New Sewing Pattern! Jumping Jack for Wellie Wishers

The Oh Sew Kat! Jumping Jack pattern is now available sized for the 14.5 inch Wellie Wishers and Glitter Girls dolls. This cute pattern has three pieces.  A long sleeve turtleneck, flared shorts, and a reversible tunic style jumper that is held in place by tiny buttons, or with a simple elastic belt.  (Hair ties work great!).

Sewing patterns for wellie wishers dolls

This quick project gives your doll an action outfit or a quick “faux” dress up look!  Find the pattern on Etsy and Pixie Faire.

Sewing pattern for wellie wishers by Oh Sew Kat

Reversible jumper for dollsOSK Jumping Jack Image 5 WW

Also available for 18 inch dolls like American Girl and Our Generation.  See more Jumping Jack photos here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Jumping Jack sewing pattern for dolls


Doll Clothes Blog Tour featuring Oh Sew Kat! patterns (and a giveaway too!)

Did you get new dolls as a holiday gift? Or maybe a new sewing machine?  Sewing doll clothes can be a quick and rewarding way to spend a winter evening or weekend.  Follow along with Seam Sew Lo as 13 bloggers post their doll clothes sewn using Oh Sew Kat! patterns! In addition, there is a giveaway for two patterns of your choice! Stop by and see what’s sewing!!

Sewing patterns for Doll Clothers by Oh Sew Kat!


We are so excited about the Oh Sew Kat Doll Clothes Blog tour hosted by Seams Sew Lo! Please check out all the wonderful blogs on this tour below:

  1. January 15th: Seams Sew Lo (Intro)
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  4. January 18th: Sew Haute Blog
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  6. January 22nd: Elli & Nels
  7. January 23rd: Quilts by Joanne
  8. January 24th: Granma Texas Sews
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  10. January 26th: Sewing with D
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  12. January 30th: Cross Stitches Custom Clothing
  13. January 31st: Hazelnut Handmade
  14. February 1st: Daydream Sewing and Design

Do not forget to enter the Giveaway!!!
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Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing for dolls: Jumping Jack Jumper Set for Julie Albright

Does Julie Albright from American Girl® live at your house?  The new Jumping Jack pattern is based on a 1974 design and would be perfect for Julie’s wardrobe.  With three mix and match pieces (a turtleneck shirt, shorts, and a reversible jumper), she’s ready for school or play.  I think it could also make a cute sunsuit!  Make your own Julie (or any of her friends) a new outfit today!

Sewing pattern for doll clothes for Julie

Matching pattern for Wellie Wishers will be published next week!Sewing patterns for doll clothes by OH Sew Kat! (8)Sewing patterns for dolls by ohsewkat (13)

I was saving this groovy fabric for the perfect project! I think Julie looks great, what do you think?  Note:  I used her belt from her classic meet outfit to complete the look!  Download the Jumping Jack sewing pattern and make your Julie a groovy outfit today!

Find more photos of the Jumping Jack pattern here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!


American Girl doll Julie Albright sewing patterns

Fan Photos: Holiday Dresses for Freya

Thank you to Jenny who sent me these photos of the doll clothes she made for her daughter, Freya, for Christmas.  Freya is a lucky little girl and has some of the best dressed dolls this holiday season!  *Affiliate Links.

Here the wellie wishers and glitter girls sized dolls are looking great in their Sugar n Spice Dresses.  Holiday Dresses for dolls sewing patterns by oh sew kat

I just love these School Dance Dresses!!  The contrasting panel gives a fun twist and each ribbon belt can be tied in the front or the back.Holiday Doll DressesHoliday dresses for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

This Glitter Girls Doll (made by Our Generation) looks so lovely in her Sugar n Spice Dress!  All the Oh Sew Kat! wellie wishers patterns fit these new dolls as well!Holiday dresses for dolls by Oh Sew Kat! (1)

Find both of these patterns, and many more, in my Etsy Shop, and also at Craftsy, and

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

How to Make a Snowman Outfit for Dolls- Jumping Jack Sewing Pattern

Make your doll a cute outfit for her winter play with the Jumping Jack Sewing pattern by Oh Sew Kat!  A three piece, easy to sew outfit consists of a turtleneck shirt, flared shorts, and a reversible jumper that buttons to the shorts or is held on with an elastic belt or tie.  This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small compensation. This does not impact the price you pay and I would never promote products that I do not actually use in my own sewing.Doll clothes sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls ohsewkat

If you want to sew buttons on your jumper, be sure to add them before you sew the jumper together in order to keep it reversible.  You could also use iron on transfer material for the buttons or add a snowman face.  They are hard to see in this photo, but I used a special fabric glue and fine glitter to give Grace’s jumper a little extra sparkle! See the end of this post for the supplies.

Jumping Jack snowman doll clothesDoll clothes sewing patterns by ohsewkat

With a reversible jumper, choose two different fabrics to double your doll’s outfits in a jiffy! This pattern sews up in an easy afternoon.

Sewing patterns for dolls Oh Sew Kat holidays (15)

Sewing patterns for dolls Oh Sew Kat holidays (27)

Supplies Used:

Glitter glue for fabric

Glitter Kit Christmas colors

Glitter Elastic for belts

Other ideas for cute Jumping Jack outfits?  How about a jack-o-lantern? Or a gingerbread girl?  A yellow chick for Easter?  Share what you come up with using #ohsewkat.

Find the Jumping Jack Pattern for 18 inch dolls here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

A few of my Favorite Things. Must have sewing notions and tools to make doll clothes 2018.

It’s hard to believe we are changing the calendar again! As 2017 rolls into 2018, I want to share a few more of my favorite sewing notions and tools.  These simple tools can make sewing smaller doll clothes a little easier and you can find all of them on Amazon or in other stores where sewing notions are sold.

Favorite Sewing Tools for Doll Clothes by OhSewKat

This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the product links, I’ll receive a small compensation. This does not impact the price you pay and I would never promote products that I do not actually use in my own sewing.

1. Wooden Iron.

I bought mine at a craft fair or quilt expo a long time ago. It’s so much easier for pressing open small seams (like doll shoulder bodices in the Popsicle Top or Sunshine Dress for example) rather than getting up and going over to the iron.  This link has a similar one.  It really is just a piece of wood with a slanted edge, that gets smoother the more you use it. I reach for mine every time I sew.

2.  Seam Gauge.

I picked this little gadget up in my local sewing store, and it was made by Bernina, which only means that I paid three times as much as this one on Amazon.  This little piece of metal is easy to use, and is a quick way to check your seams and hems, as well as the back facings (before you add hook and loop tape to a doll dress for example).  Any time your garment doesn’t fit just right, this is the fastest way to check to see if any of your seams were off.  I also use this to check how much I serge on my edges (and have recently changed from the standard four thread to a narrow three thread for this very reason.)

3.  Wonder Clips.

You will wonder how you survived so long without these!!  Now available in lots of colors and three sizes, these clips are used in my sewing room for all sorts of things!  I use them to clip the pieces of a single pattern together after I print and cut them.  I use them to hold the pieces of  fabric together after I cut them out, like pinning the small pocket pieces for Sandbox Shorts. I use them like pins on side seams and hems.  I use them to hold fabric pieces together while I fit them on a doll. I use them to clip the doll’s hair out of the way or to hold her outfit closed until I add the hook and loop tape.  I use them on a train, and in a box, in a tree and with a fox!  Be sure to stock up on a set or two of small clips and large clips and keep them close at hand.

Sewing notions for doll clothes on

4.  Seam Ripper.

Okay, not just any seam ripper.  A super sharp, curved knife type seam ripper.  Like many of you, I have about 6 different seam rippers. But I only use one.  It’s long, thin, and super sharp.  It also really helps when you have to remove serger threads.  Go ahead, ask me how I know that one 😉

5.  Washi Tape

I love washi tape. Something about the lightness, and the pretty colors just add that small element of fun.  In addition to using it to brighten up my weekly paper planner, I keep a few rolls on my sewing table and grab it for all sorts of things.  Sometimes, a pattern will use the same piece for a top and for a dress, or for dresses in different lengths, like Bloomer Buddies.  Once I cut the lower hem off, it’s easily reattached with a little pretty, washi tape!  I use it to hold buttons in place while I sew (it peels right out when you are done!) and if I need a seam guide reminder on my sewing machine.  When I go to a sewing class or on a sewing retreat, I mark my tools with the same color of washi to easily identify what needs to come back home with me.  My very favorite way I use washi tape is to add a little tape to any piece I want to mark either the right side (ie batiks) or to keep a front and back straight (when making a solid color bodice for example).  Nowadays, you can find washi tape in so many stores (craft stores, dollar stores, office supply stores), or choose a variety set like this one.

Must have sewing notions to make doll clothes


So there’s my Favorite Five for 2018.  Use these few tools to make sewing your doll clothes a little easier and a little more fun.  We’re going to have a great sewing year ahead, stop by again soon!  Click here to see my Favorite Five of 2017!

Sewing patterns for dolls


Celebration Dress Made by American Girl Review

I placed a few orders for some of American Girl’s new holiday dresses. I hate to spend so much money on them each year, but I often regret it because sometimes they are only available for a short time.  This year, I purchased the CELEBRATION DRESS and thought it would be so pretty on Nanea.

Celebration Dress by American Girl review on Oh Sew Kat

I was right. She looks dreamy in it!  I think the very top of the dress, although pretty, is very, very sheer. I can’t imagine it will withstand a lot of real doll play by real girls.Celebration dress for dolls on Nanea

Honestly, I really bought it for these amazing shoes.  I love doll shoes and I have been know to buy more than one outfit simply for the shoes.  These gold sparklers are so pretty with tiny bows in the back.  LOVE!


The crown is pretty, and the bracelet is a nice touch (although I tend to think they should both be pearls or both be sparkles, but maybe that is just me. )  I love the waistline sparkle!IMG_3121

Overall, I’d give this dress a solid B.  Maybe I’d bump it up to a B+ because of those gorgeous shoes.  The main reason is because of the delicate top.  Even for older girls, if it gets ripped, I think the dress might be ruined.  But otherwise, the mixture of textures with the lace and the tulle give a pretty holiday look for your special doll.  You can find this outfit and lots more at American Girl stores.

Celebration Dress by American Girl on Nanea

Do you have a favorite holiday dress from American Girl?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Santa Outfit for Dolls: Jumping Jack Pattern Hack

Jumper santa outfit for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Make this cute Santa dress for your doll with the new Jumping Jack 3 in 1 Jumper Set pattern.

1970s doll clothes sewing pattern ohsewkat

This is barely even a hack to the pattern.  The only change I made was I added white cuffs to the sleeves (and made the neckband white as well.) Be sure to subtract the cuff width (plus 1/4 inch seam allowance) from the sleeve length when you cut out your turtleneck shirt.  I also recommend sewing the buttons on before you sew your jumper together so you won’t ruin the reverse of your jumper.  These belts, made of fold over elastic, can also be used as headbands!

Doll clothes for 18 inch dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

The best part is that it’s reversible! I put a red heart fabric on the back so it can go from the Christmas holiday right to Valentine’s Day.

18 inch doll clothes sewing patterns by Oh Sew Kat!20171025-IMG_2482

Find the pattern here and check back in January for the Wellie Wishers size!  See more Jumping Jacks here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!



iCreate Monthly Doll Magazine Dec 2017 now available

Icreate monthly magazine for dolls ohsewkat

iCreate Monthly is now available for December 2017.  This month’s feature is doll and product photography!

I like to share great doll finds with my readers as I come across them.  Let me tell you, this magazine publication is top notch! It’s full of ideas, patterns, interviews, printables, projects, information, coupons and more!  You can purchase a PDF download, or you can buy a printed version that is a full 8×11 size glossy magazine! Both are worth the money, in my opinion, for all the tips, ideas, and coupons you receive.  Head on over to and get your copy today!  You can join the iCreate community for free and take advantage of many of its new features.  If you pay for a subscription, you will also receive this magazine each month!

Last month I hosted a holiday themed sew-along. There’s alot of fun doll related activities and chat going on at iCreate.  I’ll see you there! (Be sure to invite me to be a friend!)


Tester Tuesday: Jumping Jack 3 in 1 Jumper Set

Jumping Jack Sewing pattern for 18 inch dolls

Jumping Jack is a 1970s based pattern that takes on a modern and fun flare.  A knit turtleneck shirt and wide shorts are cute on their own, but add an “over the head” (reversible) jumper that buttons to the shorts (or is held in place with a belt) and it’s an instant jumper!  When I was young, we probably called them pantskirts!

Here are a few photos of my amazing testers’ Jumping Jack outfits.  Photo credits:  Jenny Swann, Carly Gebert, Nicole Rhodes, Sandy O’Malley, Edith Sheluga and Ashley Crawe.  The tunic can be put on your doll with cute buttons or a tie or belt.  Doll sized elastic headbands work great too!  😉  Find this new pattern HERE.

Jumping Jack sewing pattern doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

This belt is reversible too!

Jumping Jack sewing pattern for dolls (1)Jumping Jack sewing pattern for dolls

Jumping Jack Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern by Oh Sew Kat!

1970s doll clothes sewing pattern ohsewkat

Come back next week to see the holiday Jumping Jacks!

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!