Fan Feature: Disney Animators’ Outfits

I love getting emails or seeing posts of the amazing outfits you all make with my patterns. I was blown away by these outfits that Michele Anderson sewed and shared.  I hope you enjoy them too!  I love the entire ensemble!!

Here is Snow White. She is wearing a Sunshine Dress (made into a top- so cute!) and the capris are from the Boardwalk Boutique pattern.

Disney Animators dolls sewing patterns

Ariel is wearing a Sugar n Spice Dress with the reversible corset.


Anna looks so sweet in her Sugar n Spice dress. And that purse is adorable!!


Merida is dressed in a sundress made with the Boardwalk Boutique Halter Top.  The contrasting ruffle looks great with her hair!


And here is Belle, in her Boardwalk Boutique outfit.


Thank you so much for sharing, Michele!!  It’s so hard to pick a favorite!


Which one do you like best?  Find these patterns for Disney Animators, along with patterns in other popular doll sizes in my Etsy Shop.

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Back to School Doll Clothes for Animator Dolls: School Bell Blouse by Oh Sew Kat!

Animators doll clothes sewing patterns by ohsewkat

Are your princess dolls ready to go back to school?  Stitch up a cute School Bell Blouse (also available for 18 inch dolls like American Girl).

princess dolls sewing patterns by oh sew katohsewkat school bell blouse animator white lace snow white

Make it with a peplum, or a sweet, pleated neckline.  Pair your School Bell Blouse with the Playground Pants, Sandbox Shorts, or Sixth Grade Skirt patterns for a perfect fall outfit!ohsewkat school bell blouse animators orange 2

Make it a GREAT day!


Tester Tuesday: Bloomer Buddies by Traveller240.

Bloomer Buddies are now available in three sizes in my Etsy shop.  American Girl size, Wellie Wishers size, and now Animators’ size.

Animators doll clothes sewing pattern by Oh Sew KaT!

Stacey Graves, of Traveller240 made this adorable version of the dress.  She added some length to make it a maxi!  Stop by her shop to see more of her unique and colorful doll fashions!

Find the pattern here on Etsy. Look for it on Pixie Faire and You Can Make This by the end of the week.

Bloomer Buddies Sewing pattern for Animators Dolls by Oh Sew Kat

Bloomer Buddies by Oh Sew Kat! 5

Bloomer Buddies Inspiration Gallery

More Bloomer Buddies!!

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your American Girl Doll

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your WellieWishers Doll

More patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday! Playtime Peasant for Animators

Animators doll patterns by oh sew kat

Enjoy a few photos of the outfits my test group made with this quick and easy Playtime Peasant pattern. It’s now available in my Etsy Shop and

Click here to buy the Playtime Peasant Top

and Twirl Skirt for Animators

Mulan and Snow White love their outfits stitched by Jenny Swann.

Animators sewing patterns for doll clothes by oh sew katplaytime-peasant-top-twirl-skirt-by-koala-t

Isn’t Snow White pretty in pink?  This outfit was stitched up by Carly Reese of Koala-T.

Disney Animators doll clothes princess dolls by OH Sew Kat

Sewing patterns for dolls

Halloween Inspired Outfits for Dolls


Be inspired by these Halloween inspired outfits which were all sewn using digital Sugar n Spice Everything Nice pattern.  So many options- what will you make?

Find the Sugar n Spice pattern in my shop:  OhSewKat on Etsy or at PixieFaire.  Also available on youcanmakethis.  And now also available on Craftsy.



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Step it Up Series: Halloween Costume Parade: Elsa Costume

This year, I challenged myself to create a Halloween costume using only my own patterns.  I brainstormed a list, which you can find below, of some ways to take the patterns I already have, and create a new look with just a few tweaks.  I’m delighted with the results!! Presenting….Elsa and Little Elsa (otherwise known as Lanie and Camille).


Frozen inspired doll dress made from Oh Sew Kat! patterns


I used the POPSICLE TOP pattern, in a sparky blue fabric. I used the same fabric as the skirt for the inside of the top…the best part is, after Halloween, my dolls have a versatile separate to add to their closet, because I did not sew it to the skirt.  I glued on some craft show crystal chains, like these, because there are not any small children in my house any more. Be sure to trim your doll outfits in age appropriate trims.

oh sew kat popsicle top sewing pattern for dolls

The long skirts are made from the SIXTH GRADE SKIRT pattern.  I taped each pattern piece to a new sheet of copy paper, and made a new hemline (four inches down for Wellies and 5 1/2 inches down for the 18 inch girls).  Using my ruler, I just extended the lines to create new pieces.  I will say, this worked perfectly for the WellieWishers.  The geometry is a little off for the bigger girls, as the skirt got proportionally wider the farther down I went.  If I were going to make this again, I’d take a good piece from the middle, and possibly the side fronts so it didn’t flare out quite so wide.

oh sew kat sewing patterns for dolls like wellie wishers

Elsa inspired doll outfit by Oh Sew Kat!

I wanted the dress to shimmer, but didn’t want to mess with satin fabrics (I’m kind of lazy that way!).  I cut my pieces from regular Kona cotton…and cut squares of glitter tulle (off the bolt from Joann’s) that were larger than my pieces.  After seaming the sides, I simply trimmed the excess tulle and created a beautiful effect that is completely sewn into the skirt.  The cape is simply a hemmed rectangle of snowflake sheer fabric, and the snowflakes are from a scrapbooking sticker set like these. Not a permanent solution to be sure, but definitely will give your Ice Queen give a nice “cool” effect. The crown was from a limited edition holiday outfit from American Girl®.  These are the patterns I used:

What other costumes can you make from these same simple patterns?  Here’s a short list to get you thinking…

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls

Halloween Costume Parade

Do the girls in your life like to match their dolls? My daughter did for years…even her Halloween costumes had to match. Here’s a few of our favorites from over the years.

  1.  Super Molly- this one was pretty simple.  I simply had to make a tee shirt, a mask, and a cape for Molly…she used a tutu she already had.  We decided on colors and a theme, and I used the tutorial in this post here.  It’s been a few years, but I did use the printable masks and simply shrink it down until it was doll sized.  With a little bit of heat and bond, you can easily add a custom logo to a tee shirt and cape- you don’t even have to sew it.  Simply follow Megan’s no fail methods for perfect results.
  1. Tutu Cute Angel- another easy costume…I purchased the tutu and the wings at the party store, and created the corset myself. This angel corset was a prequel to my newest pattern, “Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice”, which has instructions for both a corset and a tutu, which are worn over the doll’s clothes (or dress in the case of my pattern.)
  2. Little Orhan Annie-I made these dresses for “Character Day” at school.  The public school system is not allowed to endorse “Halloween” (nor Christmas actually…so the entire winter chorus concert had songs about the Winter Solstace”.)  I used a pattern making software program to create the dress.  I’m not even sure which one it was, but it was very clunky and I don’t remember going back into it after this. If I was going to make it again, I would use the Sugar n Spice pattern with a Sixth Grade Skirt attached to it to create the A line look.  The sparkle fabric gives it a little bit of a modern touch. I don’t think Little Orphan Annie wore glitter.  😉

Molly and her dolls don’t dress alike any more, boo hoo, so I encourage you to enjoy the tradition while it lasts in your house.  Check back to see my latest Halloween costume made from Oh Sew Kat! current patterns! In the meantime, be sure to visit the INSPIRATION GALLERY to get more Halloween ideas for dolls.

Share your doll’s Halloween costumes with #ohsewkat on Instagram, twitter and facebook!

Sewing patterns for dolls

New Sewing Pattern! Sugar n Spice and Everything Nice! Sewing Patterns for Animators

I’m super excited about my newest patterns for your 16 inch Animators sized dolls. The Sugar n Spice Dress and Everything Nice Accessories PDF patterns work together to create an entire character, dress up wardrobe with just a few basic accessories.  Designed for your child’s little hands, you can make a bunch of these easy pieces for a quick “dress up -costume” with mix and match wardrobe fun!

These 2 patterns are available exclusively in my etsy shop.  Choose the dress, or the accessories, or save a few dollars with the BUNDLE and get them both!  Coming soon for Wellies and 18 inch dolls!

Be sure to check out the amazing Oh Sew Kat! Testers’ creations in my Inspiration Gallery!!

I can’t wait to see who  your doll wants to be!!

Animators 18 inch wellie wishers doll clothes patterns sewing by oh sew kat


Make Today Sew Great!!!


It’s Tester Tuesday!! Boardwalk Boutique for Animator Dolls

Animator doll sewing pattern by Oh Sew Kat!


Today’s  test photos are stitched up by Stacey Graves of Etsy shop Traveller240.  Her Animator dolls look adorable in their easy summer halter tops!  The green lace adds just the right touch.

Stacey Graves

Stacey Graves 2


Here, Stacey simply added some length and found the dress fits this beauty called a Sasha doll.  Perfect fit!!Stacey Graves 3

See more of Stacey’s doll fashions here.

See more Boardwalk Boutique ideas here and here.  Purchase the pattern here or here, and stop by the updated Inspiration Gallery.


Sweet Animator Doll Fashion Outfits by Amy Violet’s

Pam Ray, of Amy Violet’s, sewed up this sweet set of Animator fashions from three Oh Sew Kat! patterns.  Pam uses needle felting, applique and hand dyed lace to really step up the simple pieces and create unique pieces of art!!  Check out her facebook page to see what else she is up to!

Merida is wearing a Popsicle Top and Four Season Skirt, and Anna has hand dyed lace on the front of her School Dance Dress.  Get the Four Season Skirt pattern free at this link.  Head over to Craftsy or Esty to download and sew these looks for your dolls today!  Patterns used:


Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls