a fun throwback photo to 1993, before my husband and I had any children.
Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Easy Doll Craft: Make a Pilgrim Hat & Collar

Easy Doll Craft for Thanksgiving: Pilgrim Hat and Collar Tutorial

Does your doll need a quick pilgrim outfit for Halloween? Or to dress up for Thanksgiving? Make your doll a quick and easy pilgrim bonnet with this easy breezy doll craft tutorial. You can use paper and yarn, or felt and ribbon. Click HERE to see more about the full pilgrim outfit.

Make a pilgrim’s bonnet!

  1. Cut a rectangle 5 x 10 inches for 18 inch dolls and 4 x 10 inches for 14.5 inch dolls.
  2. Fold it in half, with the fold on the left, so it looks like a book.
  3. Stitch along the bottom edge (1/4th inch seam allowance) from the open end towards the fold. Stop one inch from the fold
  4. With the seam in the center, pull the corners to form a triangle.
  5. Stitch across the top of the triangle, one inch from the top. Trim the corner off.
  6. Turn the hat right side out. Fold the front back 1/2 to 1 inch. Attach 10-11 inches of ribbon or string inside the fold at each edge. Trim ribbons to desired length.

Easy Pilgrim Hat and Collar Tutorial for Dolls

Make a pilgrim collar!

  1. Cut two rectangles 3 x 8 inches from white felt. (I used green so it would show up in the photos.)
  2. Fold the rectangles in half. With the fold on the left side, trace, draw, or trim the bottom left and top right corners, both curving the same direction as shown in photo 1.
  3. On one piece (the front), cut the front edges off in a slant, then cut the piece in two along the fold line as shown in photo 2.
  4. Stitch together at the shoulders as shown in photo 4. Press seams open to lie flat.
  5. Add a 24 inch ribbon or string along the top to tie it closed.

Find more craft tutorials for your dolls on THIS PAGE and CLICK HERE to get a free skirt sewing pattern.

Easy to Make Pilgrim Hat for Dolls

Click HERE to see the full pilgrim outfit for dolls and stay tuned to the Felicity Merriman Inspiration Gallery for more colonial fashions.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!