New Sewing Patterns for A Girl for All Time Dolls

Now available in my Etsy shop– the summer favorites for A Girl for All Time dolls- the Sandbox Shorts and Popsicle Top.  Buy the bundle together, and get the Four Season Skirt pattern FREE!

Popsicle Sixth Sand Bundle Etsy Listing-08

A Girl for All Time doll clothes sewing pattern

Doll shorts sewing pattern

Doll clothes sewing patterns a girl for all time

You can use THIS TUTORIAL to put the pockets on the inside of the shorts.

Doll clothes sewing pattern doll topOSK Popsicle Top AGAT image1

Find the pattern bundle HERE. This bundle also includes a BONUS skirt pattern, The Four Season Skirt.

Free sewing pattern A Girl for All Time Dolls


These patterns are also available in other dolls sizes, like 18 inch dolls, Animators, Wellie Wishers and Bitty Baby in my Etsy Shop.  What will you sew for your doll today?

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!


4th of July Doll Clothes

It’s time to celebrate the red, white and blue here in the USA!  Here are a few 4th of July inspired outfits made with Oh Sew Kat! patterns.  Click on the photos to go right to the pattern.

Doll clothes patterns at oh sew kat

Melody looks adorable in Bloomer Buddies!Oh Sew Kat Sewing Patterns for Dolls-51

Kendall shows her pride in Party Time Peasant Dress (photo credit: Amy Violet’s).Party Time Peasant Dress by ohsewkat (2)a

Sam is also in a Party Time Peasant Dress.Party Time Peasant Dress sewing pattern by ohsewkat 4

The Bitty Twins are ready for a picnic in their HalterAlls.halteralls-bitty-baby-pattern-by-ohsewkat-6

Summer classic:  Popsicle Top and Sixth Grade Skirt.Oh Sew Kat wellie wishers american girl pattern-4-3

Emily and Mary keep cool in Popsicle Tops and Sandbox Shorts.Sewing patterns for american girl dolls by Oh Sew Kat

Nina Self made this cute version of Boardwalk Boutique.Boardwalk Boutique pattern by Oh Sew Kat sewn by Nina Self 2

Ashley Crawe has Bitty Baby all decked out for the holiday in a Popsicle Top and Sixth Grade Skirt.popsicle-top-and-sixth-grade-skirt-by-oh-sew-kat-bitty-10

Willa and Kendall look cute in their Popsicle Tops and Four Season Skirts.Oh Sew Kat wellie wishers american girl pattern-4-4


Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

The Four Season Skirt: The perfect doll skirt for any season

four season free skirt pattern for dolls

Easy to sew without any patterns pieces, the Four Season Skirt is the only one you need all year long!  This pattern is FREE when you sign up for my email list in 3 sizes (WellieWishers, American Girl, and Disney Animators).  Add tulle, make it longer, try some lace… it’s perfect for every occasion!!


Sparkle snowflake tee shirts for dolls with HTV by ohsewkat


Oh Sew Kat wellie wishers american girl pattern-4-6

Summer: (add a reversible POPSICLE TOP!)

OhSewKat Four Season Skirt pdf doll pattern-17


Oh Sew Kat doll skirt pattern Four Season Skirt

Get your copy of this FREE easy pattern in 3 sizes and see even more ideas to make it HERE.  How will you make your Four Season Skirt?

Logo Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Wellie Wishers Wee Wardrobe

Wellie Wishes dolls Willa Ashlynn CamilleThese adorable outfits were made as a special order for a good friend to give as a gift.  She gave me a price range, and let me decide what I would make.  I love to sew that way!  I don’t know the child, so I thought a few pieces that mixed and matched together in different ways might be a good place to start.

My favorite pattern for all dolls, but especially the Wellie Wishers, is the Party Time Peasant Dress.  This dress lets me use three different, cute fabrics at once and is now available in 5 doll sizes!

Doll dresses for wellie wishers sewing patterns

I wanted to make two tops and two bottoms.  The tops I chose are the Playtime Peasant Top (purple), the reversible Popsicle Top (pink stripes and puppies).

The two bottoms I decided on are the Four Season Skirt, and Sandbox Shorts with contrasting pockets.  Between these four pieces, the lucky, little girl can make 6 different outfits!  Because I used fat quarters, I still have enough of each color that I could make another set.  Inexpensive fat quarter bundles from Walmart and other craft stores like Hobby Lobby are great for these kinds of projects!

sewing patterns for wellie wishers doll clothes


I hope the little girl enjoys her new doll clothes! I had fun making them for her!  Find the link for the free Four Season Skirt pattern by clicking HERE.

Logo Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!




Sewing Pattern Bundles from Oh Sew Kat!

DIy doll clothes bundle discount by oh sew katDid you know that I offer selected Oh Sew Kat! patterns in a bundle discount?  If you are new to Oh Sew Kat! patterns (welcome!), my pattern bundles are a great way to start your collection.  These bundles are available exclusively in my Etsy Shop and are currently available for 18 inch dolls such as American Girl® dolls, Animators’ Dolls by Disney, and 14.5 inch dolls such as Wellie Wishers and Glitter Girls.

Click here to see all of the bundles available.  I currently offer bundles around four basic themes:  Basics, Summer, Holiday, and Back to School in a few doll sizes.  Leave a comment below and tell me what other types of bundles you would like to see!  It’s probably time for me to put together some more options!


Sew Basic:  This 3 pattern bundle for the WellieWishers dolls offers the first three patterns I created for this size.  It includes two tops and two bottoms.  The reversible Popsicle Top, the easy to make Sixth Grade Skirt, and the most popular Boardwalk Boutique Halter and Capri (can also be made into a sundress!) patterns will give you lots of pieces to mix and match if you are just starting out sewing for this sized doll.

Oh Sew Kat sewing patterns for wellie wishers




Sounds of Summer Bundle:  This bundle offers the short and sassy fashions to keep your doll cool and stylish all summer long with four patterns to mix and match.  Pair the reversible Popsicle Top with the Sandbox Shorts or the ruffled capri pants from the Boardwalk Boutique pattern.  The Sunshine Dress has three variations and also looks cute without sleeves as seen in this tutorial.   The Halter Top in the Boardwalk Boutique makes a cute sundress too!

summer clothes sewing pattern bundle for doll clothes



Back to School Bundle: This bundle offers the long pants and the long sleeves basics your doll will need to head to school in the crisp, fall air with 4 popular patterns.  The Playground Pants, and Sixth Grade Skirt provide the basics to pair with pretty School Bell Blouses (two styles).  The School Dance dress has three variations for even more options to sew!

Doll Clothes Sewing Pattern bundle by OH Sew Kat



Holiday Bundle:  This bundle offers 4 patterns.  I put these four patterns together to make an “essential” wardrobe for someone who wants to give a doll a basic wardrobe.  It includes pajamas, a dress, a skirt, a blouse, a halter top, and capri pants, all of which can be mixed and matched in to make so many different outfits.  See THIS POST for a trio of outfits I made that inspired this bundle.

Sewing patterns for American Girl dolls bundle


I’d love to hear what bundles you’d like to see in my Etsy Shop.  Maybe multiple sizes of the same pattern? Maybe bundles of tops and bottoms, or a set of three dress patterns?  Pattern bundles are offered in select sizes as described, and there are no substitutions of the selections.

Logo Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Wellie Wishers showing off their Shamrocks

Enjoy these adorable outfits made by Shirley Fomby of DollClothes by Shirley on Etsy.  She used the Popsicle Top pattern with the free pattern, Four Season Skirt.  Aren’t they ready to find some leprechauns?

Find the Popsicle Top in my Etsy shop and sign up for my email to receive the Four Season Skirt patterns.

Wellie Wishers doll clothes sewing patternsFour Season Skirt and Popsicle Tops sewing patterns

See more Popsicle Tops for Wellie Wishers!

Make it a Great Day!



Valentine’s Day Doll Outfits- a little Inspiration

Today I’m sharing a little inspiration for some happy heart sewing.  It’s almost Valentine’s Day!  These outfits were stitched by the Oh Sew Kat! testers.  Share the love with your little friends and stitch one up today!  Each outfit can be made using fat quarters of fabric and a single afternoon.  Click the photos or the links below to get to the pattern page.

Oh Sew Kat Party Time Peasant Dress Sewing pattern 5

Party Time Peasant Dress by SewDolledUp81

Bloomer Buddies by Oh Sew Kat 9

Bloomer Buddies by The Pearl Pony

Free skirt pattern for your doll

Sugar n Spice on Kendall and Four Season Skirt and Popsicle Top on Ashlynn by Oh Sew Kat!


Playtime Peasant Top and Twirl Skirt PJ Top with Boardwalk Boutique pants by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns for dolls by ohsewkat

HalterAlls by The Pearl Pony

What are you sewing this Valentine’s Day?  Visit my Inspiration Gallery page to find lots of ideas for all the Oh Sew Kat! patterns.  See more Valentine inspired outfits here and here.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!

Sewing patterns for WellieWishers dolls at Oh Sew Kat

Sixth Grade Skirt

The Sixth Grade Skirt was the pattern that started it all!  I had just finished a pattern making class, and a few friends and I were all working together to publish our first patterns.  We worked together and tested each others’ work, challenging ourselves to publish our first patterns! We all did it!  And the Sixth Grade Skirt was mine.

Sixth Grade Skirt Sewing Pattern for dolls by ohsewkat

Because it was my first pattern, the learning curve was pretty steep. Who knew there was so much work in a pattern? I chose a simple design that my (at the time) 12 year old daughter could easily sew.  Thank you to all of you that have purchased this (and any that have come since!) pattern!


OSK Sixth Grade Skirt Cover AG

The Sixth Grade Skirt is a simple skirt to sew.  From cutting to finishing, you can easily complete it in under an hour.  With the overlap in back, it’s easy to fit for different sized dolls.  You can make it for summer, or winter, or anything in between!

Add pockets to your skirt with this easy tutorial!

Sixth Grade Skirt Sewing Pattern for Dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Choose shiny fabrics and pretty trim to put in between the seams.  Here is the Sixth Grade Skirt for Hearts for Hearts Dolls.

Doll clothes sewing patterns by Oh Sew Kat for American Girl wellie wishers animators

This rainbow skirt was fun to make and is perfect for a hot summer day.  I turned my fabric when I cut the center panel for interest.OhSewKat popsicle top pdf doll pattern-034

Maryellen is ready for the holidays in her red, corduroy Sixth Grade Skirt.  A perfect fall skirt to take your doll right into the holidays and on to Valentine’s Day!OhSewKat PDF Patterns Fall 2015 020

This pink skirt was made with simple, pink cotton.  It easily works in summer and winter. Because dolls don’t get cold 😉

OhSewKat PDF Patterns Fall 2015 117

School Bell Blouse and Sixth Grade Skirt by Oh Sew Kat!

Rapunzel’s summery outfit was stitched by Jaci of JGooseandCO.  Mixing and matching prints make a perfect play outfit for Disney animator dolls.Tangled by Jaci

Find the patterns here to stitch up your version today!  You can find all the sizes in my ETSY SHOP.  These patterns are also available on Craftsy, Pixie Faire, and You Can Make This.

Sixth Grade Skirt for 18 inch dolls

Sixth Grade Skirt for Animators

Sixth Grade Skirt for Bitty Baby

Sixth Grade Skirt for Wellie Wishers

Sixth Grade Skirt for Hearts for Hearts

Shirley of Doll Clothes by Shirley used the Sixth Grade Skirt with pretty embroidery and fold over elastic as the trim for her Wellie Wisher outfit.Simple tee shirt sweet tee pattern by oh sew kat

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!



Team Spirit! Game Day spirit wear for dolls.

Do you have a favorite team?  It’s so fun to stitch up a spirit outfit for your dolls too.  The Four Season Skirt, with just a few seams and no pattern pieces, is my favorite to make up a quick spirit outfit whether it’s MLB Baseball, our favorite colleges, or a football team. This skirt can be made is less than an hour, and the pattern is FREE in 3 sizes when you join my email list.  It’s the perfect match for the reversible Popsicle Top!

Free skirt pattern for dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

This cute Wisconsin outfit was stitched up by the Pearl Pony.  You can find her on Facebook.  She also used the Popsicle Top pattern with the Four Season Skirt.

Wisconsin Badgers doll skirt

Don’t forget the Wellie Wishers and the Glitter Girls! They have school spirit too! Lanie’s ready for Hokie Game Day in her Va Tech FOUR SEASON SKIRT and Willa’s pinafore is made with the Sugar n Spice pattern.

Virginia Tech doll clothes by ohsewkat

Marquete skirt wellie wishers doll

Lanie is wearing a Sweet, Simple Tee with her Marquette U Four Season Skirt.  Camille has hers with the Popsicle Top.Marquette University Doll Skirt by Oh Sew Kat!

Kailey is all set for a warm, fall Game Day in her Cal Bears Bloomer Buddies Top.  This top is a quick sew; make one up in an afternoon!

Cal Bears Doll Top by Oh Sew Kat!

What team does your doll cheer for?  Find all these sewing patterns and more in my ETSY SHOP, and on Pixie Faire.

Sewing patterns to make doll clothes by Oh Sew Kat!


Style It Up! Color Combo to Try: Blue and Pink

It’s time to Style it Up! Open up your doll’s closet and dress her in a fresh, new color combination! Getting ready to sew? Try putting these fun colors together, either as complete items, or bright accents.

Style it Up color combo for dolls

Dress your dolls in dreamy pinks and blues to move from a balmy spring to a sizzling summer!

Oh Sew Kat color combos fashion for dolls

Bright blue and hot pink make me think of the the tropics.  A bright combination in any pattern, your dolls will shine in these colors. I used one batik print as my focal point for these outfits.  (Grace is wearing a School Bell Blouse with the easy Sixth Grade Skirt.  Lanie has a Popsicle Top paired with Sandbox Shorts).  I love the added sparkles a few crystals can give!

Sewing patterns for dolls by Oh Sew kat!

How about just a splash of color?

Oh Sew Kat! School Dance Dress PDF doll dress pattern

You can even take each shade a little lighter!

color combo blue and pink

Here the Boardwalk Boutique for Animators gives the princess dolls a soft and feminine look for spring and summer.

Boardwalk Boutique sewing pattern Animator Dolls by Oh Sew Kat!

Find all the patterns for these outfits and  much more in my Etsy Shop and at and on Pixie Faire.

Style it Up color by oh sew kat

What will your doll wear when you Style it Up?

Sewing patterns for dolls