Sugar n Spice & Everything Nice


Sugar n Spice is a simple dress with gathered or puffed sleeves and the perfect amount of twirl to make any doll feel special all year round. This dress can easily take on different looks by adding simple details. It is easy to sew, & perfect to mix and match fabrics, trims or add a simple apron. Without sleeves, it’s a pinafore or sweet sundress. Also available, are five, easy to sew accessories to take the Sugar n Spice Dress and turn it into the character of your doll’s dreams. Who does she want to be? A fairy? A princess? A pirate? Start with the Sugar n Spice Dress and add a cape, or a reversible corset, or a tutu (or all of them!) to create a mix and match dress up wardrobe for your little princesses!

Download and sew today!!  This pattern is for both Animators and WellieWishers™, as well as the 18 inch dolls.

Step it UP! with Tutorials and Pattern Hacks

using the Sugar n Spice Dress:

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Sewing Patterns for dolls by Oh Sew Kat 18 inch animators welliewishersosk-sugar-n-spice-everything-nice-bundle-cover-ww-greenOh sew kat sewing patterns for dolls animators 18 inch american girl wellie wishers

Find the Sugar n Spice Dress for 18 inch Dolls like American Girl here.

Find the Sugar n Spice Dress for 16 inch Disney Animator Dolls here.

Find the Sugar n Spice Dress for 14.5 inch Wellie Wishers Dolls here.




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