Easter Dresses for your Dolls

Wow, is it me or does it feel like Easter is early this year? I was happily sewing shamrocks and then I looked at the calendar! Yep, Easter is in just two weeks!! If we blink, we just might miss it.  I wanted to share a little Easter inspiration if you are looking for something to fill a special someone’s Easter basket.

These dresses were made using the Sugar n Spice pattern. It’s available in three sizes (so far!) on Pixie Faire, Etsy, You Can Make This, and also Craftsy.

Easter dress sewing pattern for dolls by oh sew kat

Each season you can use the same dress- just add a different overskirt!! Isn’t this Henry Glass fabric just perfect for dolls?  Here I used the green and yellow dresses. But click HERE to see the Valentine version over a white dress.

Doll dresses Easter by oh sew kat sewing pattern


Easy doll dresses by Oh Sew Kat sewing patternsEaster Dress Sugar n spice sewing pattern for dolls (2)

Choose a few solid colors and stitch up the Sugar N Spice dress.  Use your specialty fabric for a cute overskirt- a skirt and waistband…so quick and easy! Don’t forget the rest of the accessories included in the Everything Nice pattern or the Bundle (18 inch size).

Here’s the green dress again! With this pattern, I use the same dress over and over.  😉



Sugar n Spice Dress for Wellie Wishers and Hearts for Hearts (available as dress only, or bundle file)

Sugar n Spice for 16 inch dolls like Disney Animators

Sugar n Spice for 18 inch dolls like Our Generation and American Girl dolls

See more ideas to use your Sugar N Spice/Everything Nice pattern HERE!!

Sewing patterns for dolls



Sugar n Spice & Everything Nice for St Patrick’s Day

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by oh sew kat

This spring I stitched up a donation for a local church’s St Brigid’s Day celebration.  I chose the Party Time Peasant Dress and made one with short and one with long sleeves. This is my go- to dress for quick, easy and cute!

I wanted to make a single outfit, with a St Patrick’s Day theme, that could also be used for other seasons for extra doll play.   I loved how these came out!

Dolls in St patrick's day party dresses

Once the under dress was done, I wanted to make a shamrock themed “overdress” to go with it.  I turned to the Sugar n Spice Dress, and decided to modify the pinafore to get the look of a vest.

18 inch doll in St Patrick's Day dress

I printed a new Sugar n Spice bodice, and on the back, I cut a low, scooped neckline.  I put it together following the pattern, and attached the skirt moving the skirt edges in about an inch on each side of the bodice, so the polka dot party dress could be seen underneath.  I added a few AD: kam snaps and it was done!  I think the overdress could also be worn reversed as well.  I don’t know which sleeves I liked better.  🙂

Saige doll in St Patrick's Day dress made with Oh Sew Kat! patterns

See more dresses in the INSPIRATION Gallery and purchase your copy of the pattern here.  Are your dolls ready for St Patrick’s Day jigging?


Sewing patterns for dolls

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by oh sew kat

Wellie Wishers showing off their Shamrocks

Enjoy these adorable outfits made by Shirley Fomby of DollClothes by Shirley on Etsy.  She used the Popsicle Top pattern with the free pattern, Four Season Skirt.  Aren’t they ready to find some leprechauns?

Find the Popsicle Top in my Etsy shop and sign up for my email to receive the Four Season Skirt patterns.

Wellie Wishers doll clothes sewing patternsFour Season Skirt and Popsicle Tops sewing patterns

See more Popsicle Tops for Wellie Wishers!

Make it a Great Day!



St Patrick’s Day Inspiration- Green Dresses for Dolls

Need a little inspiration for your March sewing?  How about some shamrocks and rainbows?  These adorable dresses are made with the Oh Sew Kat! Party Time dresses sewing pattern for dolls. It’s now available in 4 sizes with one more on the way!!

Doll dress sewing pattern by ohsewkat

The Party Time Dress is a quick dress with a full gathered skirt and elastic at the neck and sleeves.  Here I left out the sleeve elastic for fuller sleeves.  It goes together in just an afternoon!  With a fully open back, it’s very easy for little hands to dress their own dolls.  Mix and match your fabrics to create a unique dress for your own doll and it’s quick enough to make one for every season!

American Girl doll in green Party Time shamrock dress

How about the smaller dolls?  The Party Time Dress is perfect for Wellie Wishers dolls too!

Party Time Peasant Dress sewing pattern for dolls shown on Willa

The Wellie Wishers sized pattern will fit your Hearts for Hearts dolls too!

Hearts for hearts doll dress sewing pattern Zelia

Find the patterns to make your own:

Party Time Peasant Dress for Wellie Wishers

Party Time Peasant Dress for 18 inch Dolls

Now!! Don’t forget the bitty crew! Party Time Peasant is now available in two new sizes!  Bitty Baby and A Girl for All Time 16 inch slim doll patterns are available in my Etsy shop.

Bitty Baby Dress sewing pattern by oh sew kat

A Girl for All Time Doll Dress sewing pattern

See more Party Time dresses here and click this link to see more ideas to sew for Valentine’s Day.  Happy Heart Day to you and your little friends!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!


How to Make a Tee Shirt Dress from a Tee Shirt Pattern for Your Doll

If you have a tee shirt pattern for your doll that you just love, it’s so easy to use that same pattern in a new way and make a super cute, tee shirt dress for her!!American Girl dolls in colorful emoji tee shirt dresses

If you want a great selection of hardy knit fabrics, head to your local discount store instead of your fabric store. Shop the women and girls departments for a large selection of leggings! I always buy the largest size they have on hand, since it will provide the most fabric and the most design options.  Shop the end of the season for the best prices!

I found these happy emoji and lacy leggings in the girls section of Walmart. The galaxy print was found in the women’s section and is perfect for Luciana, the 2018 Girl of the Year.  The emoji and lace are capri style leggings, so they didn’t have a ton of fabric, but certainly enough to make 2-3 dresses (or 2 dresses and a tee).  For a grand total of $2.29, that is certainly a bargain!

Emoji and galaxy knit fabric

My dresses were made using the Simple, Sweet Tee pattern by Oh Sew Kat!, but any tee shirt pattern you have will work.  If you have a tee already made, put it on your doll and decide where you want the dress to fall on her leg. Make a note of that measurement.  I decided on three inches from the longer version of the Sweet Tee pattern.

Tee shirt dress tutorial measure your doll

It’s easiest to use the hemmed edges of the pant leg if they are big enough. If you can’t take advantage of the hemmed edge, add 3/8th inch to your measurement for your lower hem.  You can simply lay your pieces down on the pant legs, and measure them to make sure they are the same and cut them out.

pattern pieces and rulers on fabric to make a new pattern

Usually, I like to create new pattern pieces when I do things like this. That way, I still have them for later to use again and don’t have to recreate anything when I want to make another one.  Cut out the back and front pattern pieces, and tape them to a new piece of paper or graph paper.  Using a ruler, simply extend the side edges down the amount you measured in the step above of both the front and back pieces. Create a new hemline and cut it out.

Extra tip:  This pattern has a straight side seam (the hemline is a perfect 90 degree angle to the side seam). Sometimes, if you extend this line down too long, it won’t cover the doll’s bum in back because she is thicker there than at her waist, where the tee usually ends.  After measuring and drawing my new lines, I moved my side seam out 1/2 to 3/4th inch and simply connected this back up to the armscye, giving the bottom edge just a little more room and flare.  With knit fabrics, they will still stretch and work, but having a little extra room ensures a nice fit.  If your tee shirt pattern has a tighter fit, or curves inward, I strongly suggest adding this extra width to the hem to ensure your dress fits.

Maryellen American Girl doll in a knit tank dress

Lay out your pattern pieces on your leggings or fabric.  I used the existing pant hems here.  Cut out your pieces, paying close attention to which direction the fabric goes and where the fold lines end up.  It was kind of a tight squeeze to get the back piece on the child’s leggings, and I put one sleeve on each leg to maximize the fabric I have left over for the next one.   Assemble the shirt according to pattern directions.  For the lacy dress, I left off the sleeves and used fold over elastic using hemming method #1 from the pattern.  For the emoji dress, I used the normal hemming method #3.

Emily American Girl doll in a knit emoji tee shirt dress

And there you have it! A super quick and super easy tee shirt dress from a tee shirt pattern.

American Girl dolls tee shirt dress tutorial by oh sew kat

The Simple, Sweet Tee shirt pattern is available sized for 18 inch dolls, animators, Wellie Wishers, and Bitty Baby in my Etsy Shop.  See more simple sweet tees here and here.

Logo Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Tee shirt dress tutorial for dolls like American Girl by oh sew kat

iCreate Monthly Doll Magazine March/April 2018 now available


iCreate Monthly is now available for March/April 2018!  This month’s feature is science and space!  This post contains affiliate links.

Maybe the 2018 Girl of the Year (GOTY) Luciana has landed at your home, or maybe your doll friends are just into STEM! Be sure to head over to at iCreateforDolls.com to get your issue of the iCreate magazine! It includes full color articles, how to’s, and crafts! This issue features:

  • Free sewing pattern to make a lab coat for your doll
  • Free tutorial to make your own space lab or space room
  • Space and science themed artwork craft projects
  • The run down on the latest trend:  3d printing for your dolls!
  • Discounts and special offers
  • and much more!

I like to share great doll finds with my readers as I come across them.  Let me tell you, this magazine publication is top notch! It’s full of ideas, patterns, interviews, printables, projects, information, coupons and more!  You can purchase a PDF download, or you can buy a printed version that is a full 8×11 size glossy magazine! Both are worth the money, in my opinion, for all the tips, ideas, and coupons you receive.  Head on over to www.icreatefordolls.com and get your copy today!  You can join the iCreate community for free and take advantage of many of its new features.  If you pay for a subscription, you will also receive PDF magazine free each month!

Last month I hosted a holiday themed sew-along. There’s alot of fun doll related activities and chat going on at iCreate.  I’ll see you there! (Be sure to invite me to be a friend!)

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How to Cut PDF Sewing Patterns on the Cricut Maker

I’m in love with my new Cricut Maker!  It’s quick and easy to convert your PDF patterns to be cut out on this amazing new machine.  Even if you don’t have the Cricut Maker, you can use your other Cricut machines (Explore Air, and Explore Air2) to cut out your paper pattern pieces too!

How to cut PDF doll patterns on Cricut Maker

This post contains affiliate links.    When you click on a link, I may receive a small compensation, which does not affect the price that you pay.  This helps pay for the Oh Sew Kat! blog and I only endorse products that I truly love and use in my own home.

I received my Cricut Maker for Christmas. I’ve been using cricut machines since they first came out and have owned each and every one that they have made.  I think this Maker machine is a game changer for the doll community. I feel like I’ve been waiting for it all of my “sewing” life.  You can now cut fabric by simply laying it on the mat. There is no need to apply any stiffener in order to cut it with this fantastic, new machine. The Cricut Maker is the only machine that has a new rotary cutting blade that was specifically made for fabric.  See more about this amazing machine here!

The Cricut Design Space libary has quite a few sewing patterns for dolls. They cost about the same as the PDF patterns you buy from Oh Sew Kat!  But what if don’t like those styles or you want to make something different?  I’ve put together this basic tutorial to walk you through the steps of how to cut your PDF patterns on your Cricut Maker machine (or cut your paper patterns on other cricut machines). There are many ways to do this, but this is the method I have used and once you do it once or twice, it’s really pretty quick!

This tutorial assumes you have a working knowledge of the Cricut Design Space Software.  To find tutorials on how to use Design Space, I like these from The Homes I have Made.

PLEASE NOTE:  Sharing an SVG file (online or in person) you create from a PDF Pattern you purchased is the same as sharing the pattern file and it is illegal. If you have friends that you want to share with, please honor the designer’s hard work and direct them to purchase their own copy of the pattern as well. Thank you!

how to cut pdf patterns on the cricut maker tutorial

The Design Space software does not read PDF files. You will have to convert the pattern piece pages to .SVG files in order to import them into Design Space.  There are a number of ways to do this.  Even though importing the pattern pieces in pages or groups may seem tempting, I don’t recommend it. In the long run, it will be easier to work with your files if you save each pattern piece as a separate file.  (This will let you arrange the pieces on the cutting mat to reduce the fabric used, and will be well worth the extra effort up front.)

I use Adobe Illustrator to convert my files.  There are other graphic programs available on the internet. You need one that will read a PDF file, and also save as an SVG file. When you open the PDF file in another program, save it as a new file with a new name so you don’t lose your original, printable pattern and instructions.  I name it something like “Popsicle Top 18 Cricut Maker” to differentiate it from my printable files.  (There is also a website called PICSVG that I use to create SVG files from jpg and png files. It’s a great resource to try out as well. You can check it out here.)

You only need the outlines of the pattern pieces and each piece should be saved as an individual SVG file.  If a piece is supposed to be cut on a fold, you need to duplicate that piece, and then flip it. Line the two up exactly so you have the full piece (the Maker will cut a single layer of fabric- there are no folds.)  Delete the overlapping lines and weld the piece together into one shape. Depending on how the pattern piece is oriented on the page, you may have to adjust or rotate a piece or two to get it exactly right.  Ensure each pattern piece is oriented up and down according to the grain line and you also need to make sure they are that way when you cut them.

cut sewing patterns on the cricut maker tutorial by oh sew kat

Open Cricut Design Space and create a new project.  From the left menu, click UPLOAD.  Find your svg files you created on your computer, and upload them each one by one. Once they are all loaded, add them to your canvas.  They will import in black. I change the color of the pieces to help me keep them all straight.  I use a different color for each size doll, and then ensure that the pieces that would be cut from different fabrics are also saved in different colors so they will cut on different mats.  (For example, a pattern that has a top and pants would have two colors.)  Once you have imported your SVGs, take the time to load a piece of copy paper in your cricut machine.  Cut out the pieces and compare them to your printed PDF copy to ensure they are exactly the same.

layout 2

Duplicate any pieces you need to cut more than one of.  One of those needs to be mirrored if they are not the same. For example, sleeves usually just need to be duplicated.  A bodice back, however, needs to be duplicated with one mirrored so you have a right and left back bodice.  Instead of importing a waistband or strap, I simply create a rectangle shape in Design Space, giving it a different color if necessary to keep it on a different mat.  A pair of shorts with a front and a back that are different pattern pieces, will have four different pattern pieces in your Design Space file.  Save your file so you can use it again later!

Lay your fabric on your mat. I like to use this tool to smooth it out.  There are two ways you can conserve your fabric when cutting doll clothes on the Cricut Maker.  Once you hit MAKE IT, you can easily move the pieces around and between the mats, but be sure to keep the pieces oriented correctly for the grain and for directional prints.  You can also arrange the pieces before you hit MAKE IT, on your canvas, then ATTACH them to keep their spacing.  If you are using the cricut app, try the snap mat where you can place your pattern pieces directly on to your shaped or pre-cut scraps!

!!sewing patterns for dolls on cricut maker tutorial

Cut out your pattern pieces, and sew your doll clothes together according to the instructions.  The largest cricut mat is 12×24 inches. You may need more than one mat to cut all of your pieces, and most 18 inch doll skirts won’t fit on the mat at all. I usually cut the skirt out while the Maker is working on the other pieces and get both done at once!  Here are two cricut kits that will make your projects a little easier:  Cricut Sewing Kit and the Cricut Brayer & Mat Remover Set.  Find them both on Amazon or Cricut.com.  Ta da!! Dresses done and my machine is ready to cut out the next one!!

Doll dress sewing pattern by ohsewkat

Logo Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

how to cut pdf patterns on the cricut maker tutorial

New Pattern for a new Size Doll: A Girl for all Time

Oh Sew Kat! has a new pattern available for the new line of historical and modern dolls, A Girl for all Time.

Peasant Dress A girl for all time sewing pattern for dollsThese 16 inch dolls are much thinner than American Girl dolls, and much more pose- able.  They also come with stories, and I believe that the more recent dolls are descendants of the earlier ones. Isn’t that a fun twist? I always thought the AG dolls should be connected in time…Nellie could be Kit’s grandmother or something.  Maybe I just needed some closure to their stories, ha ha!

Here’s Sam, the 1960s girl!  She’s wearing the new Party Time Peasant Dresses from the new pattern.

A Girl for All Time doll Sam in 4th of July party time dress

A girl for all time doll in green Christmas party time dress

Find the first (of many to come) Oh Sew Kat! pattern for this beautiful girl here in my Etsy Shop and sew up a sweet dress for your doll today!

Do you sew for A Girl for All Time? She’s fairly new in the toy world, but leave a comment below of which of my patterns I should resize for her next! I’ll give you a hint! The Four Season Skirt is in the works!!

Pink party dress on a girl for all time doll sewing pattern cover

Logo Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!Peasant Dress A girl for all time sewing pattern for dolls

The Sunshine Blogger Award!

Wow! I’d like to thank Meg over at the Canadian Doll Notebook for nominating Oh Sew Kat! for the Sunshine Blogger Award. This is a neat way to check out other bloggers and see some new ones you might not know about!  If you have not been to Meg’s blog, be sure to stop by and say “hi”.

The Sunshine Blogger Award Logo

  1. How did you get into blogging? I thought it would be a great way to show the world some more ideas to sew doll clothes and to show a little behind the scenes for the patterns I publish.
  2. What is your favorite post you’ve written?  I loved making Hawaiian dresses for Nanea from patterns I had already published…so those were the posts I was most excited to write.  Find 2 of them here and here.
  3. What is your favorite food? Lasagna and peanut M&Ms (not together of course!)
  4. Who is your favorite doll, and why? Wow. These are hard questions. Just one? My first AG doll was Nellie. I bought her in 2006 at AGPNY when my sister and I took my daughter there for her sixth birthday. (She chose Mia, her first AG doll as well).  She has blue eyes, freckles, and an Irish dance outfit just like my daughter, so she has always had a very special place in my heart.
  5. Who was your first doll, and how old were you when you got this doll? The first doll I can remember having was a stuffed Holly Hobbie doll, that my mother made for me for Christmas from a Simplicity pattern.  My doll was a brunette and my sister got a blonde.   I probably got her in 1st or 2nd grade and she still sits in my living room in her outfit my mom made. (I had a dress to match hers at one point!)
  6. What would you do if you didn’t blog?  I’d sew more.  And stamp and scrapbook more. I love my cricut and cameo machines and crafting with them.  But I love sharing my sewing creations and I’m sort of addicted to my technology so this is a pretty fun hobby too.
  7. What is the most adventurous thing you have ever done with your doll? Well, I can’t say I’ve had many adventures with my dolls, honestly. They are all sort of “stay at home gals”.  But when my daughter was four, her doll, Dorothy, went on a cruise with us through the Panama Canal!
  8. What are your favorite and least favorite things about blogging?    I love sharing photos that my testers made with my patterns, and I’m not as big a fan of getting the photos from the camera onto a published post.
  9. What makes you different from any other blogger?  I show you new and different ways to sew the patterns you may already own;  plus I offer an inspiration gallery to see all kinds of photos of each pattern I’ve published which is updated pretty regularly.  More new pages and tutorials are coming soon!
  10. What is your favorite book or movie? Oh, where do I start?  I’m an avid reader of audiobooks (not sure if that’s the right way to say that?) and am always on the lookout for my next favorite book.  Some that I’ve read recently and really enjoyed were Where did you go, Bernadette, Three Wishes, The Husband’s Secret, and The Girl on the Train, and anything by Sophie Kinsella.   I also love Young Adult Lit like anything by Rainbow Rowell.  My favorite young reader books are anything by Andrew Clements, and also Captain Nobody that my daughter and I know by heart we listened so many times.  Oh, and don’t forget the Addy series by American Girl!
  11. Last but not least, give us three random facts about yourself.  Three random facts about myself- let’s see.  I am a former USMC officer, I currently have a full time job teaching writing to US Marines, and I’m a huge sports fan, especially of the Washington Nationals and my Villanova Wildcats in March Madness.

Thank you again, Meg, for adding to sunshine to my day through your nomination!

I would like to nominate the following blogs for the Sunshine Blogger Award, because their blogs brighten my day!

I nominate:

  1. Pam from “Amy Violet’s” Doll Fashions
  2. Brandy of “Brandy’s Happy Home” Dolly crafting heaven on the Internet!
  3. Karen from “KarenMomofThree” Doll Crafts and More!

Questions for My Nominees:

  1. How long did you get into this doll related business?
  2. What is your favorite topic to write/blog/post/photograph about?
  3. What is your favorite color for doll clothes or to sew doll clothes?
  4. Who is your favorite doll, and why?
  5. Who is your favorite American Girl character?
  6. How many dolls do you have?
  7. Who was your first doll, and how old were you when you got this doll?
  8. What are some of your other favorite hobbies?
  9. What are a few of your favorite books for kids or tweens?
  10. What is your favorite TV show lately?
  11. Last but not least, tell us 3 things about yourself we might not know.

The Rules:

  • Thank the person who nominated you for the Sunshine Award and link back to their blog.
  • Answer the 11 questions set by the person who nominated you.
  • Nominate 3 other blogs and give them 11 questions to answer.
  • Notify your nominees through social media or by commenting on their blog.
  • List the “rules” and display a Sunshine Award logo in your post.

Thanks for stopping by! If it’s your first time here, be sure to join my email list for the latest sewing inspiration and a free skirt pattern, as well as like me on facebook and instagram!

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New! Bitty Baby Sewing Pattern: Party Time Peasant Dress

Just released! The popular Party Time Peasant Dress is now sized for your 15 inch baby doll like Bitty Baby® and Bitty Twins®.

Blonde and brunette bitty twins wearing yellow and black matching dresses

This easy pattern has lots of options to make your dress your way!

Collage of four bitty baby dolls in different colored Party Time dressesBitty Baby doll in pink flowered dressBitty Baby doll in teal flowered dress with lace edge

The elastic neck and open back make this dress easy on and easy off for little hands.

Party Time Peasant Dress Sewing Pattern for Bitty Baby (3)

Find the pattern for Bitty Baby here.

Find it for other doll sizes in my Etsy Shop.  See more ways to sew the Party Time Peasant Dress in the Inspiration Gallery.

Logo Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

PDF Sewing Pattern for Bitty Baby Doll in a pink dress