18″ American Girl® Doll Review – Truly Me #89

American Girl® has long been the industry leader in the 18 inch vinyl play doll market. When the company was founded, by Pleasant Rowland, it centered on the lives of six 10 year old girls, each living at a different time in American history. In 1995, the company expanded into a line of modern day dolls- letting girls write the story of their own dolls. Originally called Girls of Today, the doll line has evolved and expanded over the years, being called “Just Like You” (JLY), “My American Girl” (MAG), and now “Truly Me” (TM) dolls. Like other American Girl® dolls, toys, characters, and outfits, the dolls have retired, been updated, and gotten new meet outfits every two years or so, but they have kept the original numbering system, which now goes up to TM#92 and even includes some boy dolls.

American Girl Doll Review- Truly Me #89

In the past two years, we’ve seen some big changes in the “Truly Me” line at American Girl®, not only with the option now to Create Your Own (CYO) doll, but with signature outfits and fun colored hair. I purchased TM#89 for my collection, and she has the Josefina face mold, tan skin and hazel eyes. Her hair has green and blue highlights, and she comes dressed in a camo sweat suit and chic accessories.

Use the Summertime Stroll PDF Sewing Pattern to make a cute batik top for your 18 inch American Girl doll.

My TM#89 is named Starr. She is a stunner!! I think she looks a lot like Leah (GOTY) except for the colored hair. She’s overall a super pretty doll and her hair is soft, long, and fun to style to see how the different colors fall out.

She was dressed in a cammo outfit- jacket, joggers, simple tank top plus some black shiny sneakers with embroidered roses. You can see them in the photo above- they do look great for photos! The shoes feel very plastic like- really my only complaint with the whole doll, but that seems to be the trend for the Truly Me dolls right now, which all come with hard plastic, pink glitter shoes.

Honestly, the outfit is not my doll style, but I think my 10 year old might have loved it back in the day. I love the idea that AG came out with some dolls and outfits that are not quite as girly girl rainbows and unicorns for girls that aren’t drawn to that look but still like to create characters and styles for dolls. I think AG was spot on here!!

Truly Me #89 American Girl Doll Review

Above, Starr is wearing a top made with the Oh Sew Kat! Summertime Stroll pattern. You can find it HERE. The turquoise dress below, is a pattern hack of the School Bell Blouse pattern. Find the tutorial HERE.

Overall, I’m giving Starr a solid A. She comes with a really complete outfit, which is more than a simple dress like in years’ past. I think you will see her popping up more often on facebook and here on my blog. What do you think about her? See more reviews of American Girl® products on my reviews page HERE or by clicking the photos below.

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