Tester Tuesday: Bloomer Buddies by Koala-T

Today, our featured tester is our Northern Neighbor, Koala-T.  Carly and Theresa can be found at Canadian craft fairs with clothing for all sizes of dolls! Visit them on facebook (give their page a like while you are there!) and see what all they offer.  They offer so many styles for so many sized dolls and do special orders too!! They are amazing!!


Here is the new Bloomer Buddies pattern sewn up a few different ways, to include flannel for pj’s!

Sewing patterns and doll clothes Oh Sew kat!

Find the pattern HERE, as well as on http://www.youcanmakethis.com and http://www.pixiefaire. It’s also available sized for 18 inch dolls and Animators!!

Bloomer Buddies Sewing pattern for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!Bloomer Buddies by Oh Sew Kat a 9Bloomer Buddies by Oh Sew Kat a 10

wellie wishers sewing pattern for dolls ohsewkat

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls


Sandbox Shorts Sewing Pattern for Dolls

Get your dolls ready for the summer fun with these easy to make, pull on shorts with real working pockets.

sewing patterns for american girl doll clothes

This pattern is available in three sizes:

Sandbox Shorts for American Girl (18 inch) dolls

Sandbox Shorts for WellieWishers dolls (also fits Hearts for Hearts)

Sandbox Shorts for Disney Animators Dolls

shorts for dolls sewing pattern

Sew the pockets on the inside!! See how here!

easy to sew shorts pattern for dolls

Sandbox Shorts for Disney Animators dolls

Pair your shorts with a reversible POPSICLE TOP to complete your summer outfit!

oh sew kat sewing patterns for dolls

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday: Bloomer Buddies for Wellie Wishers by SewDolledUp

Bloomer Buddies sewing pattern for wellie wishers top and dress

Julie Helmer, of SewDolledUp81 never disappoints with her gorgeous doll clothes.  She had a ball with the Bloomer Buddies pattern and you may find some of them still available in her Etsy shop.  If not, poke around and see her latest work!

SewDolledUp81 on Etsy

Bloomer Buddies sewing pattern for doll clothes ohsewkat

Make Bloomer Buddies for your Hearts for Hearts Girls dolls too!

Bloomer Buddies wellie wishers hearts for hearts doll clothesBloomer Buddies test pattern for welliewishers (2)

Bloomer Buddies Inspiration Gallery

More Bloomer Buddies!!

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your American Girl Doll

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your WellieWishers Doll

Bloomer Buddies Pattern for your Disney Animators’ Doll

More patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

Also available at http://www.pixiefaire.com and http://www.youcanmakethis.com.

wellie wishers sewing pattern for dolls ohsewkat

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday: Bloomer Buddies by Traveller240.

Bloomer Buddies are now available in three sizes in my Etsy shop.  American Girl size, Wellie Wishers size, and now Animators’ size.

Animators doll clothes sewing pattern by Oh Sew KaT!

Stacey Graves, of Traveller240 made this adorable version of the dress.  She added some length to make it a maxi!  Stop by her shop to see more of her unique and colorful doll fashions!

Find the pattern here on Etsy. Look for it on Pixie Faire and You Can Make This by the end of the week.

Bloomer Buddies Sewing pattern for Animators Dolls by Oh Sew Kat

Bloomer Buddies by Oh Sew Kat! 5

Bloomer Buddies Inspiration Gallery

More Bloomer Buddies!!

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your American Girl Doll

Bloomer Buddies pattern for your WellieWishers Doll

More patterns from Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns for dolls

Tester Tuesday: Bloomer Buddies for 18 inch dolls

You will love seeing the cute outfits the Oh Sew Kat! Test Team made with this new pattern.  Bloomer Buddies for 18 inch dolls, is now available on Etsy and Pixie Faire.

sewing patterns for dolls by oh sew kat

Visit the INSPIRATION GALLERY to see more ideas for your Bloomer Buddies pattern. Download and sew today!

Bloomer Buddies on Etsy

Bloomer Buddies on Pixie Faire

Bloomer Buddies for WellieWishers!

Edith, of Di’s Dolly Designs, stitched up this cute  outfit for Kit.  So springy and perfect for warm, sunny days!

doll clothes sewing patterns by ohsewkat

Carly G. of Koala-T made an awesome pair of PJs with this pattern.  Isn’t Nellie cute in pink?

doll clothes nellie o'malley ohsewkat

And Nicole, of Beautiful Dreams, turned her outfit into gauchos with a long dress over the top.  Such a cute look for your dolls!

doll clothes journey girls by oh sew kat

Bloomer Buddies on Etsy

Bloomer Buddies on Pixie Faire

Bloomer Buddies for WellieWishers!

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls


American Girl Doll Sewing Pattern: Bloomer Buddies is now available.

Sewing patterns for 18 inch dolls by OH Sew kat dress and top and bloomers

The super cute and popular Bloomer Buddies pattern is now available for your big sisters- the American Girl 18 inch dolls.  Find it on Etsy and Pixie Faire. Coming soon to the other sites!

doll clothes sewing pattern for american girl dolls

This pattern has three lengths for the top- top, tunic, and dress.  Easy breezy spring dresses!!!

OSK Bloomer Buddies Image 1 AG

And three lengths for the bloomers!  Shortie, knee length and a longer, capri length, as shown below.  Perfect for summer beach walks!

OSK Bloomer Buddies Image 2 AG

With or without cute, puffed short sleeves, Bloomer Buddies will give you options to get all your favorite doll friends dressed for the spring and the summer fun ahead…beach, picnic, playground.


OSK Bloomer Buddies Image 4 AG

Find this new pattern and stitch up a set today!! Easy and fun, also available for Wellie Wishers!!!

Bloomer Buddies on Etsy

Bloomer Buddies on Pixie Faire

Bloomer Buddies for WellieWishers!

I appreciate your online reviews!! Have a problem?  Email me or send me a convo on Etsy! I can help!

Sewing patterns for dolls

Easy Easter Dresses for Dolls

If your doll lover is anything like the one that lives in my house, you are “on the hook” to make said doll family a new outfit every holiday.  Although very fun to do (who doesn’t love sewing up cute bunny fabric dresses?)…the problem really is that you (not said doll lover, am I right?) has to store that cute bunny dress for about 364 other days of the year.  Considering there is almost a major holiday per month in the year, that can add up to a bit of space if there is more than one doll at your house.  Well, lucky for you!! I have a solution, and I think you will really like it!

Remember the Sugar n Spice pattern? It’s available in three sizes (so far!) on Pixie Faire, Etsy, You Can Make This, and also Craftsy.  Notice the yellow and green dresses below…

Sewing patterns for wellie wishers and 18 inch American Girl dolls

and here:

American Girl doll clothes sewing patterns by Oh Sew kat

Ready to have your mind blown?  Same dresses!!! New overskirts!! Isn’t this Henry Glass fabric just perfect for dolls?

Doll dresses Easter by oh sew kat sewing pattern

So if that’s not enough to convince you…just remember that these same dresses were super cute Halloween costumes last October….and in March I matched them up with shamrock skirts and pinafores… well.  Let’s just say a few “well planned” solid color dresses could be your new answer! Need a few more reasons?

  • Yellow:  Belle, Easter, spring, summer, Fall
  • Light Blue:  Easter, Cinderella, spring, 4th of July, Elsa, snowflakes, penguins
  • Green:  Christmas, St Patrick’s Day, frogs
  • Purple:  Rapunzel
  • White: Do you really need a list? You should really sew one this first!!
  • Red:  Valentine’s Day, Christmas, 4th of July, also works for some fall fashions
  • Pink:  Sleeping Beauty, Valentine’s Day, spring, Easter
  • Black:  Halloween and pretty much EVERYTHING else 😉
  • Orange:  Halloween, fall, witches, pirates

Sewing pattern for 18 inch welliewishers animators dolls by oh sew kat

So you’re welcome, Mama.

Easy doll dresses by Oh Sew Kat sewing patternsEaster Dress Sugar n spice sewing pattern for dolls (2)

Choose a few solid colors and stitch up the Sugar N Spice dress.  Use your specialty fabric for a cute overskirt- a skirt and waistband…so quick and easy! Less fabric to store. Less time to sew.  Fewer clothes to store the rest of the year.  WIN!!!

Don’t forget the rest of the accessories included in the Everything Nice pattern or the Bundle (18 inch size).

Sugar n Spice Dress for Wellie Wishers and Hearts for Hearts (available as dress only, or bundle file)

Sugar n Spice for 16 inch dolls like Disney Animators

Sugar n Spice for 18 inch dolls like Our Generation and American Girl dolls

See more ideas to use your Sugar N Spice/Everything Nice pattern HERE!!

Sewing patterns for dolls

Where can you buy WellieWishers™ Dolls?

Do you want to get a Wellie Wisher doll?  Doesn’t everyone?  As cute as a button with a earworm theme song, your little girls will be thrilled with this new line of doll friends made by American Girl.  There are quite a few American Girl® stores across the USA, but for most people, they are still hours and hours away.  Even though the entire catalog is available online, shipping can be high, and depending where you live, it can take over a week for a package to arrive.  However, there isn’t much of a comparison (in my opinion) to opening a shipping box and picking out a “forever” friend in a store. I mean, look at these cute faces!!!

Sewing patterns for animators welliewishers 18 inch doll by oh sew kat


For those of you that can’t get to the AG Store…you now have lots of new options!  And a few of them offer new ways to save some money as well!

First, check out your local Toys R Us stores.  Nearly all of them are now carrying a limited stock of American Girl products, including the adorable (gotta have them all) Wellie Wishers™.  In some stores, they have added an entire AG section, which also includes a fairly large selection of Truly Me dolls, outfits, and accessories.  You can use and earn TRU rewards on these sales, but rumors are that discounts won’t apply to the Truly Me line.  You can see what they offer online as well!


Another local option is your local Kohl’s store.  Our Kohl’s had a large Girl of the Year Lea Clark display last fall, but this week I saw only a small section of WellieWishers™ and the new Megablox.  However, I’m seeing internet postings that many Kohl’s stores do have both Logan and Tenney, along with Gabriella and larger selections of the WellieWishers™ products.  Earn and use your Kohl’s cash on them, but you can’t use a coupon.

Sewing patterns for doll clothes by OH Sew Kat

And new this week, WellieWishers™ have been spotted in the toy aisle of Target stores!  Selections vary from store to store, but still, isn’t this exciting news!  Barnes and Nobles stores are also known to carry American Girl items, along with Costco, that offer some amazing deals on dolls bundled with 2 outfits and books. (Last year it was Caroline, and this year it’s Samantha, along with Bitty Baby packages.)

wellie wishers doll sewing pattern by oh sew kat

Once you find your perfect friends, head over to my ETSY shop and find a few starter patterns to make them a unique and special homemade wardrobe of doll clothes. (Patterns are also available on Pixie Faire, Craftsy, and You Can Make This.) Even if you have never sewn before, you can easily make a Sixth Grade Skirt and a Playtime Peasant Top with just a small amount of fabric and a few supplies, like 1/4 th inch elastic and hook and loop tape.  Head over to my Facebook page to share your photos or tag #ohsewkat on Instagram!

Oh Sew Kat! Pattern Shop on Etsy

Sewing patterns for dolls


Tester Tuesday! Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins patterns

sewing patterns for dolls bitty twins bitty baby

It’s about time for the bitties to get some love here at Oh Sew Kat! I’ve released my first few bitty sized doll clothes patterns, with more in the works! In fact, Boardwalk Boutique is now available!   I chose  two simple patterns to start because they offer an easy project for young girls to learn to sew. The pieces are a bit bigger than the AG size, and these patterns are quick and easy but can be embellished in lots of ways. The top is reversible!!  I do suggest you try the top and skirt on your bitty doll before adding the hook and loop tape. Depending on how “loved” the doll is, your bitty could be a little thinner than mine.  This pattern is also perfect for your Bitty Twin dolls too!

Find the Bitty Baby Popsicle Top Pattern Here.

Find the Bitty Baby Sixth Grade Skirt Pattern Here.

Find other patterns for Bitty Baby/Bitty Twins Here.

Today’s Tester Tuesday features the talented Ashley Craw of SewandSoar.  She has a great sense of color and style and offers trendy fashions in her Etsy shop. Be sure to check her out there and on Instagram!

Bitty Baby Bitty Twins sewing pattern Popsicle Top by Oh Sew Kat!popsicle-top-and-sixth-grade-skirt-by-oh-sew-kat-bitty-7popsicle-top-and-sixth-grade-skirt-by-oh-sew-kat-bitty-8

See what is currently available in Ashley’s Etsy Shop here



Get your bitty baby doll ready for the summer heat!  Find the patterns here and here.  See more ideas for Popsicle Tops here and Sixth Grade Skirts here.  You can also find Oh Sew Kat! patterns for Bitty Baby on Pixie Faire and You Can Make This.

Ohsewkat pdf sewing patterns for dolls

Boardwalk Boutique – New Sewing Pattern for Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins

Boardwalk Boutique, a tester favorite, is now available resized for your 15 inch Bitty Baby and Bitty Twins baby dolls.  This fat quarter friendly pattern is a quick sew and the elastic waist and large ties are easy on little hands for dressing their own dollies!


Baby doll sewing patterns for bitty baby by oh sew kat

Find the pattern for Bitty (and three other sizes too!) in my Etsy Shop

Find the pattern on Pixie Faire

Add a few inches to the top and it makes a cute sundress as well!

OSK Boardwalk Boutique BB Cover

Easy to sew! Great beginner project! Share your projects with #ohsewkat on social media.

OSK Boardwalk Boutique BB Image 1

Make cute matching outfits for your Bitty Twin dolls!

OSK Boardwalk Boutique BB Image 2

Find the pattern for Bitty (and three other sizes too!) in my Etsy Shop

Find the pattern on Pixie Faire

Share with your friends!

Sewing patterns for dolls