How to Make a Snowman Outfit for Dolls- Jumping Jack Sewing Pattern

Make your doll a cute outfit for her winter play with the Jumping Jack Sewing pattern by Oh Sew Kat!  A three piece, easy to sew outfit consists of a turtleneck shirt, flared shorts, and a reversible jumper that buttons to the shorts or is held on with an elastic belt or tie.  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small compensation. This does not impact the price you pay and I would never promote products that I do not actually use in my own sewing.Doll clothes sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls ohsewkat

If you want to sew buttons on your jumper, be sure to add them before you sew the jumper together in order to keep it reversible.  You could also use iron on transfer material for the buttons or add a snowman face.  They are hard to see in this photo, but I used a special fabric glue and fine glitter to give Grace’s jumper a little extra sparkle! See the end of this post for the supplies.

Jumping Jack snowman doll clothesDoll clothes sewing patterns by ohsewkat

With a reversible jumper, choose two different fabrics to double your doll’s outfits in a jiffy! This pattern sews up in an easy afternoon.

Sewing patterns for dolls Oh Sew Kat holidays (15)

Sewing patterns for dolls Oh Sew Kat holidays (27)

Supplies Used:

Glitter glue for fabric

Glitter Kit Christmas colors

Glitter Elastic for belts

Other ideas for cute Jumping Jack outfits?  How about a jack-o-lantern? Or a gingerbread girl?  A yellow chick for Easter?  Share what you come up with using #ohsewkat.

Find the Jumping Jack Pattern for 18 inch dolls here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!


Santa Outfit for Dolls: Jumping Jack Pattern Hack

Jumper santa outfit for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Make this cute Santa dress for your doll with the new Jumping Jack 3 in 1 Jumper Set pattern.

1970s doll clothes sewing pattern ohsewkat

This is barely even a hack to the pattern.  The only change I made was I added white cuffs to the sleeves (and made the neckband white as well.) Be sure to subtract the cuff width (plus 1/4 inch seam allowance) from the sleeve length when you cut out your turtleneck shirt.  I also recommend sewing the buttons on before you sew your jumper together so you won’t ruin the reverse of your jumper.  These belts, made of fold over elastic, can also be used as headbands!

Doll clothes for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

The best part is that it’s reversible! I put a red heart fabric on the back so it can go from the Christmas holiday right to Valentine’s Day.

18 inch doll clothes sewing patterns by Oh Sew Kat!20171025-IMG_2482

Find the pattern here and check back in January for the Wellie Wishers size!  See more Jumping Jacks here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!



Holiday Doll Dresses

Whether you are making a gift for a special girl in your life, or teaching a young girl to sew her own doll clothes, so many of us get inspired and excited by festive holiday prints and trims!

First up is Nanea in (Tenney’s Shirt) and a Four Season Skirt.

Free sewing pattern for dolls by OH Sew Kat!

Here are some of my favorite doll outfits I’ve sewn for the holiday season.

Lanie in Playground Pants and Jumping Jack turtleneck.

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by ohsewkat
Willa in a sweet Party Time Peasant Dress.Holiday doll dresses with Oh Sew Kat! sewing patterns (2)

Mary in a Party Time Peasant Dress (love this gold piping look!)Holiday doll dresses with Oh Sew Kat! sewing patterns (3)

Kelly in a Party Time Peasant Dress (this pattern does not get old. Add some trim, some contrast, a fun button!)Holiday doll dresses with Oh Sew Kat! sewing patterns (5)

Always a classic:  Emily in a School Dance Dress.Holiday doll dresses with Oh Sew Kat! sewing patterns (7)

Mary in another School Dance Dress.Holiday doll dresses with Oh Sew Kat! sewing patterns (8)

What are you sewing this holiday season! Don’t forget to share!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Tester Tuesday: Bloomer Buddies by Traveller240.

Bloomer Buddies are now available in three sizes in my Etsy shop.  American Girl size, Wellie Wishers size, and now Animators’ size.

Animators doll clothes sewing pattern by Oh Sew KaT!

Stacey Graves, of Traveller240 made this adorable version of the dress.  She added some length to make it a maxi!  Stop by her shop to see more of her unique and colorful doll fashions!

Find the pattern here on Etsy. Look for it on Pixie Faire and You Can Make This by the end of the week.

Bloomer Buddies Sewing pattern for Animators Dolls by Oh Sew Kat

Bloomer Buddies by Oh Sew Kat! 5

Bloomer Buddies Inspiration Gallery

More Bloomer Buddies!!

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your American Girl Doll

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your WellieWishers Doll

More patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns for dolls

American Girl Doll Sewing Pattern: Bloomer Buddies is now available.

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by OH Sew kat dress and top and bloomers

The super cute and popular Bloomer Buddies pattern is now available for your big sisters- the American Girl 18 inch dolls.  Find it on Etsy and Pixie Faire. Coming soon to the other sites!

doll clothes sewing pattern for american girl dolls

This pattern has three lengths for the top- top, tunic, and dress.  Easy breezy spring dresses!!!

OSK Bloomer Buddies Image 1 AG

And three lengths for the bloomers!  Shortie, knee length and a longer, capri length, as shown below.  Perfect for summer beach walks!

OSK Bloomer Buddies Image 2 AG

With or without cute, puffed short sleeves, Bloomer Buddies will give you options to get all your favorite doll friends dressed for the spring and the summer fun ahead…beach, picnic, playground.


OSK Bloomer Buddies Image 4 AG

Find this new pattern and stitch up a set today!! Easy and fun, also available for Wellie Wishers!!!

Bloomer Buddies on Etsy

Bloomer Buddies on Pixie Faire

Bloomer Buddies for WellieWishers!

I appreciate your online reviews!! Have a problem?  Email me or send me a convo on Etsy! I can help!

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday: HalterAlls for Freya’s Friends

This Tester Tuesday is brought to you courtesy of a young doll enthusiast named Freya.  Freya is 6 years old and lives in Northern Ireland; her mom is one of my amazing sewing pattern testers.  I’ve never met Freya, but her sense of style really comes through as she dresses her dolls, poses their photos, and chooses fabrics and patterns for their outfits.



Her mother says she’s quite the little “assistant” when she’s testing.  She helps pin the patterns (with wonderclips) and I’m sure it won’t be long before I add her to my tester list on her own! Please enjoy Freya’s photographs of her special doll collection of friends in their HalterAlls outfits.  Here’s a review Freya wrote for this pattern, which is one of her favorites!

Freya:  I really love this pattern because it is the perfect go anywhere outfit, my dolls wear it to go shopping, walk their dogs, play with their friends and go on holiday if you buy no other pattern you need to buy this one!!!!

Thank you for the endorsement, Freya!!  😉

Halteralls sewing pattern by OH Sew Kat

The HalterAlls pattern is easy to sew with just a small amount of fabric (fat quater friendly!) and is available in four sizes:  18 inch dolls, 16 inch Animators’, 14.5 WellieWishers (also fits Hearts for Hearts Girls) and 15 inch Bitty Baby dolls.  Find them all in my SHOP.  See more HalterAlls samples HERE.

HalterAlls sewing pattern for doll clothes Oh Sew kat

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday! HalterAlls for Dolls

My newest pattern, HalterAlls for Dolls is available in three sizes. Your dolls will be ready for spring in these easy to make rompers that look like overalls, but don’t have all that fuss!

Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern Halter Alls for Dolls by Ohsewkat

Here are some photos of what the Oh Sew Kat! testers made! This pattern can be used in so many ways. Find the pattern in my etsy shop and on Pixie Faire! Coming soon to You Can Make This & Craftsy.

HalterAlls for 18 inch dolls

HalterAlls for WellieWishers

HalterAlls for Animators’

Oh Sew Kat sewing pattern for dolls

Tester credits:  Sophie P, Amruta T, Carly G, Julie H, Desiree T, Daniella C, and Jenny Z.

Have fun making new clothes for your own dolls!

Sewing patterns for dolls

New Sewing Pattern!! HalterAlls for Dolls!

This fun new pattern from Oh Sew Kat! is easy to sew and is easy for little hands to dress their dolls. Not quite shorts and not quite a dress, these shortalls go from playtime to dinner time without missing a beat. Your dolls will happily head out to play at the playground, enjoy some tea, go skating, or hit the beach boardwalk in their cool and casual HALTERALLS!

Available NOW in four sizes in my Etsy Shop and also on PixieFaire, YCMT, and Craftsy.



HalterAlls sewing pattern for doll clothes Oh Sew kat

This pattern offers two lengths, and you can add a banded hem, lace, or elastic to gather the legs.  Tie the straps/ribbons at the neck, or cross them like overalls.

HalterAlls sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls like American Girl

This pattern is offered in four sizes:  For your 18 inch American Girl, your 14.5 inch WellieWishers, your 15 inch Baby Doll, and your 16 inch Disney Animators’.  Head on over to etsy to download and sew this fun outfit today!

Halteralls doll clothes for animators pattern


Available in WellieWishers™ size too!!  Be sure to visit the Inspiration Gallery and my PINTEREST BOARD to see more photos.


Check back soon to see cute tester images! They really loved this one!!

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday! Playground Pants for WellieWishers.

It’s Tester Tuesday!! My tester group had a great time with the Playground Pants pattern.  Everyone was surprised how easy they were and how quickly they went together.

Oh Sew Kat sewing patterns for dolls like wellie wishers

These blue beauties were stitched up by Ashley Craw of SewandSoar on Etsy. Be sure to stop by her shop to see if they are still for sale!  She also used Oh Sew Kat! patterns for the  tops.  The middle photos shows Kendall and Willa wearing reversible Sunshine Dresses made into tops.  So clever!!

Visit Sew and Soar on Etsy.

Find all these patterns in my Etsy Shop:  Oh Sew Kat!

Wellie Wishers sewing patterns by Oh Sew kat!playground-pants-by-oh-sew-kat-sewandsoar-3playground-pants-by-oh-sew-kat-sewandsoar-4

Thanks for stopping by today!!!

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday! Playtime Peasant Top for 18 inch dolls

Sewing patterns for doll clothes by oh sew kat

My testers had a ball with the new Playtime Peasant Top pattern for 18 inch sized American Girl dolls.  Carly could not stop herself from filling her holiday craft booths with matching outfits for big and little dolls!

Visit Koala-T on Facebook and let her and Reese know how much you love her doll clothes!!  See more fashions from the Playtime Peasant pattern for WellieWishers, Hearts for Hearts, and 18 inch dolls here and here.